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So, here I am, just a humble literature-nut trying to make it in the the big, bright, scary world of writing. Yeah, I've got a little bit of original writing under my belt, what aspiring writer wouldn't? But, I've found it to be easier to write when you don't have to come up with the entire story by yourself. That's where fanfics kick into play. Even though I probably wouldn't be able to make a living off of it (is it even possible?), I consider these little dittys to be a sort of crutch to use when the pressure of original works is too much for me to take.

So, here's a word of warning to you: I'm a Texan. This means I use the words "ya'll" and "fixin' to" and, my personal favorite "jeatyet" (a.k.a. in Posh speech: Have you eaten recently), on a daily basis. Some of my writing could wind up reflecting that, depending on what genre I choose to indulge in. I'll try and do my research for the stories so that I don't accidently slip a Southern Slur into the dialogue where it doesn't belong. If it does though, I'm just going to have a field day and press the " ' " key to my little heart's content. Just thought I might warn some of those who are either from the North (Soda Pop - HA!), those who wouldn't know what to do with an apostrophe even if it stabbed them between their name and a possessive "s", or folks who are extremely, extremely strict when it comes to reading stories that aren't even composed by the original creator who would obviously know more about the character's speech patterns than a lowly fanfic writer would. Just warning you, that's all.


I DO NOT - I repeat - DO NOT write aforementioned characters into my stories (at least, not that I'm aware of) But, if I should ever type in an inkling of one such abomination, please review and tell me so immediately so that I may promptly and efficiently end my own miserable existence for allowing myself to sink so low.

Now, I say that I don't throw in those types of characters, but I do sometimes tend to throw in an original where one is needed. Let's use Fallout for an example, shall we? We shall. Now, as for the whole Fallout storyline, there's obviously potential for fanfic, and in all genres. Those stories often produce original characters like hotcakes; it's almost too much to keep up with. Fortunately I'm one of those gals who enjoys filling in this little fan-area. Now I am a romantic at heart, so I will most likely throw in a female. They'll have flaws of course - human flaws - as most three dimensional characters do. I just wanted to clear this up before I got the finger pointed at me in any future cases. Thank you. That is all.


And Now, some genres you can probably expect from me (And in Alpha order too!):

Discworld (Main focus being Mr. Jonathan Teatime, that adorable psychopathic assassin who just needs a hug, and a firm bosom to rest his head upon!)

Fallout (Let's face it, it's a writer's playground, and wickedly fun to boot!)

Gladiator (This itch is mostly going to be scratched due to my obsession with Joaquin/Commodus in all his perverse glory with Lucilla "ALL HAIL TO THE EMPEROR!"...yes.)

Mirror Mask (It's just too perfect to not write, and especially with drabbles)

Portal (I'm DYING to write for this, especially 2, considering the freakishly adorable Cheatley (Chell/Wheatley) and hilarious Chick (Chell/Rick) just gotta find a way to pull it off.)

Zelda (I'm gonna go ahead and say it now, almost all of my stories for this will be Gannon/Zelda potential focus or single character studies.)

So I've decided to post up some bulletins for my stor(y/ies). Y'know, updates and what's-to-come and the like. So here ya' go:


I will eventually get around to updating Grease and Gunsmoke maybe once every few months coughyearscough. But for the most part I'm focussing on my other ideas for Fallout and other genres. I just get the loveliest feedback for my short works!

And so far, that's about it, sadly.

Stories to Come

I've got a multi chapter story idea for an AU of Gladiator. Mostly vignettes of Commodus from his POV. His thoughts and interactions with his sister set in-movie, as well as post. Hence the AU. It'll be somewhat dark, obviously, so abandon hope now all ye who enter!

Drabble fics for Mirror Mask as well Discworld and Portal. Y'know what? I'm just gonna start posting 100 prompt fics. Be prepared for the bombardment.

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