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Personal details: you only need to know I'm old. Like, well beyond 50. And male.

Ships: Harmony of course. The OTP of HP fandom.

However, I don't mind reading H/Tonks, H/Fleur, and sometimes H/Luna if done well. H/Ginny -- never. Same with Hr/Ron. Can't stomach the OBHWF pairings. There are some good H/Daphne fics out there but the pairing always seems forced to me, as does pretty much any other pairing. Doesn't mean I won't read them; I will if the plot sounds interesting.

Characters I like:

  • Harry and Hermione, obviously
  • Luna -- awesome character. Almost *every* ff author makes her out to be (a) funny or (b) weirdly clairvoyant, or (c) both. And many of them do such a fantastic job of writing her dialogs... For example, 9166793's portrayal of Luna's press interviews (for those who read it: Lord Knufflebunny!) is totally awesome!
  • Tonks.
  • Fleur. Sort of. Mostly.
  • Sirius, Remus, etc...
  • Characters I hate:

  • Dumbledore
  • Snape
  • Malfoy
  • Dumbledore
  • Ron
  • Ginny
  • did I mention Dumbledore?
  • Umbridge
  • the guy who got kicked out of the castle by Umbridge
  • Dung
  • Dung's boss in the Order of the Phoenix
  • Skeeter
  • that Chief Warlock guy
  • Goyle
  • that Supreme mugwump guy

  • Types of fics I like:

  • super!Harry, or super!Hermione
  • cunning Harry getting one over on Dumbles
  • clever plots, like ApAidan's stuff for shorts, and Robst for longer fics
  • Harry helps Hermione put one over on *her* nasty relatives who think she's useless

  • What I hate in fics:

  • spelling errors. Note to non-native English speakers: I don't mind your attempts to learn, and I know you'll make some mistakes, BUT USE A BL00DY SPELL-CHECKING Add-on to your word processor dammit!
  • immature, childish plots

  • Favourite authors

  • Robst -- awesome plots with interesting twists, always explores new territory -- nothing cliched or hackneyed about his plot details, always Harmony. A few typos here and there but he more than makes up for it otherwise.
  • ApAidan -- writes some of the most intelligent and cerebral fics. Always Harmony, hates Ron (yaay!), and Luna has good roles. Usually short fics, but well worth every electron they're transmitted to mus by :-)
  • Chem Prof -- same class as Robst; perhaps a bit more sedate in pace, a bit more naughty (but it's Harmonaughty (did I invent a new word?) so that's OK!)
  • (more to come...)
  • (incomplete profile; will fill when I get more time!)

    The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
    My "Harmonious" take on the classic James Thurber short story. Contains multiple pop culture references but also reflects my age (well past 50) I suppose.
    Harry Potter - Rated: K - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,218 - Follows: 1 - Published: 8/1/2015