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Author has written 6 stories for Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Rise of the Guardians, and Fire Emblem.

Hello all you people reading this profile! I just thought I would make a couple of lists for you. First is a list of stories I'm writing.

I am currently writing a:

Merlin(Arthur/OC and Merlin/OC) story,

Hitman Reborn( adult reborn/OC Gokudera/OC) story Rewrite,

Hitman Reborn OC centreral story,

rise of the gaurdians (jack/OC) story,

Pokemon X and Y (reader chooses: Sycamore/OC or Clemont/OC)

I plan to write:

pokemon (green/OC/red)

Black jack (black jack/OC)

I'm going to try and focus on finishing my stories that I am currently writing in this order:

Hitman Reborn,



Rise of the guardians.

Once they are finished I will go through and do a quadruple check for spelling/grammar errors that I missed. This check will most likely happen over the summer since I am busy with college.


Q:why do you write so many stories at the same time when it makes it harder for you to finish them?

A: because I'm insane? I donno. My thought process when it comes to fanfiction goes a little like this.

-finds awesome video game/tv show/ cartoon/anime/manga.-

me: oooooh he's cute. I'd like reading a good fanfic or two about him... Hmm. Well I already have a preconceived notion of what I want to read soooo... I guess I'll just write my own?

Inner Me: NO! BAD GIRL! You already started like 5 different story's that you have to finish and home work and that novel your trying to write while maintaining order in your newly married life. NO!

me: Q_Q but he's so shiny And kinda hooooot. (As far as a fictional character are concern)

Inner me: daaaang that is one fine hunk of pixels. I mean. No. You're not writing one... That will be longer then 100,000 word...

me: Yey! \o/

If you have a certain story that you want me to work on I will be more than happy to take a few requests. I also like to include the OC's of my Readers some times so feel free to send me yours and tell me what story you read and i'll try and include them. Sorry if I do not update for long spans of time. I love hearing from my readers feel free to pm me if you have questions, suggestions, or just want to chat. I know Russian and Japanese, and my native language is English. Even if I don't understand your language I'll do my best to have it translated and reply.

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