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Hello! Glad if you decided to visit my profile. I won't disclose any personal information, generally not a good idea to do that in the internet (maybe I am paranoid, who knows?) I enjoy reading good fanfics, though often find those hard to find. I like to see a good and original plot, belieavable charachter development and a bit of humor thrown into the mix. I also enjoy writing, but I do find it be a great challenge. Even though my first stories turned out decent, there is much about them I myself am displeased about and I hope that my latest story shows some improvement. I thank my reviewers for that. About reviews: I appreciate reviews, especially those that tell me what is good about my story and what needs to be improved. The reviews that point out both good and bad things help the author to improve his story. Basically I consider a detailed review as a contribution to the story. It is a great motivator and an advice. The reviews like "awesome more please" don't exactly help the author, except maybe inflate his ego. I also do not support flaming. Criticism is good as long as there are reasons behind such opinions. When I review, I prefer to leave a more or less detailed opinion. If I see something I don't like, I will tell about it, but I will try not to be rude. If I am confused about something I will point it out and will ask fo an explanation. That is about it. Anyone can feel free to PM me and I will try to answer.

Decided to also post what I like or dislike about stories:


1. Originality. A new and fresh idea, a unique concept is always fun to explore. It leaves you guessing, you have questions that demand answers and that makes reading a story so much more interesting. But it doesn't meant that I will immediately dislike a story based on an older idea. Even concepts that I have already seen can still bring much originality with them, new twists and turns, new stories, new characters new concepts. I like the story that just feels fresh.

2. A story with meaning. Well, I guess you can say that a good story in my opinion needs some sort of a theme to it, a basic lesson, a moral. It shouldn't be shoved into the reader's face, but it should still be there, somewhere in the background, coming forth at a critical moment.

3. Developed characters. What can I say, a well developed character is a story in itself. A unique personality, a set of values and principles, a unique look, memorable quotes and so on. A developed character is like an actual person, you can try and understand him. He can have faults, you may not like him as a person, but he can still be a great character that enriches a story.

4. Style and structure. Details, clever wordplay, good dialogue and logical story structure are all very important. The story must make sense and create the feeling of immersion for the reader. You can't have that without detailed descriptions of the events and the surrounding and without nice flowing dialogue.

5. Grammar. The story must be easy to read. I won't go around correcting every missing coma and a misspelled word. I myself can do that and I would be a hypocrite by pointing it out in the stories of other authors. But if the story is basically unreadable because of such faults, then I will point it out. So basically anything that I can read without being forced to reread it again is good with me.


1. Cliches. Overused and illogical ideas that pop up in every second story I come across. They instantly ruin the mood. There are good cliches that work just because they make sense. With those I can live, because the very least I can understand them, but in most cases the cliches are just overused plot devices that for some reason are considered good. In general cliches consist of simplified or even degrading concepts that help integrate something into the story without trying too much.

2. Overpowered characters. Very simple, overpowered character bore me. A personal preference really, but I just don't see any value in these characters. They don't struggle, they don't overcome difficulties, at least not with any reasonable amount of effort. A character that doesn't struggle also doesn't grow and the character that does't grow also doesn't achieve anything meaningful as a person. Again, that bores me.

3. Time travel. A concept that allows to put a developed character into an undeveloped universe. Some stories with this concept are actually very good, because they concentrate on the personal conflicts between characters given their different views of the world. But in most cases time travel serves no other purpose than making a character overpowered. Again, sometimes this concepts works and when it does, it works very well, but I am always careful about these stories. Not truly a dislike, but a reason to be careful about my expectations.

4. Bashing. Basically degrading characters to a level of punching bags for some sort of personal satisfaction. About as interesting and as mature as a kid pounding his pillow imagining it being the school bully.

5. Lack of logic. Very simple, if a story doesn't make sense, I don't like it.

6. Deus ex machina. Goes well with the lack of logic dislike. Basically something appearing out of nowhere without any preparation. If you introduce a new concept, prepare it, create the base for it. Gods appearing and helping the character, or finding a weapon is some cave. Just feels weird and out of place. Also does nothing for character development. Usually nothing more than an excuse to stuff a character with powers and abilities without creating any real reason for that to happen.

7. Rushed stories and relationships. A good story takes its time to develop the universe and the relationships between characters. It is better to have more detail and more descriptions of the event, because that allows the reader to fully understand the events taking place. Rushed stories lack details and as such don't create the necessary feeling of immersion. As for relationships, I don't like when characters fall in love in a span of one chapter (two chapters not actually an improvement). Relationships take time. That is a fact. Yes, one may argue that there is love at first sight, I won't deny that. But love at first sight does not equal a relationship. It takes time and effort to build it. I can understand when writers just want to get to their favorite pairing, but that is not much of an excuse for writing a rushed relationship. If you like a pairing, go ahead, write it, but if you like it, take your time to actually make it good.

8. Voting. Alright, this needs a bit of a clarification. If an author asks for an advice about a concept he is not sure will fit into the story, that is a good thing. But if an author uses polls to decide the pairings in the story ... I most likely will drop reading it. The reason is simple, people always vote for the pairings they like, not the pairings that will fit into the given story. Only the author can know where the story will go and how the characters will be developed. Writing a good story generally does not go well with fan service. I can live with any pairing or mostly any concept if it is done well. But for that the author must plan out the story, not seek approval by using the most popular pairing or giving the character the most badass power.

The list might be changed eventually.

Again, thank you for reading.

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