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Attributes: Personality wise, I am a loner who prefers to challenge myself beyond even my limits mentally that I have developed an interest in studying military tactics and strategy that I wish to challenge myself against others to increase my skills in games like chess, and I do find a form of art in it. It sounds strange, but it makes sense when you go beyond the surface and try to get into the mindset of the military leaders. However, the most dominate things about me is that I am a perfectionist-pessimist: When I do something, I want to do it that it is just perfect that when I find things wrong in my work that I put so much effort in it, I will beat myself up; and when I compare my work to others, I degrade my own work from a comparison despite all the blood, sweat and tears I put into it. I never think my stuff is that great as I have seen better and I hold myself to reach higher standards.

I go by this pen name for my love of WWII history. I love learning about the history of War from the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Centuries as they modernized warfare, but have also opened our eyes of the potential of destruction it holds. My studies have given me a large impression to its destructive capabilities to recognize what William T. Sherman knew from the start: that "war is cruelty, and there is no chance of reforming it."

However, I have also expanded out of studying just the tactics and strategy to now integrating logistics to that study and see many battle plans from a different perspective. Allowing me to see how important the maneuver was, and even see if the operation was really going to be a success or not in the long run.

Reasons why I love battles:

As you can guess, I can't deal with a lot of blood, and yet I'm a WWII nut and love battle scenes in war books, films, anime, etc. To quote Grand Admiral Gilad Pelleaon in STAR WARS: The Swarm War: "It isn't the killing, you know. It's the beauty of battles that I love - the choreography and the challenge of executing everything just right - and the challenge of matching your wits against a capable opponent."

While I know some of you are wondering how battles can be beautiful while being so brutal, it is what the quote above points out with battles, from the minor skirmishes to the grand battlefields of war, it is these things that make a battle beautiful: choreography, the challenge of bringing your plans to a fully executed maneuver, and the challenge of executing those plans against capable opponents and take something from it. It's much like a game of chess without the movement restrictions. And in a way, it's also a way for you to learn about your opponent as a person without ever meeting them face-to-face.

Key Historical Figures I admire:

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, William T. Sherman, Eddie Rickenbacker, Werner Voss, Michael Wittman, Manfred Von Richthofen (The Red Baron), and Erwin Rommel (The Desert Fox), Sir Arthur Wellesley (The Duke of Wellington), Aleksi Brusilov,

Favorite fighter planes:

Me 109 models, Focke-Wulf Fw 190A, Me 262, Me 163 Komet, Ho-229, F-15 Eagle

As you can tell, I like the German planes of WWII. The only game I have with these German planes is Blazing Angels, and I do prefer flying the German fighter planes over even the American and British Planes (Japanese Planes are too fragile). Main reason for the favouritism of the German fighters: I enjoy the agility these planes have. They were to me the perfect planes of their era. To some, the Mustang or Thunderbolt are the perfect planes of that era, but the German planes were elegant in their own design that my favorite piston fighter is the Focke-Wulf 190. Reason: It gives the image of an aircraft that was flown by "The best-of-the-best" pilots of the Luftwaffe, and they were to be feared for their skills.

Personal Goals: You know of my goals with the game of chess, which is nothing more than an obsession. I also listen to documentaries about war, even when I should be doing something important. But learning about WWII is another obsession of mine as I want to know every little detail so that I can learn about this political move, this attack strategy, etc. Mock me about this obsession all you want, but it is a personal goal of mine and I will stick to it till the day I die. (List of other Wars I want to know every detail about: WWI, Korean War, and the Russian-Afghan war) I'm also slowly learning of the History of the former Kingdom of Prussia and seeing how its existence had influence not just European History, but the world as well.

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