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Author has written 14 stories for Naruto, Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Vesperia, Sailor Moon, Phantasy Star, Greek Mythology, Fire Emblem, DC Superheroes, and Young Justice.

Hello People my name is KrimsonRayne but if you think thats really my real name, then you need some help :P Nah I'm just messing with you! Anyways I've desided to finally fill this stupid thing out and now you can read everything about me! - isn't that great? Actually I'm just board with it being plain. Okay some info about me,

Age: 21

Hair: Strawberry Blond and yes its natural

Eyes: Green to brown

Height: Unfortunally I'm 5'1

Body Type: Slim, petite, no muscle mass, built okay for my height and weight.

Hobbies: I love to draw, I even have a deviantart account, and since I'm on here I like to write too; but not very well.: Fictionpress Account!

And I started a GROUP!!!:

And an image you'll all enjoy :snicker:

Some information about my stories, or at least the ones I'm sticking with for a while:

Tales of the World Radiant Mythology: Twins born to save the world. Can they figure out how when they learn the truth of how the world works and why they were born? Read to find out.

Kizuna SuruToki: A man visits Usagi in her dreams to tell her to find the ones chosen by Gaia, but who could they be; and why did the man seem so fimilar. What journey awaits the senshi this time around as the deadline for Crystal Tokyo is coming closer? And what do you mean Usagi can't transform anymore!?

Gilgulim's Tale: The tale of why all this happened through the eyes of someone never mentioned in the game. What if Widdershin wasn't the only descender born from Gilgulim? Did he even agree with what his 'brother' was doing? Read to find out. Ties with TOTWRM.

My Descenders:

Sana Licht

Age: Looks 15ish

Hair: Blond that has a green tint to it

Eyes: Blue

: Is Kyros's twin sister and the younger twin. Why she was born is kept a secret till the final battle when she reveals it herself. She's brave and is always up for finding new things out. A bit on the quiet side (because her story is tied with Briar's) and very kind hearted. Can see the inner wings of peoples powers.

Wings: Magenta with Green

Height: 5' 4

Kyros Licht

Age: Looks 15ish

Hair: Blond with orange tint

Eyes: Blue

:Is Sana's older twin brother and the protector of the tree. Is very protective of his sister and the people he cares about. Tends to he a bit naive and gets bored easily when people lecture him (Raine) but overall is very smart. Can feel the mana levels of the people around him and can project mana into items Likes Kanono

Wings: Blue and Green

Height: 5'7


Age: 19

Hair: Black

Eyes: Gold

: Is the younger brother of Widdershin and is slowly dying from lack of mana because his tree doesn't have enough mana to support two descenders at the same time. Like Sana but more of like a sister and is willing to do anything for Widdershin but can't move like he use to be able to anymore. Seems cold and distant in the beginning but later warms up to the twins after helping them out.

Wings: Gold and Silver (practically transparent)

Height 5'9

Athos Licht

Age: In the twins story 5 years old, in his story around 17-18

Hair: Black with Green streaks

Eyes: Blue Green

: The Descender for the Winter version I'm making up. His character hasn't been developed yet so just wait a bit.

Kamiya Licht

Age: Looks 18

Hair: Black with Gold streaks

Eyes: Purple

: For RM2 story and I have already decided that she falls for Goede (yeah yeah) because overall he seems to get the short end of the stick. Kamiya is a caring girl that loves to tease people when things are gloomy. Gets embarrassed easily because she's very well developed and has long legs. Fights with her fist and legs (a fighter) Her story is rated M for suggested themes. More on her coming soon.

There is one more descender that is the oldest of all four descender but his name is unknown (at this moment) and is almost never seen outside of the tree because of his bond with the Spirit. All is known is that his eyes are silver with blue fleck in them. He makes an appearance in Athos story.



Kamiya decides to go with Goede because she 'falls' for him as she puts it. She later is able to purify the darkness in him and he becomes "normal" and in my story he has the ability to turn that skeleton arm into a normal arm too.

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Help please?
What story is this please help if you can?
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Okay I'm looking for this Naruto inside to please help me. If you know anything just review plz.
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