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Author has written 14 stories for Total Drama series, and 9.

Name: Nick

Stereotype: The Goth.

Age: 9, but 16-19 in some yourself storys.

Actors: Joe Jonas:(Total Drama Love) Jesse Mccartney: (Upcoming storys)Nick Jonas: ( Every story i make. Exept TDoT, and TDL.)

Love, and Crush: Gwen.

Favorite Movie: Journey to the center of the Earth in 3D!

Favorite Couples I like!:










TailsxSonic yeah.. im a slash fan!




and IsebellaxPhineas

Story that i will be making soon!:

Things Go,

A Hell of a Living a 9 fanfic

NICK-E, (A spoof of Wall-e, Starring Nick, Gwen, Owen, Noah, Duncan, and Courtney.)

A Lovesick Dog in love with a Cat,

Random couple smex storys,

Transformers 2 TDI edition, (COMING SOON WHEN THE MOVIE IS ON DVD.)

Hedgehog with some Tails,

Dreamworld, (Its pretty good. I'll promise. I'll upgrade my grammer and the plot and other crap.)

Hamgirl Bolt,

Builder and Girl in love,

Two Goths In Love,

New Divide,

Nicholas Jacksons This is It.


Death of Nick

Genre storys i make:




This is a reason i am doing these storys:

All of my friends look at TDI storys, Even OCxGwen. I decided to make NickxGwen, cause 19 People asked me to do it. so i didn't do these storys in puporse! My FUCKING friends are the one to blame. friends at USA

I am sad that my fav person Nixon is stopping. :(

Favorite Authors: NixonwithCharisma, FTiger, theRASTAproject,Cole007 i got in a Yourself story and NekowithWanton with the slash and lesbian sex! :D

Favorite Songs: Last Resort, My Humps, Boom Boom Pow, Night Drive, What I Want, American Idiot, Wake Me up Until September Ends, and Bolivard Of Broken Dreams.

Favorite Fanfictions: A Day In a Life of Scrouge, Lolipop, Total Sex Island, Total Sex Island 2, and Rivaly Lusts.

I got done making a story, Its called Hidden Talent, Its not like Nixons. Its a little diffrent. Cody is at a party, and then challanges Nick to a dance challange. Who will win? I know, But i ain't tellin you!

All time favorite quotes

"Silly Bowser, Tears are for Queers." -Brawl Taunts series

"My master made this collar, so that i can talk, SQURIELL! ... Hi there." Dug- (Up)

"Punkass Decepticon!" Twins- (Transformers 2)

"Boobies!" Harold- (TDI)

"Do you know what this looks like?" Zed- (Year One)

"I just had sex with my Girlfriend." Oh- (Year One) Nick- (Two Goths in Love, co made by me and made by GothicLolita99.)

"Dave, What the hell is wrong with you?" Jerry- (Code Monkeys)

"Oh my god, you killed Kenny! You bastards!" South park- (South Park)

"I like Guns!" -Pichu (Brawl Taunt series)

"Great, way to go R-Tard, You scared her off." -Jordan (A Day In a Life of Spaz)

"What are you? Some kind of Freak?" -Gwen, my lovely Gwen. (TDI)

"Why is Sonic so weird when taking a dump? Well, heres a picture." Nick, The Sowmicks Show

"Sonic blah blah, What the fuck is wrong with a 18 year old smoking hedgehog?" Nick, The Sowmicks Show

"The World will look up and shout Save us, and i'll whisper: No." -Roscharch, Watchmen

"Show's over, motherfuckers." Hit Girl, Kick-Ass

LOL.. Its like a conneting thing.

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Trent murders Nick and kills him. Nick goes back to his life in the past to when he had lost his Virginity to a little baby. SUCKISH story. Don't read if you are a flamer of mine. rating is in the story.
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