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Author has written 3 stories for Bones.

Some facts about me:

1. I am from Germany and going to University.

2. I'm a total TV-freak...I watch NCIS, Castle, Hawaii Five-0, White Collar, The Glades, HIMYM and TBBT in English and a whole bunch of shows on German TV when they finally air almost a year after they original aired in the US...I also loved Charmed, Buffy, Angel, Crossing Jordan, Moonlight...and of course Firefly. Even though I didn't watch that until long after it was canceled.

3. I enjoy reading, whether it be books (I love Kathy Reichs, Karen Rose, basically everything that combines crime story with some romance) or FanFiction.

4. My "second home" used to be the ABY ( where I spent a lot of time every day and talked about everything and nothing. Due to an invasion of very vocal pessimists we closed the doors for the final time a couple years ago. (If you're a part of a fandom, please make sure to treat everyone the way you want to be treated, it doesn't matter if your opinions differ. And do not believe that you can change the route a show runner is going with his story just by being very vocal about it online. You are NOT right just because you yelled the loudest!)

5. English is only my 3rd language, so I still have some trouble writing in English. I try to improve my English every day but some things I say might still sound strange to a native speaker.

I think I'm a lot better now, but since I haven't written in a while you'll just have to trust my word on that.

6. I am a huge huge fan of Bon Jovi and I also like Robbie Williams and some German bands, especially Die Toten Hosen, if you wanna hear good German rock check them out!

7. I dream about traveling around the world some day, I want to visit all continents at least once. Most likely I'll live in New Zealand for about 6 months soon. So that's one more continent that I've visited then.

I did spend those 6 months in New Zealand and I had a great time. Let's see where I'll go next, maybe Ireland?

8. I love to watch football (soccer for people in the USA or Canada).

my reading habits:

1. I hate people who think grammar is just there to terrorize them! For me as an non-native speaker grammar is very important in order to get the meaning of a sentence. If it's all muddled I will most likely not get the sentence the first time I read it and if that happens more than once in a chapter I will not continue to read.

2. I hate tiny chapters. There can be exceptions of course, where a very small chapter makes more sense but most of the time it just hinders my ability to get immersed in the story and I will once again not continue to read.

3. I like fluffy stories and generally prefer the higher ratings, but I also enjoy a bit of angst every now and again.

4. I generally don't read any AU stories and only canon pairings.

5. I'm so not into reading slash stories (the thought of Tony and Gibbs together makes me wanna puke) and there is no chance that that will change. (of course if there is a gay or lesbian couple on the show this rule does not apply)

Recently this did change after all. I enjoy reading about Danno and Steve from Hawaii Five-0. Even if they aren't really canon, I think they could (and would) have been if the time would have been right.

6. I only read in English. I only read fanfiction about shows I love, those shows I only watch in English so it's only logical imo to only read in English.

my writing habits:

I love to create something within my mind, the putting it on paper somehow is the hard part. I'm lazy and prone to procrastination, but if I start something I WILL finish it.

A shout-out to some of the writers here that I have the pleasure to knowing a little more personal and who are just really great friends (in alphabetical order):




of course there are many more great writers out there that I don't know.

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