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Hi all! It's Whip, and welcome to my profile!

(I'm in the process of re-organizing this page so it's shorter and better put together. Please be patient with me while I fuss with it.)

Personal Stats:

Age: Between 20 and 25, you don't need to know anything more specific.

Family: Mom and Dad (divorced), two younger sisters, multiple cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and my great-grandmother.

Occupation: Full time college student

Major: Double in Japanese Studies (language, culture, history, ect...) and Linguistics (scientific study of language). I'm studying in Japan for the 2010/2011 school year.

I'm one of those people I guess you can call a jack of all trades: lots of interests, and lots of stuff I dabble in. These include snowboarding, archery, calligraphy, medievalism (ya know, RPGs, Renaissance Fairs, that sort of thing), gaming (the Final Fantasy series is my fave by far), amv-making, and cosplay, among other things.

Things in life that are a real passion for me

Horseback riding: I grew up riding hunters but have always wanted to do jumpers. I am on hiatus until I graduate because of all the traveling I'm doing, and because my beloved TB passed away. (RIP Tab, my angel). I also plan to branch out into Mounted Games, dressage, and mounted archery. I love Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods, and Chincoteague ponies, which I’m thankfully plenty short enough to ride. _

Martial Arts: I've been training in Chun Do Quan and Tae Qwan Do since I was 14. These are sister styles from South Korea, although Tae Qwan Do enjoys a much greater popularity in the US. At current I am a first dan (degree) black belt. As far as weapons go I've trained the most with the bo and self defense against knives. I have done some kendo (am looking forward to the day I have time to get into it more), and have picked up some sai technique. While in Japan I played Kyudo (Japanese archery), on my university’s team.

Writing: I do it all the time, and I absolutely love it. I can't go ANYWHERE without a notebook and pen to jott down ideas in. One day I'll actually get around to writing the original works I have swimming around in my head and get them published (I hope). Until then I'm just having a grand old time adventuring with my favorite characters in fanfiction.

About My Fanfiction:

Okay, I guess that brings me to the part where I give you a little insight into what you're getting yourself into when you click on one of my stories, huh? Well, just like in real life, I like to dabble in various fandoms, and various genres...

Genres: Slash/yaoi, mpreg, drama, action/adventure, romance, angst. Some occasional fluff stories, not many though. Mostly multi-chap as I'm rubbish at oneshots. Also, be prepared for some angst. The muse likes to make the characters jump through many a hoop before a story's done. But no matter how much crap I throw at them, it'll all turn out okay eventually... and if it doesn't, that's usually 'cause there's a sequel. *grin*

Ratings: Most stories are rated T (PG-13) or M (R). For ffnet I won't be posting any seriously graphic love scenes out of respect for the rules. They'll be there, but toned down compared to what my muse is capable of producing. There's another site called adultfanficion . net where I post the uncensored versions under the same screen name, for those interested in reading them. They won't be drastically different, just more detailed. Some of them might even be identical (since I can't always be bothered to make two versions, and writing intimate scenes always makes me blush). If there's any serious discrepancies between the two versions, I'll mention it in my author notes.

Common Story Warnings: Some common elements in my stories may not be for everyone. So, it's your job to read the warnings and walk away if you come across a story that's not to your tastes. Just to be fair, here's the most common ones you'll see, going from most common to least.

Slash/Yaoi: I'm a heterosexual girl who loves her eye-candy. Boys only and no girls allowed! (Though if two female characters make a cute enough pair I might be nice and let them be a yuri couple just so they're not lonely. They will never be the main focus of the story though, and don't hold your breath on lemons.) I believe in free will and that people are as entitled to their lifestyle choices as I am, even if we don't agree on said lifestyle choices. I for one believe in exploring the possibilities in fiction, as it is not real life and we can walk away and go back to real life later.

Mpreg: About 40-50% of my stories are mpreg. Why? Because I believe two gorgeous people are entitled to hook up and produce gorgeous offspring together, and so what if they're both guys? They still deserve a family of their own. I always kind of feel like Mary Shelley (Frankenstein) or Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park) coming up with ways to make crazy medical and scientific shit that would never happen in real life work. It's fun! I for one loathe the idea of pregnancy and all its crappy symptoms despite being female. At least in fiction I can give the poor ladies a bit of a break, get some payback on the boys, have a few laughs along the way, and once again go back to real life's status quo when I'm done.

Incest: For most fandoms I do not go for incest. But I have found an exception in Inuyasha. Why? Two reasons- 1. Inu and Sessh are half siblings, 2. they are forever reminding us that they are NOT human, and that youkai DO NOT (as they would emphasize) live by human rules. Which makes sense. For humans- no incest. For non-humans- anything goes. Works for me.

Threesomes: Very rare because there's so few of them that I like enough to come up with plotbunnies for. To clarify though, I don't write harem fics. Love interests/spouses/whatever are people, not baseball cards to be collected. The ONLY time I condone more than two people in a relationship is if it's a three-way love. We've all seen love triangles- well, how about if instead of Person A and B competing for Person C, A was in love with both B and C (and couldn't choose), B was in love with both A and C (and couldn't choose), and C was in love with both A and B (and again, couldn't choose). In this one and only scenario I'll play with adding a 'third wheel'. So far though, the only threesomes I've ever found even remotely tempting to write are:

Gundam Wing: Treize/Zechs/Wufei… Heero/Duo/Wufei

Final Fantasy VII/Crisis Core: Seph/Zack/Cloud

Feedback : Like just about every author on this site I love hearing from my readers. HOWEVER: No Flames!! Why? Because 'this story sucks' does not do anything to help me make the story not suck nor does it tell my why you are unhappy with it. I'm not a mind reader, people. Nor do I ever want to be. I love constructive criticism. Constructive criticism helps me troubleshoot spots in a fic, whether they be characterization, plot, whatever. That I take very seriously because I might end up owing a huge thanks to someone who helped me avoid a potential problem, let me know I was holding back too much from the readers and making a story too hard to follow, or pointed out those ever-evil and sneaky plot holes. Positive feedback is welcomed too of course, but please let me know specific things that you liked so that I know what I'm getting right.

Also, while I do encourage people to try new things, flaming me because you tried out a new genre by reading one of my fics and didn't like it is not acceptable, and these will be deleted. The warnings were there as to what you were getting into, so it's your responsibility to read them and leave if you decide you don't like what you're reading. Flaming me just wastes the time you could be spending finding a good fic to read in a genre you do like.

Fave Fandoms and Pairings: This isn't the full list of shows, books, movies or games and their characters I'm a fan of, that would be almost never-ending and it's always being added to. These are just the four I have plotbunnies for that I actually plan to write.

Final Fantasy VII: Cloud/Sephiroth… Zack/Sephiroth… Zack/Cloud… Zack/Angeal… Reno/Cloud… Angeal/Genesis

Inuyasha: Naraku/Sesshoumaru… Kouga/Sesshoumaru… Miroku/Sesshoumaru… Inuyasha/Sesshoumaru… Inuyasha/Kouga… Miroku/Inuyasha

Bleach: (Ah… so many wonderful couples to chose from… But here's the ones that most readily come to mind)

Renji/Byakuya… Ichigo/Byakuya… Aizen/Byakuya… Kenpachi/Byakuya… Kenpachi/Ichigo… Shunsui/Ukitake… Ichigo/Renji… Izuru/Shuuhei… Kensei/Shuuhei… Aizen/Gin… Gin/Hitsugaya… Urahara/Ichigo… Grimmjow/Ulquiorra… Ikkaku/Yumichika… Ichigo/Grimmjow

Gundam Wing: Treize/Wufei… Heero/Duo… Duo/Wufei… Trowa/Quatre... Treize/Zechs


Fandoms can be a wonderful place for people to come together, but they can also be very frustrating as people can get VERY defensive about their interpretation about a character or pairing. Some people are unaccepting of all but their favorite pairing. Some believe a pairing can only be written one way.

I do not share this belief. I believe fanfiction is about exploring the possibilities. If you want to try something different, do so. If I don’t like it, I’ll simply read something else, and ask others to do the same.

I do not participate in pairing wars. Pick your faves, avoid those you don’t like, and try new ones if it suits you.

The SEME/UKE Concept

(I gotta put this up as I’ve gotten so many comments about the idea that Izuru knocked Shuuhei up in my mpreg ‘What to Expect When You're Not Expecting’.)

I’m not going to lie, this seme/uke thing got old for me real fast. The idea that someone has to be the “girl” in a relationship that consists of two men, or that a person’s looks or behavior or even personality type is the determiner for their bedroom preferences or activities, is something I don’t believe in for a second. It’s two things-

1. People projecting hererosexual stereotypes onto gay couples.

2. From the standpoint that anime comes from Japan, there’s an old samurai convention of an adult samurai mentoring a younger until the younger comes of age. Following military ranking, if sex was agreed upon between them, the younger mentoree would always be the one “receiving” in any sexual encounters. Thus we get one of the basis for today’s Shonen Ai.

As I’ve noticed from comments coming from actual gay men—it’s absolutely silly in modern fanfiction. Real homosexual relationships are about making it up as you go along, because heterosexual conventions aren’t appropriate or applicable.

It’s also an insult, as I don’t believe as a woman that I am “submissive” to my partner because I don’t have a body part to stick inside their body. This primitive view of relationships has no place in my life or my writing.

I believe relationships are a partnership, not a leader/follower dynamic. Dom/Sub is for BDSM sex games, and that’s it.

So in my writing, you WILL see male partners switching off in who receives and who penetrates. Bedroom preferences are for the bedroom—they do not determine the kind of person you are, your looks, your behaviors, nor are they absolutely determined by those things. Again, it’s a silly set of stereotypes that I just have no patience for.

So in conclusion—yes. In Bleach fics I will have Shuuhei topped by Izuru, the man who despite being the quiet type is always coming to his friend’s rescue and never backs down to anyone despite not looking like a badass. I will also have Shuuhei top Izuru, if that’s what I feel like writing at the time.

I favor relationships that take the concept of “give and take” to heart, and that is exactly what I will write for ALL my pairings. The only exception? Self-service, if a particular type of encounter between characters is something that particularly heats my blood. I do write to entertain myself, after all. *grin*

The Origins of My Views on Sexual Dynamics in Slash/Yaoi

I always wondered at what kind of Boys Love/Yaoi fan I was since my views and lack of interest in seme/uke conventions back when I joined the fandom seven years ago didn't seem to be the norm amongst fans. Then I found a website of slash writing tips that completely validated that how I saw slash/yaoi wasn't exclusive to me, and gave me the courage to write my fics exactly as I please, and tell anyone who doesn't like the character dynamics I chose to portray to find something else to read.

The author, a real gay man, has sadly passed on, but his friends and family have decided to maintain his website, so that slash writers can continue to gain insight from a person who actually lived the lifestyle they are trying to portray in their fics.

I have to now say a belated "thank you" to the wonderful Minotaur, late author of the above website. I'm saddened I never got to thank you for the wonderful advice before you passed, but I hope wherever you are that you know how grateful I am for the inspiration and encouragement your tips gave me.

Using My Mpreg Concepts in Your Fics

Pretty much, I've decided it's not cool. Come up with your own methodology as to how this thing that is not possible in our world is possible in fanfiction. I spent hours trying to come up with scifi-plausible ways for a male character to get knocked up. I even worked out different ways that are tailored to fit each of the fandoms I write such a fic for. Don't copy my idea for your fic--I will take that to the site admins as a form of plagiarism. Do your own legwork and come up with your own concept. Some details are common in fandoms (like blaming reiatsu in the Bleach fandom, or mako and Jenova cells in the FFVII fandom, or the fact that youkai are a different species in Inuyasha), but the little details that I've used are unique to my fics, and it's not cool to bum off them.

Think of it kind of like time travel. Everyone needs a machine to do it, and everyone's worried about paradoxes and the consequences of changing the past, but if you tried to write a story claiming you used a flux capacitor, everyone would claim "foul!" over you taking the idea from Back to the Future instead of making up a machine of your own. Same with my mpreg concepts.

Livejournal: Here's my new Livejournal page, Sakura ni Tsukiyo-

This will contain notes on the progress of the newest chapters for my WIPs, and my thoughts, ramblings, and character studies regarding the motivations and logic behind my portrayal of various characters and pairings. Particularly those of Bleach and Final Fantasy. These are written at random, and some may have to do with a particular fic, though they'll probably all tie in to my interpretations of the characters in question as a whole. They are after all still the same people fundamentally and I do still have to start from scratch and re-develop them in the direction I intend a fic to take them every time I start to write out a new plotbunny. Unless of course I'm picking up where I left off should I choose to write a sequel to an existing story. I also sometimes write out situational analysis of events in cannon universe, and how I see them tying in to various plots of mine.

It's not uncommon for questions emailed to me to inspire these, so if you want to know my thoughts on something specific- please, PM me! The only time I'll refuse to answer is if the information given would turn into a spoiler for upcoming events in one of my fics.

I will leave notes here on my profile regarding the latest posts to this journal, and the topic that post covers below, so people can choose to read or not read as they please.


Hi readers!

There's a lot of new developments on my end, and they should be positive ones. Much as I tried to make the best of-and resolve-problems with my living situation that have badly affected every part of my life for months, I finally had to give up and move. For those interested in the full rant and details (as much as I'll post online), please see my Livejournal, since I'm feeling too relaxed and happy to dredge up those poisonous memories again here. Suffice to say, this new beginning, though challenging, promises to bring a slew of new opportunities for me to get back to the things I love. For those of you who haven't given up on me or Bleach yet, I can't wait to see you when I post my new chapters, starting with the long overdue and dying to be finished- What to Expect.




To the person who identifies themselves only as "Guest"- I find it sad that you would lash out at someone without even having the decency of logging in so I could answer you privately instead of publicly. RL is RL. If something's going on in my personal life that takes me away from cyberspace... then I'm glad you don't have to hold your breath and wait on my updates. Go, read other people's stuff.

Please don't compare me to other authors. Please don't bash my personal life as you don't know me and don't know what's going on. Saying things like "life isn't easy for anyone" doesn't help me get back to regular writing, or resolve the personal shit I'm dealing with. If anything it's just a convenient way to deny any ability to contribute anything helpful, and dismiss another person's situation without taking on any guilt.

You say I'll "never" write my upcoming plots. Have you hacked my comp and verified this? Or would you like me to start posting some half-assed, poorly edited shit? I don't update every day because I don't have much time to write to begin with, *and* I like to let a chapter sit because then it's easier to come back a few days later and spot mistakes. You could tell me to get a beta-reader, but truth be told I've tried that and didn't find things going any faster.

And *yes* I blame it on the muse. The muse is the part of my brain that gives me these ideas. So if my creativity center is on the fritz, then yes I'm going to blame it just like someone with arthritis will tell you their aching joints gets in the way of them doing the things they'd like to do.

I haven't said that I'm not continuing because I have no intention of stopping. I tried to put notes on my bio not to give excuses, but to clue people in as to what was going on because I personally hate it when there's a long absence of updates and no explanation. That being said, posting things online about myself where they get read by people who don't know anything about me other than the content of that note is pretty intimidating, as it leaves me vulnerable to ignorant bashing from people who only care about reading the next chapter. So I tried to be honest and yet not use this bio like it was a therapy group. If you're "tired" of reading my so-called "excuses", then don't read my bio. No one's forcing you to.

Upcoming Fics:

!Warning!- As they are posted to my profile, these bunnies are *mine*. They are NOT for adoption, and they're also archived on my Livejournal so I have proof of when I introduced the idea that I can take to the site admins. Again, NO taking them! (Just to be clear, back in 2006 a plagiarist who virtually cut-and-pasted one of my stories in another fandom learned the hard way that I do not joke around when it comes to such things. It was not fun and I have no desire for a repeat. So please be respectful and don't make me go 'bankai' on you! Thanks.)

The December bunny poll is now closed! Below are the placings. 'Gambler's Choice' is a definite for being posted pending the first completed chapter, and the 'What to Expect...' sequel will commence after its predecessor has been completed. The three third place fics will also be made a focus, but due to personal crap and the awesomeness that fanfiction brings to my day, I might add a couple author's choices just to lift my spirits.

First Place (10 votes): Gambler’s Choice

Second Place (9 votes): WTE sequel

Third Place (8 votes): Ren/Bya forbidden mpreg, Outfoxed, Ren/Bya/Tetsuya triangle

Fourth Place (7 votes): City of Love, Blood Moon, Mission Accomplished

Fifth Place (5 votes): Bya/Zaraki criminal chase, Bya/Zaraki New Years accidental marriage, In All Fairness, Two Households, Ichi/Bya mistletoe mishap fic

Sixth Place (3 votes): Love and Loss, Sealed With a Kiss, No Good Deed

Seventh Place (1 vote): Kensei/Shuuhei romance

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