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Hey there, everyone... I'm Naomi, and when you see that picture up above.. yes that one with the 2 men... do not be alarmed. I'm a big fan of yaoi... so _ yeah.. anyway

Favorite Hobbies: I love writing stories, talking to Shadow on MSN, and I also LOOOOOOOVE LOOVE LOOOVE reading my manga. I also play softball and all that but who wants to hear that?

Favorite Manga: I love "Love Monster", "Naruto", "Beauty Pop", "Lucky Star", "Deathnote", "Chobits", and "Hack" . There are others... yawn but I'm too lazy to type them all...

Favorite Anime Characters: First of all, I "USED" to love Sasuke soooo much... but after doing that to Sakura... I think i would had bi-- I mean.. slapped him very hard. Heh.. Now my lover is Sai, he's my man-hoe, love him to death. _ Erm.. I also like Lite and L alot too, and they are a great Yaoi couple also. Konota is my favorite from "Lucky Star" she kinda acts like me...except I don't play games 24/7... well o_o i'm not sure about that one. I would have to say Hedeki is my favorite character in "Chobits" . He's dead sexy... drools Oh and just to tick off my friend Shadow, who is probably reading this at this very moment, I WOULD TOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY STEAL LINK FROM YOU WOMAN! HE'S MIIINNNEE... ahem.. that is all.

Favorite Music: I LOOOOOVE Katey Perry, she is like my idol. Linkin Park is a great band, I also like Rihanna, Tpain, Akon, erm... Offspring, Muse, Ludo (Freakin' love Ludo) also Disturbed, o_o thinks I have alot... but I can't think of any of the artists and bands, soooooooo -skips to next line-

Favorite Movie & T.V Shows: Alright.. I think Twilight was the most... WORST EVER! EDWARDS DANG HUGE EYEBROWS MADE ME TWITCH AS I LOOKED AT HIM! I SWEAR MY EYEBALLS WOULD HAD MELTED OUT OF MY HEAD JUST STARING AT THOSE.. THOSE... CATERPILLARS!! Ahem.. now that I got that off my chest for all those EDWARD LOVERS out there.. (I'm a big fan of Seth... and yes I know he's not really in the book but he's incredibly generous and not a pansy like Edward) I loved Hairspray.. I hoped it touched children out there that are over-weight, teaching them that it doesn't matter what size you are.. you can still DO something in your life. It inspired me alot! I think I watched it about 50 times. TO THE TV SHOWS! Ok, I love "Lost" it was the most awesomest series ever.. until this years.. (WHY THE FREAK DID THEY GO BACK TO THE ISLAND?! IT'S SO STUPID!!) I also love "That's So 70's Show", "Spongebob" (YAY!), "Avatar: The Last Airbender", "Naruto Shippudden", "Deathnote", Cowboy Bo" (its on Adult Swim.. I kinda forget the show's title, heh.) "The Secret Life of a American Teenager", "Total Drama Island" and alot of others that I don't feel like naming at this very moment =_=...

Favorite Online-games: Ok, I TOTALLY love "World Of Warcraft" , and I love playing "City of Heroes", "City of Villians" and "Maplestory" (YAY MAPLESTORY)

Maplestory Characters: Aoriana : Lvl 18 (almost 19) Server: Scania. Time I MAY ( I said may...) be on: Hmm.. aroud 4:30 ish

World Of Warcraft Characters: Ok, I had to try all them to get all the ones I liked the most... my fav ones are; Minnaria. Race: Troll. Ability: Hunter Level: 44. Server: Thorium Brotherhood. Guild: Family Guild (The Raging Boars)

Beletha. Race: Bloodelf. Ability: Paladin Level: 16. Server: Thorium Brotherhood. Guild: Same guild... Allillene. Race: Bloodelf. Ability: Warlock Level: 24. Server: Thorium Brotherhood. Guild: Also the same.. Minnaria (love that name, sorry) Race: Nightelf. Ability: Hunter. Level: 30. Server: Alleria, and my last one is Loveable. Ability: Priest. Race: Human. Level: 16. Server: Alleria.

All the stories I make may seem alittle too... lovey dovey, but that's my style.. so please don't hop on my dick and stop your whining. Alright, peace

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