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I like to go by Lid C.

So, i have one story on here and if you could please
check it out and review that'd be super awesome.

All types of criticism is accepted, I've never been a good writer.
The more help I can get, the better I get. (:

If you'd like to know more about me hit my homepage button and it'll take you to my myspace.

i love reading anything on here related to Twilight especially if its a funny one.
God knows i can't get enough of those if you've written one send it in my direction
I'll be more than happy to read and REVIEW.

Three Mothers:
Emmett's statue poses:



The Azalea Bunting Bag:

Funny Quotes:

Forget Santa, I want Edward Cullen to come down MY chimney!

When life gives me lemons I throw them back and demand Edward.

The only reason Edward ran from Bella in the meadow was because I was on the other side

I called my boyfriend Edward and now he thinks im cheating on him...OOPS

My girfriend read twilight and now she calls me edward and throws glitter on me

Edward Cullen: making real guys feel pathetic

Edward Cullen Vs. Jacob Black is like Sparkles vs. Fleas Take your pick

You're not jealous of Bella Sawn?...Liar

0.2 Seconds = how long it took for me to fall for Edward Cullen

"Thanks, Stephenie. Now I'll never find a man."

Everytime I hear thunder I wonder if vampires are playing baseball

Forget a knight in shining armor, I want a vampire in a shiny Volvo

"I can't stay mad at Jasper. No really."

Bella Swan does not appreciate your fantasies about her husband

I cut pages 73-381 out of New Moon. Jacob can go die.

I threw New moon at the wall when Edward left

Katie Peary wrote Hot'n Cold while sitting between Edward ans Jacob, guess who was the out?

Screw Dr.Phil, Jasper never needs to say, "how do you feel about that"

Good guys read Twilight, and take notes.

"Alice will you take me shopping for fancy french lingrie like the ones you bought Bella?"

the 11th comandment: Thou shalt love Edward Cullen unto thy death.

Dear Bella, I'll marry Edward for you so you can have Jacob. new religion.

Edward Cullen makes abstinence sexy.

Dear Jacob, I win. Sincerely, Edward

I typed in "sexy" in Google and it came up "Did you mean Edward Cullen?"

Future boyfriend checklist: Golden eyes, super strength, silver Volvo, reddish-brown hair.

Edward Cullen can't impregnate me, but I would let him try. Many, many times.

Dearest Edward Cullen, Dammit #@?! why arn't you real!?

1)Stop thinking about edward...
2)stop thinking about his Volvo...
3)stop thinking about his muscular chest...and his flawless body...
4)stop thinking about his smell...
5)stop thinking about his voice...

Er...where were we?? Oh yeah... OECD...screw the remedy! I'm thinking about Edward. Don't bother me

Because of Edward Cullen, human boys have lost their charm

Edward Cullen ruins all mortals for me

Forget Prince Charming, I'm waiting for my Edward Cullen

I have trouble realizing Edward Cullen is just a fictional character

And on the 8th day, God made Edward Cullen

Sexy was born on June 20, 1901. They named it Edward Cullen.

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