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Author has written 2 stories for Tsukihime, and Bleach.

Update (12/21/2011): So yeah, finally got off my ass and finished up the Bleach fanfic so it's all done now. I'll probably do the other two parts in the trilogy eventually but free time is rare these days. Other than that, the Tsukihime fic should HOPEFULLY be done on Christmas. Not like I've tried to finish it every Christmas since I wrote it or anything...

Update (7/2/08): Random update: For anybody who is reading my Bleach fanfic you can go to KyokoKitten's deviantart page to see pictures of the characters in this fic. At this time there are several Yuki pictures, one picture of Shinta and Yuki, and one picture of Aedric. KyokoKitten also told me that she eventually plans to draw the remaining 8 arrancar at some point. Her Bleach deviantart page is at:

Update (4/23/08): Returned once again. I'm currently writing my first Bleach fanfic. Kinda odd too, since it's one of the few stories I've written that aren't purely humor based. I hope it turns out well.

As for the Tsukihime story, I'll have that finished when I can get motivated to writing it again.

Update(12/15/06): Yo! I'm back again! I decided to finally release my first Type-Moon related story.

UPDATE (2/9/06): Heh, I forgot to change it from 2005 to 2006 from my last update. Anyways, webpage is now up. Now that I'm done with that I should be able to continue writing the Funimation Attacks sequel. Hopefully it'll be up soon. After all, I don't have much more to write and my writer block on it is completely gone. (If anything, I'm getting too much inspiration...)

Update (2/3/06): ...Yeah, I'm lazy. BUT this time I'm not lying. I am currently making that webpage as I write this, so my stories will be up soon. Expect the page to be up by...Tuesday or Wednesday.

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Glass Moon reviews
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