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Author has written 9 stories for iCarly, and Hannah Montana.

22 year old girl in Georgia - cute, funny, and socially awkward, and i tend to ramble on and on and on...see doing it now! The stories I write tend to reflect my personal experiences with the exception of iThink That was Then and This isow and of course my vampire stories but i do change the name to protect the innocent...which is usually me :)

I hate that I am only 5' 3" tall and and I hate that I only weigh 100Lbs. on a good day (no I do not have an eating disorder, I like to eat!!). I want to be taller and more voluptuous which means bigger boobs and butt and wish I could catch a tan, but my magnolia white skin burns easily from the sun and does not tan (Argh!! I hate that!!). Other than that I am very happy with my physical looks and have no inferiority complex.

Hobbies include music (listening to since I can not sing worth a darn and cannot play any musical instruments), reading, hanging with my friends, and writing in my journal about my life on a daily basis. I am Goth only to the extent in my dress (or so the hard core Goth people I know tell me) since i am not into all that doom and dread and gloom...i am to sweet and cute for that...lol

I don't know if I really believe in true love since it has eluded me so far. I just have not found anyone to love or love me back with that undying type of love people have for one another...maybe I will...who knows but i do believe in deep hard core lust! Oh I loved once but it was never returned...so no i don't even look for it...i don't want it! I know what i want and who i am and i am happy with that.

Yes I have seen people I think I could fall in love with, but they are not within my reach - Kate Beckinsale when she was in Underworld, Scarlett Johanson, and Angelina Jolie in anything she does - those woman could make me their pleasure toy and slave anytime. But of course they are never going to meet me. Oh yeah - Brad Pitt in Troy...God he was so hot in that movie and can spank me anytime! But the top of my celeb loves is Selena Gomez! I adore her so...lol

I don't have a lot of friends -- well only one true friend and she is my best friend I trust completely and with my life (she is non goth) and our friendship is very similar to the one in my story ICarly No More between Amber and her friend Ran as well as of the bio story pf me "Why Can't You Love Me for Who I Am?" The way Miley veiws Lilly is how i view my freind and Miley's life in thre is mine! I love you sooooooo much, Melissa Leigh!!

I am cute (trust me I am very cute) and honest and very loyal to my friends and family and considered freaky in certain ways by my friends and people I date (but again trust me - they never complain). I am normally a quite person and a little shy but when I want something or someone I perk up and go after what I want. When people get to know me and I them my shyness does fall away and I become like chatty kathy and cannot shut .

I am not much into the whole text message thing or talking on the phone and yes I have a cell but only use it for brief conversations and emergencies. I think most younger people today text way to much and do not know how to carry on a true conversation and talking face to face. My friends hate my text messaging belief because they will text me and I normally do not respond...they hate that but I feel I am worth at least a phone call!

Oh, one more thing about me - I only wear dresses or skirts and hate wearing pants in public and of course I would not be caught dead in public without any type of hose on, either thigh highs or stockings. Blame that on my pale skin, I do!

OMG! Another thing - I detest foul language and try not to use it, but of course I do slip up and use it often in intimate moments. I also do include it in my writing, but in my life when a friend swears the really ugly words I frown and crinke my nose (which I am told is very cute). I am a lady and have excellent manners...see me rambling!

The still child in me likes ICarly for some reason...well because of Jeanette Mccurdy and her character Sam...god I want a girl friend like that...the sensitive dominate bad girl! And I think Miranda Cosgrove is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen! I am not a fan of Hannah Montana...but Miley is cute and of course Emily is a doll. And of course Wizards Of Waverly place because of Selena (oh my heart is all a flutter...lol) Other than those and I am not much into young teen shows...ok..ok...I do love Disney movies and adore the classics like Snow White! Hey a weakness sorry! As far as my music tastes, they vary from classic metal - Motley Crue, Guns and Roses, Metllica to techno like Lords of Acid to early punk like The Ramones, the Clash, Blondie and I love No Doubt...more in love with Gwen Stefani! I LOVE YOU GWEN STEFANI! And I like Techno and Acid House Bands...don't know what they are...look them up!

And SUPPORT OUR TROOPS OVERSEAS!! You may hate the wars as I do but love and respect our men and women who serve!!

TY for reading my strories

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