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Author has written 13 stories for Darkstalkers, Mega Man, Misc. Anime/Manga, Sailor Moon, Sly Cooper, Super Sentai, Misc. Games, Kamen Rider, Slightly Damned, Wolf Children/おおかみこどもの雨と雪, Persona Series, Kingdom Hearts, Star Fox, Solatorobo: Red The Hunter, Pretty Cure, Familiar of Zero, and RWBY.

Important notice: Life has been getting busier and busier for me, that I've had a harder and harder time to work on my stories. In short, I'm afraid everything I have is now on indefinite hiatus. Life sadly always comes first. I'll still be around in the community and even be available for some stuff here and there, but overall I'll be taking a back seat.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Everybody. I'm Timeless Dreamer Neo (Pen name only).

I'm not much of a talker, but here's the chase.

Things I like: Anime, games, novels, fanfiction, and anything else thats fun, but not hazardous to my health.

Things I dislike: Anything ridiculously boring(in my opinion)

Favorite anime/game series: Megaman/Rockman, Darkstalkers, Bleach, Kiba, Kingdom Hearts, Kamen Riders (though they are technically not an anime or game), Nights, and Persona (particularly no.4).

Favorite characters series of origin:
Darkstalkers: Jon Talbain & Felicia (Plus I think they make a cute couple)
Kiba: Zed, Noa, and Roia
Megaman: Lan Hikari (AKA Hikari Netto), Geo Stellar (AKA Hoshikawa Subaru), Megaman.EXE/Hub Hikari (AKA Rockman.EXE/Hikari Saito).
Bleach: Ichigo Kurosaki, Uryuu Ishida
Kingdom Hearts: Sora, Riku, Kairi.
Kamen Riders: Wataru Kurenai (AKA Kamen Rider Kiva), Takumi Inui (AKA Kamen Rider Faiz/The wolf orphenoc), Shoichi Tsugami (AKA Kamen Rider Agito), Tsukasa Kadoya (AKA Kamen Rider Decade)

Those were a few things about me. Now, here's some stuff about my (current) OC:
Current Fanfics:
1. Darkstalkers: The Lumino Clan:
- Neo Lumino (1st and 2nd appearance): The last (though unwilling) member of the Lumino Clan, Neo has an abnormally large amount of power, but (initially) has a hard time controlling it.

Theme: Neo's 1st appearance theme is "Sanctuary" (OST Kiba), and his 2nd appearance theme is "Hakanaku Tsuyoku" (OST Kiba)

Look: Neo's first appearance is rather short, on the count that he is 9 years old. He has relatively short black hair, though it is long enough to cover his left eye. He usually wears a a pure white rain coat and a white T-shirt, with grayish shorts, white boots and gloves underneath.
His second appearance is relatively the same as his first appearance, only that he seems a bit taller. The most striking detail is his left eye, which glows a bright red whenever he fights, only dimming occasionally. This is present in all his appearances.

Personality: Neo, in his first appearance has a rather quiet personality, usually only opening up to his "big bro" (Talbain) and "big sis" (Felicia)

Jon Talbain: Adoptive brother (or at least Neo likes to call him big bro all the time, and looks up to him as a brotherly figure)
Felicia: Adoptive sister (same story with Talbain. Neo likes to call her big sis, and also looks up to her as a sisterly figure)
Xeno: Enemy (though they share the same body)
Anita: Friend, and possible love interest.

- Xeno Lumino: The head of The "True" Lumino Clan, he was killed 1000 years ago, but attempted to take a new body. Neo is his current host.

Theme: Xeno's theme is "Ichirin No Hana" (OST Bleach)

Affiliations (it should be noted that Xeno views almost everybody as his enemy):
Neo: current host
anyone else: enemy
Note: If anybody noticed, Xeno's name is an anagram of Neo's name plus an X (I made his name, using the same method of naming for Nobodies (Kingdom Hearts))

2. Kamen Rider Tranz:
- Shun Ikusa: A mysterious boy, who appeares in the fan fic Kamen Rider Trans. Though he seems like an ordinary human, he is infact a "wave point" and a BIO weapon originally created to fight denpa beings. He seems to have a dislike for humans who (in his perception) only think of themselves, not caring about how others feel. He plays a protagonist role, and is the secondary user of the hunter gear. His Denpa Henkan form is called Clear Lense.

Theme: Shun's theme is "Be Somewhere" (OST Rockman.EXE)

Clear: Adoptive brother and denpa partner
Kai: Best friend and rival
Blade: Friend
Subaru Hoshikawa: Enemy (at first), friend (eventually)

- Clear: A young AM-ian. It's unknown how or why, but he was somehow endedup on earth at an early age. He was captured by a military group not long after ariving on earth, he was then studied as a alien. The results sparked the idea to create a bio weapon (which in the end was Shun). He was eventually stolen by the two scientist who created Shun, and grew up alongside him (which is why they have a sort of brotherly relationship). Clear acts like a big brother to Shun, and often Denpa Henkans with him, even if its just for the fun of it.

Shun: Adoptive brother and denpa partner
Kai: Friend
Blade: Rival, friend
Subaru Hoshikawa: Neutral (at first), Friend (eventually)

- Kai Kurogane: A young swordsman, who enjoys fighting. He is from a legendary family of samurai (He's a modern day samurai) and inherits his family's talent for swordsmanship. He first encountered Shun during his travels, and ended up fighting with him (Shun won), and the two have had a friendly rivalry since. He encounters the runaway AM-ian, Blade, and eventually became friends with him. He, like Shun and Clear, play a protagonist role, and is also a secondary user of the star gear. His Denpa Henkan form is called Blade Edge

Theme: Kai's theme is "D-technolife" (OST Bleach)

Shun: Rival and best friend
Clear: Friend
Blade: Friend, rival, partner
Subaru Hoshikawa: Friend

- Blade: A runaway AM-ian, he is Kai's partner. Originally a fugitive from planet AM, he hid himself on earth, before eventually encountering Kai. His relationship with Kai is more of a rivalry. He can be rather head strong at times, making it difficult to work with him. He eventually sports a rivalry with Clear, just as their partners have also sported a rivalry.

Shun: Friend
Clear: Rival, friend
Kai: Partner, friend, rival
Subaru Hoshikawa: Neutral

3. Darkstalkers: New Beginnings (AKA Neo's return)
- Neo Lumino (3rd appearance): Neo, 8 years after the incident at the end of Darkstalkers: The Lumino Clan. Can't give much info, due to fear of spoiler.

Theme: Neo's 3rd appearance theme is "Journey Through The Decade" by Gackt (OST Kamen Rider Decade)

Look: In his third appearance, Neo's old raincoat has changed to a white coat, that looks like a white variation of the organization XIII coat. He still likes to sport a simple T-shirt and shorts underneath his coat. His eyes can now toggle between regular looking eyes, to his bright red eyes at will, usually during a fight, and it should be noted that now both his eyes do that, on the count it used to only happen to his left eye.

- Nova.EXE: Just as his name suggest, he is a net navi, and Neo's partner. Not much info is available yet, only that he was created by Neo, and has a strand of Neo's DNA in him.

Theme: Nova's theme is "Asterisk" (OST Bleach)

- Kos-Mos EX: She is an android Neo constructed, from the data he gained as a result of studying what was left of the original Kos-Mos and adding a mixture of DNA into her. The EX in her name stands for Exceed. Data not yet available.

Theme: Kos-Mos's theme is "Endscape" (OST Toward The Terra)

4. Star Fox X
- Marcus McCloud (this version of him): The leader of Star Fox X.

Theme: Marcus's theme is "Barairo No Sekai" (OST Get Backers)

-Nia Lumino:

Theme: Nia's theme is "Raion" (OST Blood )

- Kobayashi Ueki:

Theme: Kobayashi's theme is "Believe" (OST One Piece)

- Wanko Sano:

Theme: Wanko's theme is "Shouri no Uta" (OST Rockman Beast)

- Aaron Talbain: As his name suggest, he is the son of Jon Talbain and Felicia. He has a younger sister named Rose. The leader of the mercenary team "Star Hunters".

Theme: Aaron's theme is "Hirari" (OST Digimon Savers)

- Rose Talbain: As her name suggest, she is the daughter of Jon Talbain and Felicia. Her older brother is Aaron. She is also a member of "Star Hunters"

Theme: Rose's theme is "Higher And Higher" (OST Rave)

- Jack Runner: A young teen, he seems to have a sort of rivalry with Aaron.

Theme: Jack's theme is "Sora-iro Days" (OST Gurren Lagann)

- Lia Melody: Jack's childhood friend, and Rose's best friend.

Theme: Lia's theme is "Platinum" (OST Card Captor Sakura)

5. Slightly Damned: Wind of Redemption and Rebirth

- Shun Hayami: A somewhat enigmatic Rebirth who helps Sakido, both as her mentor, as well as helping her cope with her new life. Seemingly kind hearted and laid back, his true prowess can only be seen in battle when his true skills as a Rebirth reveal themselves. His skills with guns and various other firearms at his disposal allow him to obliterate almost any opponent if he ever chooses to do so, but often at the cost of high collateral damage, which is why he refrains from doing so unless completely necessary. However, the few times he has had to cut loose have been so infamous that they have earned him the title of "Black Devastator"...much to his chagrin. As of currently, there seems to be more to him than meets the eye.

Theme: Shun's image theme is "Kakusei Heroisme" (OST Darker than Black), while his battle theme is "Individual System" (OST Kamen Rider Kiva)


- Umi Soyokaze: A gentle and energetic Rebirth with a heart of gold (not literally). Gentle and serene as the calm oceans, her nature and power has earned her the fitting title of "Angel of the Sea", a title she wears proudly. Despite being raised as a Miko, Umi shows a very open mind that makes it easy for her to make friends with various different people no matter the race or world. Being a gentle soul, Umi's best ability is her healing abilities that make her a critical member of the group.

Theme: Umi's image themes are "Egao no Mahou" (OST Fairy Tail) and "Eien to Iu Basho" (OST Corrector Yui), while her battle theme is "Mystic Liquid" (OST Kamen Rider Wizard)


Notice: to all my readers. Thank you for your support and patience when dealing with my work, as I am rather slow in writing. However, I am afraid that I must give some bad news. College has been getting more and more hectic, AND I've had to help out with my family's work from time to time, and as such, I find myself having less and less time to write my stories. As such, I must apologize to all my readers and explain that I have decided to work on my fics based on a the ones I want to finish first as priority. As such, below I will write the fics that I want to finish, with the top being first priority:

1. Slightly Damned: Wind of Redemption and Rebirth

2. Jigen Sentai Crystalranger

3. Familiar of Zero: Beyond the Void

I apologize to anyone who prefers my other fics over the one at the top, but I must admit that amongst all my fics, this is the one that I REALLY want to be able to finish for reasons that are my own.

Also, due to the realization that I may not be able to finish a good number of my fics, I have decided to put the following fics up for adoption:

1. Kamen Rider Tranz

2. Count The Medals

3. Sailor Moon SF: Warriors of the Stars

4. Climax Concerto (for anyone interested in adopting this one, please consult author: Brave Kid, as the concept was originally his)

5. Precure: Smile It's Showtime! (I've hit a snag in the planned plot, and have not been able to fix it...though I may update this fic from time to time)

For anyone interested, I still have the plots that I had planned out for each of these fics (excluding Climax Concerto), so if you want, I can send you the initial ideas I had for the fics. Also, If you want, I don't mind acting as a beta reader for the adopted fics.

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Crossover - RWBY & Final Fantasy XV - Rated: T - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 10 - Words: 125,456 - Reviews: 70 - Favs: 142 - Follows: 131 - Updated: 4/7 - Published: 3/7/2017 - Team RWBY, Noctis Lucis Caelum, Ignis Scientia, Gladiolus Amicitia
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