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Author has written 16 stories for Prince of Tennis, and Naruto.

Hey, this is my first account on this website and I've written a couple stories. Most of them are my own and do not belong to anyone else for I have made the characters. My stories range from t-m. I mostly write fanfiction for Prince of tennis.

Fav anime:

Prince of tennis, full metal, naruto, bleach, etc..

Fav manga: KHR(anime as well), high school debut, pot, break blade, bokura ga ita(anime as well) etc...

I like yaoi more than yuri as well as most het. For pot my fav paring would have to be atoryo(royal), then thrill pair. Honestly I don't read/watch much anime or manga, but I do read a lot of fanfiction. So this is definitely one of my fav sites. I hope you enjoy my stories as soon as I can post them. Heres the summary for one of them

When a tennis player meets a monkey: Ryoma always thought life was nice and simple. Well that was till she met him... femryo atoryo

Chapter 2 is up but I'm having many technique problems as of late. Expect delays for this story. Sorry!!

On a brighter note I'm thinking of posting another story. It will be Atoryo again as well as female Ryo. Having my parents around prevents me from writing anything smut or yaoi sadly to say. But maybe one day. Anyways the story will be a fantasy story. I am a newcomer at writing so be patient with me.

This is the story: Tide changing: A bored Prince Atobe decided to so some traveling. He didn't expect to come across a beautiful shape-shifter. Who turns out isn't even a shape shifter to begin with...femryo atoryo

I haven't a clue as to when I'll post it, but it may happen. I have decided to delete Story of the whispered nothings and repost it after I edit it. I wanna redo the first and second chapter, because I never edited them and they really need it. So when that's done I will re-post them. Also the plot line will be different.

I am going to post a revised version of When a tennis player meets a monkey but only the first couple chapters. For some reason all these black squares kept showing up, but i figured out why. So anyways the chapters that have those black squares will be fixed and posted in a separate story called W.A.T.M.A.M. revised. Its the same story just without the black squares. Though I will continue to update on the original file. Please read and review both!

I'm posting a new story called Tenipuri Host club and it's obviously based off of Ouran. It's mostly just a crack fic so I hope you enjoy it. It's atoryo again! and fem ryo as well.

About When a tennis player meets a monkey it may go on Hiatus mainly because of lack of inspiration. Maybe, maybe not though so don't fret!

I'm posting another I just started it's called Classroom 3-A and it's prince of tennis again. It's set in a boarding school and it's shounen ai.

The next chapter for Classroom 3A is done! ~yays~ I hope you enjoy it and please review, they make me more inspired to write! Chapter 3 is done!

Another notice my good friend skylerscrape21 is posting a new story called Ugly girl housing. I would love it if you guys checked it out, when it's up.

Okay more news and its all bad; my parents are going through a divorce(well something like that) so updates will be slow. I have to do a lot more around the house and W.A.T.M.A.M. is on hiatus for sure. Classroom 3A will be continued to be updated as well as Tenipuri Host Club, just slowly. Anyways please forgive me, I will be back.

Ugly girl housing is up! So please check it out; it's OT5 so fans of this paring may want to read it. It's just a prolouge but skyler-san will be coming out with a new chapter asap! So please read and review!

New Classroom 3A news...well I haven't started the next chapter. BUT I have the outline so don't fret, it will be out ASAP.

About Classroom 3A I know I haven't updated in a looooooooooong time, but I am working on it. I'm trying to put more dirty pair in it as well more twist and turns, so please please keep supporting this fic!

Oh wow, it feels like a long time since I've had this account, but it hasn't really been very long. Anyways about my stories, well honestly I'm in a stump, especially with Classroom 3A, I'm not sure what to do next. Sorry to disappoint any Atoryo fans, it's most likely going to be Fujiryo. I've already written a lot of Atoryo fics so I thought, why not write a Fujiryo?

More news on Ryoma and Me, I have the base of what's going to happen in the next chapter and I have an idea for the ending. It's just I'm not sure which scenario will be better to start with when Ryoma first comes to Seigaku. Should I write about his first day? Skip to the second week? Decisions decisions...

I would love your help, so please please keep reviewing and emailing. I love hearing from you reviewers!

Oh yeah, before I forget more news! I hope this isn't an over played idea, but I kind of want to write a story where Ryoma is a Hyotei student. Whether or not he'll be the same age as everyone else still hasn't been decided. Err, that is if I ever get around to writing it, hopefully!

Also I may or may not have a new Atoryo oneshot! It's when their adults and it's a what if Ryoma and Atobe were childhood best friends? situation.

More later...

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: About 2 weeks ago my laptop got a virus, which is why I haven't updated anything. I can't use my actual to type my stories for various reasons which should be self explanatory considering the stories I write. I'm (hopefully) going to update Classroom 3-A first, as soon as I fix my laptop. Please bare with me, Vestibule.






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