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Author has written 3 stories for True Blood, Walking Dead, and Wolf Among Us.

Hello and welcome!

You can call me Rose or Poca, whichever you want.

Age: 22

Birthday: July 5

Tumblr: rosapocapoca.tumblr.com Chapters will be here as well under the stories name with gifs. (Working on it now)

What Are You Tag

New World In My View Tag

Coming Soon:

  • Cherry Wine -Teen Wolf- Malena, older sister of Scott, is back in public after a horrific ordeal that left scars on her body, heart and mind. But after getting bit, everything goes from calm to hectic in just a day. What is happening? Why does Derek keep a close eye on her? The boys sure don't like the attention he's giving her. Malena is too focused on something else. Keeping everyone alive.(Derek x OC)
  • Wolf Maiden -Merlin- Mairi and Arthur had been friends for many years, spending every year together until they were ten. Years later, she returns to Camelot. Will their friendship stay, diminish or grow to something more? (Arthur x OC)

  • Stories already started:

  • Teen Wolf: Derek x OC (Cherry Wine)
  • Merlin: Arthur x OC

  • Stories I was thinking of writing/have ideas for:

  • Merlin: Arthur X OC
  • Teen Wolf: Derek x OC
  • Teen Wolf: Derek x OC
  • Teen Wolf: Stiles x OC
  • Last of Us: Joel x OC
  • The Internship: Stuart x OC
  • The Avengers/Captain America: Steve x OC

  • What Are You?(True Blood):

    Charlotte: (cover) (Looks)

    Fan-made: (grapejuice101)

    New World In My View (Walking Dead):

    Miranda: (1) (2)

    Alice (1) (2) (3)

    Chapter 12: (Magazine cover) (Bikini) (Miri and Austin)

    Chapter 13: (Miri narrowing her eyes at Shane during Otis' funeral) (Miri saying they tell Carol the truth if Sophia is dead) (Ali reading in Carl's room)

    Chapter 14: (Miri thanking Daryl for his shirt after they fall again)

    Chapter 15: (Ali showing Daryl her drawing)

    Chapter 17: (Miri giving Glenn a look after he says shes a girl) (Miri kissing Daryl in the horse stables)

    Chapter 19: (Miri in the RV with Carol)

    Chapter 21: (Miri crying by the big tree)

    Chapter 23: (Miri stealing a slice of peach while talking to Maggie)

    Chapter 24: (Miri glaring at Daryl when she hit the corner of the target)

    Chapter 25: (Miri crying after beating up Randall)

    Chapter 27: (Miri smiling at Daryl as she makes him blush)

    Chapter 29: (Miri finding out that Randall was a walker)

    Chapter 30: (Miri trying to gain her breath while crying) (Miri losing hope) (Miri looking around)

    Chapter 31: (Miri explaining to Rick) (Miri saying the Mermaid story) (Miri agreeing to go) (Miri commenting on Julia) (Miri looking out the window) (Miri looking around in the car)

    Chapter 32: (Austin speaking to Miri in front of Jerry) (Austin speaking to a guard) (Miri in room) (Miri throwing herself on the bed) (Miri agreeing with Alice, hoping) (Miri sitting up as there is a knock on the door) (Austin starting the meeting) (Austin laughing) (Austin giving a rule) (Austin angry) (Austin mimicking blowing brains out) (Austin killing a Z) (Austin playing ball)

    Chapter 33: (Austin pointing at David) (Miri waking up) (Miri turning over) (Austin greeting Miri) (Miri hearing David's plan) (Miri fighting(1) (2)) (Miri talking to Austin) (Miri in the aftermath) (Miri reassuring Daryl) (Miri telling Daryl something) (Miri surprised)

    Chapter 34: (Miri talking about the map) (Miri looking at Rick) (Miri talking to Rick) (Miri volunteering) (Miri with Daryl)

    Chapter 35: (Miri turning to Carol) (Miri talking to Daryl) (Alice looking to Daryl) (Miri nodding to Daryl) (Miri went she saw the helmet) (Miri talking to Lori) (Miri crying as Lori spoke) (Alice talking to Daryl) (Alice talking to Daryl 2) (Alice talking to Daryl 3) (Miri talking to Daryl)

    Chapter 36: (Miri's face when Daryl spoke) (Miri scanning the Hispanic male) (Miri questioning the prisoners) (Miri thinking) (Miri talking to Daryl) (Miri's reaction) (Miri watching Daryl walk away) (Miri's nervous habit) (Ali talking to Miri) (Miri worrying again) (Miri explaining to Alice) (Ali asking Lori) (Miri explaining) (Miri caught off guard) (Miri tickling Alice)

    Chapter 37: (Miri speaking up) (Miri looking at Rick) (Miri snapping at Rick) (Miri explaining to Lori) (Miri smiling at Carol) (Miri explaining how she feels) (Miri giving Carol her input) (Miri talking to Carol) (Miri commenting Carol)

    Chapter 38: (Miri looking down at Daryl) (Miri laughing at Glenn and Maggie getting caught) (Miri talking to Carol) (Miri apologizing to Carol) (Miri getting out of the car) (Miri smiling at Daryl) (Miri running toward Lori, Carl and Alice) (Miri when she steps out with the baby) (Miri stopping Rick) (Miri breaking down)

    Chapter 39: (Miri moving about the daycare) (Miri explaining) (Miri talking about clothes) (Miri frustrated) (Miri apologizing) (Miri explaining what happened) (Miri breaking down)

    Chapter 40: (Miri after Rick left) (Miri looking at Daryl) (Miri talking about the duck) (Miri pointing her gun)

    Chapter 41: (Miri looking at Merle) (Miri before Merle comes into the room)

    Chapter 42: (Miri being woken up) (Miri scared)

    Chapter 43: (Miri as Merle is talking) (Miri aiming at Merle) (Miri when the shots are going off)

    Chapter 45: (Miri talking to Rick in the car) (Miri answering Rick's question) (Miri when she sees the baby) (Miri watching Rick with the baby) (Miri finding out the news) (Miri speaking to Beth and Carol)

    Chapter 46: (Daryl thinking about Miri)

    Chapter 47: (Miri speaking to Andrea)

    Chapter 48: (Miri speaking after Daryl speaks up) (Miri answering Daryl) (Miri when Daryl steps closer) (Miri talking to Daryl) (Daryl looking in Miri's eyes) (Miri after Daryl moves away)

    Chapter 49: (Miri talking to Daryl) (Miri hearing Merle) (Miri looking at Daryl) (Miri talking to Andrea) (Miri looking up at Daryl)

    Chapter 50: (Miri thinking) (Miri looking at Daryl) (Miri sighing) (Miri giving Rick the look) (Hershel stopping Miri)

    Chapter 51: (Miri seeing Daryl) (Miri turning to Daryl) (Miri sniping) (Miri after the fight) (Miri at the gate) (Miri when they see the woman) (Miri answering Daryl) (Miri reassuring Daryl) (Miri when she see's Andrea)

    Chapter 52: (Miri looking at Daryl) (Daryl whispering to Miri) (Miri answering) (Miri watching Daryl) (Miri shot) (Miri calling to Daryl) (Miri after Daryl's comment) (Miri talking to Daryl) (Miri asking if Daryl was okay) (Miri remembering) (Little Miri in red overalls) (Picture of Miri that looks like Ali) (Miri asking about Beth) (Miri blaming herself) (Miri talking from the bed)

    Chapter 53: (Miri and Daryl laying in bed) (Miri looking at Daryl) (Miri when Daryl tenses up) (Miri smiling at Daryl) (Miri looking at the bottle) (Miri shrugging) (Miri explaining) (Miri playing with Daryl's hand) (Miri brushing teeth) (Ali talking to Daryl) (Ali cheering) (Miri laughing) (Miri smiling) (Miri at the council) (Miri talking to Hershel) (Miri looking to Carol) (Miri's opinion on the idea) (Miri answering) (Miri spotting the rats)

    Chapter 54: (Miri looking at Daryl) (Miri telling Daryl) (Miri not knowing what to say) (Miri asking Daryl) (Miri wondering) (Miri laughing while scolding) (Miri reassuring Daryl) (Miri thanking Daryl) (Miri pressing her lips together) (Miri answering) (Miri went she see's Ric's face) (Miri looking to Daryl) (Miri talking to Tyreese) (Miri on the ground) (Miri after she yelled) (Miri standing in front of Rick) (Miri hearing a cough) (Miri giving a smile)

    Chapter 56: (Miri seeing Daryl)

    Chapter 57: (Miri asking about the girls) (Miri screaming) (Miri readying herself) (Miri knocked down) (Miri kicking ass) (Miri calling for Tyreese)

    Chapter 58: (Miri talking to everyone) (Miri looking out) (Miri talking to Alice) (Miri licking lips) (Miri facing Tyreese)

    Chapter 60: (Miri writing) (Miri turning)

    Chapter 61: Miri talking to Tyreese (1) (2) (Miri smiling) (Miri looking around) (Miri seeing Daryl)

    Chapter 62: (Miri looking around) (Miri talking to Daryl) (

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