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Hey, my name is kvsyaoran. My username is pronounced with the letter K then V, followed by Syaoran, like the character from Cardcaptor Sakura and Tsubasa Chronicle. I enjoy watching television, surfing on the Internet, reading fanfics, watching anime, reading manga, fanarts, art in general, theater, and I love reading and writing!

I hate bullies, a majority of filler arcs in anime, vegetables, inappropriate weather, hard-core fanfiction, and haters

I'm currently working on being a writer, only I don't have that much experience apart from writing essays and a few short stories. But then I came upon the magical existence of fanfiction, and after that it's been history. I started getting into beta-writing for a short while, but then I had a couple of personal issues and had to stop for awhile. After I finished reading some more fanfiction and got my petty problems sorted out, I started to write some of my own fanfiction, but I never really got around to posting them (they weren't that good compared to what I write now)

Now I'm writing my first Harry Potter/Naruto crossover series, called the Naruto Uzumaki series, a.k.a the Naruto Ignotus Uzumaki series, based on the fanfic Sealed Soul by kirallie that I adopted from Darkest Melody a long time ago. Many people have pointed out that I don't stray far from canon, but the truth of the matter is that I intentionally wrote the first three books to stick close to canon for a reason: For the last five years, Naruto Shippudden has become filled to the brim with plot inconsistencies through the excessive use of flashbacks filler arcs over the last five years. Some of the fillers feature events that contradict previous episodes of the series, but were later retconned in later episodes with events that make the anime a complete mess of a series. So sticking to canon in the fanfic series, I think, brings the lifelong fans of the original series and the manga back to a time before when the series was simpler and the anime didn't spew out a random filler arcs for no reason other than to make money.

Here is the link to my deviantart account where I occasionally post illustrations of the fanfic series:

And ere is the link to one of my favorite moments from Book 3 Chapter 25 of Naruto Uzumaki and the Chunin Exams (Re-Written):

There are a few other fanfics I'm interested in writing someday, which I will down down below this sentence you are probably still reading. Are you still reading now? Why don't you scroll down already? Quit wasting your time! SCROLL DOWN! XD


Can You Keep A Secret?: (Naruto/Code Lyoko Crossover)

Naruto Uzumaki may not be a genius when it comes to ninjutsu, but when he gets behind the screen of a computer, he's a flippin' brainiac! Naruto loves to invent his own video games, create his own miniature robots, and even design his own software. When Naruto accidentally stumbles upon an abandoned complex beneath his village, he discovers a giant supercomputer with a massive mainframe. But when he decides to start up the supercomputer, Naruto discovers that it contains an entire virtual world filled with monsters, towers, and danger. While at the same time, he unknowing awakens a powerful and unstoppable computer virus. A virus whose only goal is to destroy him along with the rest of the world. Now Naruto and his best friend and fellow computer geek, Hinata Hyuga, must do everything they can to stop the virus and protect their village from mysterious and unexplained attacks. Picking up a few fellow classmates and good friends to help with their efforts. The only thing left to ask is, can you keep a secret?

Jinchuuriki Brotherhood:(Non-crossover)

Instead of trying to kill Gaara on the rooftop, Yashamaru is given the mission to take Gaara all the way to the end of the Land of Rivers and leave him there to die. But Gaara manages to escape to the Land of Fire. Sometime after entering the village, he is found in the forest by the young Naruto Umino, the adopted son of Iruka Umino. Sarutobi fully repairs the demon-containment seal on Gaara and purposely erases all of the memories of his former family and of Sunagakure to give him a second chance at living a normal life as a Konohagakure citizen. After Gaara is renewed, the small Umino family decide to take him in as one of their own, giving Iruka a second son and Naruto a brother and mentor to help him understand the true potential within him and help him learn to control his growing jinchuuriki powers. But what dangers lurk now that Konoha has two Jinchuuriki hosts in their village? Especially given the fact that the Hyuga clan is now run by Hinata's peace-loving mother, or that the Uchiha clan survived Itachi's purge?

The Incredible Spider-Man: (Naruto/Spider-Man crossover)

In response to reading Naruto: The Amazing Spider-Man, I was tempted to make my own version of that story, setting a new fanfiction in the modern world where Naruto becoming his universe's version of Spider-Man: Naruto Uzumaki is a timid, nerdy, hipster-type science genius but has little to no confidence in himself. He's an orphan with no girlfriend, is frequently bullied and forced to do other students' homework. But one day, everything changes when Naruto his his classmates visit ROOT Industries where Naruto is bitten by a runaway spider from the labs. Slowly, Naruto develops extraordinary superhuman abilities that will change his life and city forever.


Kakashi Hatake: Kakashi is one of the coolest and most badass characters in the Naruto series to date. But as cool and awesome as he is, I do feel sorry for Kakashi's character. Not only because of his past mistakes as a rookie, but I've seen a lot of fanfiction that viciously bash him, and I can't help but feel that his more extreme bashing is unfounded. Kakashi is bashed because he trained Sasuke over Naruto during the Chunin Exams arc and had Ebisu train Naruto instead. I would be lying if I said I didn't think he is undeserving of bashing completely, because he really made a mistake when he wasn't honest about his reasons for training Sasuke and not telling Naruto that one of the Sannin was going to train him anyway. It was the way he handed Naruto off to Ebisu and made it look like he wasn't important to him. So Kakashi did earn a little bit of bashing but not to the point of being extreme. I guess I don't bash him in every fanfic I write because Kakashi admitted that he liked to train Naruto over Sasuke because Sasuke was a dull student to teach.

Jiraiya: Jiraiya is a character that I love and hate at the same time. He's funny, sexy, lovable, his pervertedness is hilarious and he has helped Naruto immensely with training him. And I love how proud he was of Naruto and helped shape him into the man he would become. But at the same time, he was an awful parent. He basically abandoned his duties as a godfather to Naruto shortly after his prized student died. Minato and Kushina trusted him to take care of Naruto if anything happened to them and he was never there for Naruto during his childhood. I know Jiraiya was investigating Akatsuki and Orochimaru at the time, but he became a billionaire and wrote novels at the same time while Naruto was being neglected. As much as I do love Jiraiya, I can't help but hate him too.

Iruka Umino: Iruka was the first Naruto character I ever liked and the reason I became interested in the series. He could be a bit harsh at times whenever he scolds his students, but he has to in order to keep them in line. Despite that, he has a huge soft spot in his heart for Naruto and his friendship with him was always a highlight to the series. He's very underrated in the main story even though he was the first true friend Naruto ever had, wether either one of them was aware of it or not. Iruka is an excellent father figure/older brother to Naruto, is never afraid to cry, and he looks a lot like Sokka from the Avatar series, minus the scar, clothes, and height differences. That's actually why I like him so much because both characters can be funny when they try to be serious and also have very caring personalities beneath their exteriors

Naruto Uzumaki: At one point in my life, I was exactly like Naruto Uzumaki, outspoken, mildly obnoxious, troublesome, and sometimes pretty dumb as I rushed myself into any situation without thinking. What I really admire about Naruto is the fact that he almost never gave up when things seemed darkest for him. Just as he's about to give in or about to succumb to whatever is tormenting him, he's able to rise up, stronger than ever before. Though, I do wish Naruto could have addressed certain personal issues in his life more prominently and allow himself to get a bit dark every now and again. I really wish he dropped his crush on Sakura earlier and realize how hostile she was. I wish he noticed Hinata earlier. I wish he had more common sense and were less oblivious to the issues around him earlier in the series, but he does eventually grow up and he's still one of my favorite characters of all time.

Hinata Hyuga: Hinata is one of my personal favorite female Naruto characters. Period. She's shy and timid but she tries to improve herself and become strong. She used to give up easily but decided to never give up trying and eventually became an extraordinary kunoichi. I personally see her as one of the most selfless female characters in the entire series and I'm so glad that her efforts were not wasted and she got together with the man she loved. She's so perfect for Naruto and I'm so glad they got together and started a family.

Syaoran Li: Syaoran from the first half of the Tsubasa series is one of my favorite characters, due to his determination to save the one he loves. Whenever I see his determination to find and return Princess Sakura's feathers it's both a little intimidating and endearing to watch. Sakura is the only person he has left in his life and he's willing to do almost anything to save her life, but not so much out of romantic love or responsibility, but because of his relationship with her, the friendship they had that helped define his very identity. I just love the friendship they had and how they have to build it back up through new experiences

Fai D. Flowright: The wizard from Tsubasa is another character I really like because of his chemistry with Kurogane that borderlines on yaoi territories. I know that those two characters aren't gay, but I honestly wouldn't have minded if they were. In fact, I would actually like it if they were in a committed relationship. I think it would have been pretty interesting as they were already acting like a married couple to begin with. But back to Fai, I always loved how silly and carefree he was and how he always irritated Kurogane but I also liked his intensity whenever the series made its darker turns after he lost his eye to the Syaoran clone. And after those events in Tokyo Revelations, I really enjoyed seeing how loyal and determined he was to protect his friends

Aang, Sokka, and Toph: All three of these characters are among my favorite characters from Avatar: the Last Airbender and they are the three characters from the original series that I DESPERATELY wished had been featured a lot more often in the Legend of Korra series. These were the characters that opened me up to the Avatar series which opened me up to anime in the first place.

Haku and Zabuza Momochi: I really liked Zabuza's menacing personality and nature along with his hidden care for poor Haku when he died. Haku is a true example of a proper shinobi character and I really think they shouldn't have been killed off so soon in the Naruto series. I would have liked it if they had stuck around for a while longer. But we still got a fantastic story arc in the manga that still holds up even after the series ended in 2014.


Sasuke Uchiha: Sasuke is one of the few anime characters I hate with a burning passion. I started to realize how much I despised him after he left Konoha and became a member of the Akatsuki. And when I look back now, he was never a true friend to Naruto as they seriously lacked any chemistry outside of their rivalry. Sasuke is also one of the most disloyal, indecisive, selfish, and childish anime characters ever written. His older brother sacrificed everything he had in order for Sasuke to live and have a future and so he shows his appreciation and love for Itachi's sacrifice by destroying the village he died to protect. Despite how much I wished he had died before the series ended, I'm personally glad that he's never around in Konoha or reinstated as a shinobi of the village. I think Kakashi was too soft on Sasuke and should have banished him purely out of spite, despite his efforts to end the war because it's nothing less than what he deserves.

Sakura Haruno: At the beginning of the series, Sakura was the most useless character and pretty much an embarrassment to kunoichi, not in the Naruto universe alone, but kunoichi in general. It wasn't until after the Chunin Exam Arc did she start to finally treat Naruto with decency but she was still useless, weak, and cried so frequently to the point where I wanted her to disappear from the story or finally change her ways. I understand that she's a much better character by the end of the series and has a good friendship with Naruto by that point, but I really wish she could have changed her ways much earlier on and were an actually strong female character, much like Korra from the Avatar series or Princess Leia from Star Wars, the kind of female characters that don't take shit from their male counterparts and kick some ass instead of being the useless girl that stares and reacts.

Danzō Shimura: This man embodies everything I hate about the wrong men in high seats of power. Danzo sits behind a chair and pretends to be important, arrogantly deciding on the best course of action while remaining completely ignorant to the fact that it's his ideals and direct intervention that ends up causing more problems than solving them. He has contributed nothing to the shinobi world other than causing more problems and spearheading events that would cause their world to come to war, all in his attempt to become the Hokage and take control of the shinobi world.

Karin: Despite the fact that she is an Uzumaki clan member, I find Karin to be a despicable Naruto character. She kinda reminds me of all the bad elements about typical Sasuke fangirls mixed with that main girl from Fifty Shades of Grey; a masochistic, psychopathic, fangirl slutbag. I hated her for her blind devotion to Sasuke, purely because of his good looks; despite the fact that he had tried to kill her in order to attempt to kill Danzo. I also find her to be completely idiotic; how does she not realize Sarada was not Sakura Haruno's daughter when she pushed the kid out of her cooch?!!






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