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As so MYOTISMON FAN'S!!!! My web site will be updated, hopefully next Monday (oct 7), with an interview with Myo's voice actor! please check it out!

I am very busy right now, with school, my web site, and doing some art for others, so my fic updates might be slow, but I promise I will get to them when I can. Also ROTDN will be updated with the old chapter's, corrected, by a friend. She's gone though every chap, corrected spelling gramer, ect, for me, so if you didn't understand me, please re read them, they should be easyer to read.

I just got movie magic screen writer pro, for my comp, (I never had word -_- but I am trying to get it...) So its very new to me, so spell check in that program might be better or worse. I have bad spelling...deal with it I have too. But luckyly, there are those nice people out the who tell me when a chap is really bad, and people who help correct them. So bare with me, tell me if its bad, I'll fix it when I can.

I'm an 19 year old animation student, going into my second year of collage! Yahoo!!! I love digimon! Its so cool! My fav. charecters are Piedmon and Myotismon, so I'll be writing alot about them. I supposrt almost any couple, but the one's I like to most are...
Pied/Kari-I don't know I just do..
Myo/Gato-cause who know's what could have happned all those year's ago. Plus he was nice to her (not in the flash backs) before she betrayed him. I luv them together.
Gato/Wizardmon-Ya I know this really screw's up my Myo/Gato huh. Oh well I love them too!
Any Myo/human romance
and Piedmon/me-why, I love Piedmon he's great!

I love creative idea's, and am not really a nasty person, or a bashing one, maybe some think otherwise, but when I feel the need to voice my opions I do. It would be wrong to hold them back. I like reviews alot, because I feed off you thought, to help me inprove. My didmon fics, and site are for fun, and to let out creativity, other them in my own work.

My current works are:

My Hero:AU a story about Myo from 02, he falls in love with Ken cousin whill posessing Oikawa. It fallows the stoy of 02 until the last ep. then takes a new trun. The first story is done, but I HAVE started a sequl!

Return of the Dark Noblemon: AU This takes place after 02. Piedmon is reborn and seeking out his digidestined as well as all the other evil digi's from 01. The charaters were created by other people. My job is to write the fic, acourding to my story, and keep the charaters the way the creatures created them.

Tricks of the heart: Pied/Kari. I've started the next chap, but i am in a rut...

Hidden Feelings: A Myo/Gato, where Myotismon has always loved Gatomon, but before he could tell her, she met Wizardmon. He kept his feeling hidden for years, and after being killed as MaloMyotismon he comes back to take over gatomon, and use her to regain his power and intends to make Gatomon his. This WILL be a sad fic, and to try and make Myo care about Gatomon, while being his cold evil self...tough

I also do digi art for my fic's. On my site you can find not only mini shrines to my two fav baddys but charater bio's for ROTDN and other's for my storys, as well as just plan ol digimon art.

also, please feel free to flame me, challange me or request fic's for Piedmon, Myo, Gato or Wizardmon (I love those guys) Cause I will probably do em.

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UPDATED!Gatomon has a secreat admirer, someone she hates. However, knowone would ever guess he cared or that he's still alive Myo/Gato please read and review.
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Digimon - Rated: T - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 13,425 - Reviews: 37 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 7/7/2003 - Published: 5/20/2002 - Hikari Y./Kari K.
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Ok, this is my very sad, not nice, Ladydevimon story. It takes place in 01. There is mention of rape, but it IS discrete. Please review
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