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Author has written 15 stories for Ranma, Haruhi Suzumiya series, and Pokémon.

This is me, Daisuki. Once Ryoga's Girlfriend has finished. So far, things aren't looking too good for my fan works. lolz I don't think I'll be doing those again anytime soon. Either they were so bad only a little people liked them or so many people saw it and thought it wasn't worth the review. That's respectable. You don't like something, you don't support it. That or people are lazy, busy, have kids, etc.

My name is DaisukiFox! Not giving away my real name unless you're my pal!

I'm making original content now and have also started writing some new fanfictions. I'm also possibly in the works of getting a sequel to Ryoga's Girlfriend. I've read the manga and got to admit... I was expecting a bit more. It was okay and I still love the story and what not but... there were a few things I got bored with when reading the manga and some things I noticed Rumiko could have done better. I still respect her for everything's she was done. I hope I can become a legend like her... I really wish I could get her to read Rama's Boyfriend and see if she would have ever used a plot line like this. I'd need to get a Japanese translator and send a message to Vizmedia to try and get in contact with her. I'm not saying this to be cocky, I honestly wish she would give me her option and tell me if she respects my work or at least thinks it's alright. I hear she's kind of old now... well if anything I hope you guys enjoy my stories!

Now that I've been here for awhile, I have to admit... I could have written way more. The stress of the stories really got to me too and maybe the long reviewing process of mine... or fishing for reviews as some would call it. I guess I just wanted Ryoga's Girlfriend to end up as supported as the original. Now that I've read the manga, kinda wanna' do a story about Ranma and Ryoga after the events of the manga. There's this idea I've been toying around with involving an old fable called the Butterfly Lovers. I'm not sure how it'll turn out but I can only try!

Stories - Ongoing or not

ButterFly Lover's On Hold

Officially out! Please check it out! Sorry for the wait! We could really use some more feedback for it! Thanks for being so patient those who actually remember this! There maybe a sequel, I just want to know if you guys actually want it.

Although, if it doesn't I'm still happy I made it. Please understand it's not to spite the readers it's just a lot of work to know that just a handful of people want to read it. It's also a lot of work.

Ranma's Pig Problems

I want to start working on this next but I also want to get to work on my book. It's hard though considering I have to run not only my DeviantArt account but also this account. The last chapter underperformed a little so I'm using it as an excuse to take a small break. My hands are suffering for all these projects but I have to remain relevant.

This story has always been an odd underdog, chapter 26 was so low on the radar it was officially considered dead to me. I tried keeping the chapters short, I've tried keeping the chapters longer. Though having a lot of favorites this story just appeals to a very neesh but vocals audience.

Nodoka's Daughter

The audience has spoken and in a sense, so have I. There aren't enough people willing to back the story and those that have followed Ryoga's Girlfriend, a large part of them have dropped the series. It's also so much work to get one chapter out with so little in return. It's fun but not worth the physical pain it'll leave my hand with.

For the time, it's probably going to get deleted and have a concluding oneshot. Please know I don't do this to be a jerk, I want to be a writer but I need to work on what can get me somewhere in my life. Writing for fun is great but can't I find something that fun and advance my goals? Wouldn't that be like saying I want some of my dream job's perks, even if it doesn't involve getting paid?

I know what you're thinking. You're a fanfiction writer... you can't make any money off this! Even though youtube channels like LittleKuriboh and TeamFourStar are technically making just that... fanfiction. Comedy fanfiction... something I do. They sell T-shirts with copyrighted characters and images. The difference between me and them is... I can't afford to do what they can and do it on a smaller scale.

Even then I'm not asking for sophisticated reviews, it can be as simple as "Good" but for some, that seems to be too much effort.

(Kept original because love it.)

A little story about me and how I've had to struggle to make it up to this point in my writing.

When I first started writing, I noticed that some people started asking me... why RanmaXRyoga? Well, why not? A few writers here have been able to provide excellent stories for the pairing and why can't I? The thing is, I really got down at one point when I saw that not many people were reading or reviewing, so, I noticed I was just a small dot on the radar of RanmaXRyoga writers and was starting to completely fade away. All because someone I didn't know, reported me.

The sad thing is... they had reason to report me, I hadn't been following the rules and they took away my mark I was going to leave on Fanfiction. Net's Ranma section: Ryoga's Any. I, of course, managed to save a few chapters, but if of course came crumbling down when I tried to present it again. So, I went for broke and tried my best to make another story... Ryoga The Lady Prince.

That was an epic failure all around.

At about that point, I accepted it and laid down. I thought I wouldn't get anywhere and would eventually vanish and be forgotten, just like that.

Then, as my final... final shot. I tried making a silly little one-shot called, "Ranma's Boyfriend" the golden story of mine that captured many people's interest and gave me the most reviews I've ever had for such a small amount of chapters.

How had I gone from fading to skyrocketing? All I knew was, that I'm gonna' leave a bigger mark with this story. Hopefully, when I'm truly gone from this section of Fanfiction... people will recommend Ranma's Boyfriend.

Now Ryoga's Girlfriend has been added to my list of completions, which feels amazing to say. I can't believe this series has done so much for me, it's even actually gotten me to finish not one, but two whole stories. Its success is massive even compared to the first one... though the first one tends to be more beloved. lolz The second one finally closed the gap between the two. As the first was really meant to drive tension between the two and finally get them to calm down enough to actually become friends. Hope that was spoiler free enough.

My favorite characters in order.

Ryoga- Well, as you can tell... I have a soft spot for my favorite character and hate that everything has to be so centered around Ranma. To me, Ryoga is my favorite character of all time! The guy has a hard life... but he still manages to pull off being adorable and a goofy teen with dreams of being with the one he loves. He's strong, brave, caring, gentle and overall a nice guy you'd like to hang out with. That's if he's not complaining about Ranma or talking about his love for Akane.

Ranma- He came off to me as a cocky dude when I watched the anime... it honestly annoyed me that he seemed like he was literally unstoppable. No one could stand up to him and he could pretty much take anyone down without even trying. I realized it was all the training, maybe I just didn't like that he could get away with acting the way he did sometimes. He was one of the few main characters that bugged me and had me wishing he'd lose and get into one of his depressive states that have him crying because he lost. Though, as time went on... I grew to like him.

Nabiki - One interesting character... so... dang... what would the word be? Well, there probably isn't a word that could really describe her. I just love that she's clever and overall an appealing character. Not to mention... I find her way more attractive than Akane.

Kasumi - Okay... I've really liked her character, she focuses on the world around her instead of the future and seems to live a calm and simple life that would be just utter paradise to me. Other than Ranma and all his chaos...

Kuno - What can I say... the guy makes me laugh with his strange obsession with Ranma's girl form. He's interesting, silly, maniacal, creative, all the things you'd want in a moron and more. That's why I'd list him as one of my top favorite characters.

Doctor Tofu - Not much is seen of him... at least in the series that I've seen. Though, his goofy lovestruck moods are what make me laugh and also take him serious as a doctor and an awesome guy to have some tea with.

Happosai - Hm... kinda' hard to say, just like him.

Pairings :D

RanmaXRyoga: There is so much I've learned from this pairing. Have it almost paints a story of my life as every obstacle came along. The feelings of falling for a man, the fact that you know you're dumber than the one you're with, the feel of being with a woman with tomboyish qualities and well, the loneliness of another character, the need to want to make friends with the strangest of people, the feeling of being unable to talk to your crush, risking it all though it breaks your heart, the need for delusions and the courage to continue despite having next to nothing left. Ranma and Ryoga as a couple to me, symbolize both struggle and understanding. Ranma to me needs a real friend, one who can engage him on more than just lover's attraction... whether or not they're going to get married or just want him because he's strong or the other crazy reasons the others in Nerima have. They have some history, though the manga says Highschool, I could have sworn someone said they knew each other since middle school or that the anime and or manga said that. I would have loved to see a competition between those two when they were younger! I would have loved to see so many awesome things in these two's past! I like this pairing despite how many people say it's weird or wrong. It's not canon but it's not like the show never played with the idea! Or had with it! It's just, the concept is interesting, that two people so similar, yet, so different in many ways can come together. I think that one could help the other and they have worked before. They are the dream team in this show! At least to me!

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