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Hey guys, long time reader of Fan Fiction, new member. I'm not good at describing myself, but I'll give it a try. My favourite books in the world are the Twilight series! Stephenie Meyer is a genius :)

My favourite character from Twilight is the amazingly gorgeous, sensitive, shy, sparkly, blonde vampire, Jasper Hale (hence the username. My cat is also called Jasper. =). My favourite Twilight pairing is Jasper/Alice, but my favourite unofficial pairing is Jasper/Bella. I just think that these two go so well together! I think that Edward is totally wrong for Bella. I think you guys should know that I totally hate Edward Cullen. "What? But he's so hot!" Yes, but he's so perfect. NOBODY can be that perfect. Not even vampires. That's why I like Jasper, he has his insecurities and that makes him a lot more realistic and more appealing.

Jasper is very interesting. He was quite charismatic in his first life, able to influence those around him to see things his way. Now he is able to manipulate the emotions of those around him — calm down a room of angry people, for example, or excite a lethargic crowd, conversely. It's a very subtle gift.

"You held out your hand, and I took it without stopping to make sense of what I was doing. For the first time in almost a century, I felt hope.” - Jasper Hale. Yes I'm totally obsessed with Jasper. Can you tell? =D

I hated the Twilight movie!! Sure I expected it to be way worse than the book but it was still way below expectations. Jasper was so not hot! (I think Jackson Rathbone is pretty good looking, but they ruined his hair and he looks much better as a brunette, and plus he's not tall enough to play Jasper.) The acting was horrible and they didn't do the blood typing chapter which I had looked forward to. And Emmett didn't say "It's wrong, Edward, she's not one of us". D: Edward is such a stalker in the movie!! "I like to watch you sleep". Argh!!

This is how I imagine Jasper. I think his name is Trent Ford?

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