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Hello there! My name is Gwen.

I used to write stories when I was in 1st grade... they were... interesting... my favorite is "Brian lost his popcorn money"... yeah... So anyway, I haven't written anything since that NY times bestseller... :-) Now I um... do the whole life thing... it's interesting... I'm not so good at it... but I try...

I'm married to the most amazing guy in the world... seriously... he's awesome. I like him a lot. A LOT. Anyway.

Ummm... what does one write in a profile?

Oh yeah. I'm writing a Hollow Kingdom FF... it's really really slow going... I pretty much just write while I'm in the bathroom or waiting for trains to pass... yeah... I'm a busy gal... So it's slow... and not all that great... I mean... I don't think it holds a candle to "Brian lost his popcorn money"... but I try.

So yeah... I think I'm finally going to get my first chapter posted, and I would appreciate someone willing to pick it apart for me. For real... I need input... iiinnnpuuuut... Short circuit smiley Ooops did I just betray my age there?

Anyboogers... if ya would, please review and tell me what I'm doing wrong. My guy is far too nice to say anything... and he really doesn't know a Goblin from an Elf... so... yeah... okay... so I'm rambling... umm... goodnight!

In my world everyone is a pony and they eat rainbows and poop butterflies?


Update 1/9/10: Forever and Always is finally finished! Sheesh, ya think it took me long enough? I am now working on a pre-Knights of the Old Republic story called Journey to Exile if anyone cares... :-) So when I get the first chapter stuck up there go check it out, please? I'm trying to write it in a way that everyone can follow and understand, not just Star Wars fans, so if you are confused, let me know and I'll see if I can't make myself more understood. Okay, well that's about it... I'm going to go get more tea now... have a fabulous year!



Update 4/9/09: I'm baaaack! Did ya miss me? Wait... don't answer that! So I think I've got my priorities straightened out somewhat which means I'll be spending a lot less time reading and writing... especially as the planting season progresses... but I'll try... I've got to have some sort of creative outlet... right? Anyway. I'm trying to catch up on all the stories I've missed... :-)

Peace and Chicken Grease,

Gwen >


Update 3/15/09: Hey people lookin' at my profile and perhaps wondering where I fell off the face of the earth... or maybe not... maybe you haven't noticed my absence... well, I haven't really been absent yet... I'm just plannin' on it... anyway...

I'm leaving for a bit. I'm gonna see if I can get by without Fan Fiction for a month (freaking out smiley) I've got a ton of real life stuff going on and I really just need to re-prioritize and such... so... that's where I went... and a bit of the why...

I'm planning on being back in a month... but the best laid plans...

I'm not sure if I'm going to finish Forever and Always. I think that perhaps that time would be better spent on something worthwhile, but we'll see how I feel in a month...

Umm... I think that's it. May The Force Be With You!

Re'turcye mhi


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