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Author has written 13 stories for One Tree Hill, Spring Awakening, and Glee.

I made this!!!! go to my polyvore profile to look at the rest!!! I also have fanfictions on there if you wanna read them! heres the link!

Hey everyone. My name is Brieann. I am 18 and I live in Illinois. I have another fanfiction account and my name is ZacsGurl86. This account/page is strictly for my One Tree Hill stories and now my glee and spring awakening stories as well.

also if you dont know this. I AM IN LOVE WITH DIANNA AGRON!!! i have a serious girl crush on her. like its sad how much i want to meet her. i think i would die if i met her. she is my idol!

Interesting things about me:

Favorite Artists:

The Academy Is..., The All-American Rejects, All Time Low, The Almost, Angels and Airwaves, Boys Like Girls,Cartel, Cobra Starship, Coldplay, Cute Is What We Aim For, A Day To Remember, The Downtown Fiction, Every Avenue, Fall Out Boy, Family Force 5, The Friday Night Boys, Forever The Sickest Kids, Forty Foot Echo, Hit The Lights, I see stars, Jack's Mannequin, Kate Voegele, Lady Gaga, The Maine, Maroon 5, Mayday Parade, My Chemical Romance, My Favorite Highway, Never Shout Never, Owl City, Plain White T's, Panic! At The Disco, Relient K, Secondhand Serenade, The Secret Handshake, Sephen Jerzak, Set It Off, Set Your Goals, Stereo Skyline, Simple Plan, Sugarcult, Switchfoot, Taylor Swift, VersaEmerge, We Should Whisper, We The Kings, 3OH!3

Favorte Books:Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Uglies, Pretties, Specals, Extras, Clique books, Pretty Little Liars, Romeo and Juliet

Favorite Shows: One Tree Hill, GLEE, The Tudors, Dexter, Weeds, True Blood

Favorite Movies:Donnie Darko, Pride and Prejuduce, Becoming Jane, The Phantom of the Opera, Rent

Favorite Musical/Play: Spring Awakening, RENT, Wicked, Legally Blonde

Favorite Celebrities:Zac Efron, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato( ok so i kno i said i didnt like her before but she kinda grew on me.) I love Tony Oller,Amanda Bynes, Chad Michael Murry, Sophia Bush, Bethany Joy Galeotti, James Lafferty, Hilarie Burton, Lee Norris, JACKSON BRUNDAGE, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Chace Crawford (him and Carrie were so cute together i am mad they are over), Jonas Brothers, Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Reese Witherspoon, , Shia LaBeouf, Rachel Mcadams.

Hottest Celebrities: JAMES LAFFERTY!!(hes my fav!) ZAC EFRON, Jonathan Groff (damn him why does he have to be gay!?), Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas,Jeremy Sumpter, Max Theriot, Tony Oller, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick

Celebrities I HATE:Vanessa Hudgens( She is a slut and cheater and fake and I hate her with a burning passion. She can go die in a ditch and i would throw a party. That was kinda mean but its true! Zac doesn't deserver her.) Miley Cyrus, ( she just bugs me) Lindsey Lohan, Mirah Carey (idk if i spelled her name right??) John Mayer ok that all of them.

Relationships I Ship:

One Tree Hill: Brucas, Naley, Rooper

Glee: Quam(sam and quinn, my all time favorite couple on glee ever!!! i will love them forever!), St. Berry (hello again Wendla and Melchior), Britana, Wemma, and even though Blaine has yet to be on Glee I want him and Kurt together!

The Tudors: Henry VIII/Anne Bolyne

Spring Awakening: Wendla/ Melchior, Moritz/Ilse, Ernst/Hanchen(sp)

Gossip Girl: Chuck/Blair, Juliet/Nate, Dan/Olivia

You Can't Control Love: This story is about what Brooke and Haley's life would be like if they lived in California instead of Tree Hill. Since Brooke never met Lucas she never changed and is still the wild, out there, party girl. Since Haley moved to California when she was 8 and became friends with Brooke she a little more out there in this story. Lucas and Nathen didn't become friends untill high school. They moved to California to go to USC to play Basketball. I know what you all are thinking and yes Lucas and Peyton dated. They dated for about two years in college and finally decied they were better off as friends. A year later Peyton met Jake and they hit it off. This is going to be a Brucas, Naley, Jeyton story. All the characters we met over the years on the show will somehow make their way in my story.

Once Upon A Time...: Austin and Sam are telling their two daughers Arianna and Rachel how they fell in love. Some of the story will be from Sam's POV and some will be from Ausin's POV. It is a future fic and will be set 12 years after graduation when they are both 30. This will also be a past fic and will tell you the story of their lives at Princeston and what they had to overcome to get where they are now.

Lucas Scott:Luke, havent you figured out by now that you and Brooke are destined to be together? She was you'r first love and you were hers! and dont go saying you loved Peyton first! you didn't even talk to her. Brooke was the one who was by your side when you got in the car accident. Brooke was the one who you gave your famous Lucas Scott speaches to. Brooke was the on who you fought for over and over again. Brooke was the one who you invisioned your life with in New York, even if you were drunk. Brooke is you Pretty Girl, you Cheery and the one you love. Peyton is just an safety net. (Oh and every time you look at that tattoo on your right arm, you should remeber that Brooke has the same one, that your two parts of a whole.)

Brooke Davis:Brooke, we get the fact that Luke cheated on you with your best friend. We get that you wore you heart on your sleve. We get that he hurt you. But dont you think the fact that he keeps coming back for you mean's anything. That he has always been the guy to protect and save you. He is who you are meant to be with. Not Chase, or Owen, or even Julian. It's Luke! And when you figure that out you can finally be happy. That empty feeling in you heart. It's not just because you want a kid, its because you want Luke! You diserve Luke, you belonge with Luke, you love Luke.

Peyton Sawyer:You dont want Lucas and we all know it, he know's it(or will), and deep down inside you know it. If you really were meant to be with him you wouldn't have said no the first time he proposed to you in Vegas. You weren't the one he fought for, the one he anounced to an entire beach he was the guy for, the one he was worried about when the shooting happened, and you werent the person he wanted next to him when all of his dreams came true, not the first person atleast. You belonge with Jake, Peyton. You know you want to be a mother to jenny, and the sooner you realize that the sooner you will be happy.

Jake Jagielski:You are supposed to be with Peyton. Just because she said she loved Lucas doesnt mean she loves you more. You have no idea what that dream was about. She could have meant 'I love you lucas your the best friend i could have'. You shouldnt have made assumptions, you and her belonge together. So come back this season and fight for her, tell her you love her. When you do you know she is going to come running back to her.

Naley(Nathan and Haley Scott): You two are perfect! Dont change at all. The only thing i would like to see is a few more kids.

Brucas: You can't control love... people that are meant to be together always find their way in the end.

Jeyton:If i could hold you in my arms forever, it still wouldn't be long enough.

Naley: Always and Forever!!

.:The Ultimate One Tree Hill Survey:.

1.Which is your favorite character? I'd have to say my absolute favorite character is Jamie. He's just a little ray of sunshine. But if were talking about the original cast i'd have to say Brooke, Haley and Jake.

2.Which charater to you dislike the most? Peyton!

3.Which character do you think you are most like? None of them. My life is nothing like any of theirs. Probably i little bit of all of the Girls

4.What do you have in common with them? Peytons-the appreciation for music and art. Brooke-personality. Haley-i always seem to fall for the guys on a different social stature than i am, but i do hope to have a Nathan, someday.

5.Who is the sexiest person in the OTH cast? James Lafferty and Bryan Greenburg

6.What is your favorite OTH season? 3 no comparison

7. What is your favorite OTH episode? Um all of season 3's episodes. If i have to narrow it down then it's The Wind That Blew My Heart Away, The Show Must Go On and How Resurection Really Feels.

8.When did you first start watching OTH? August of 2008. I watched all of the season online i like four months and then watched the show on a regular basis.

9. Do your friends watch OTH? 4 of my friends watched it before me. One of them actually convinced me to watch the pilot which started this crazy obsession. Now when ever i have friends sleepover we watch the shows on dvd. I've gotten 5 of my friends into the show and we are currently on season 2.

10.Naley, Leyton, Brucas, Brase? Brucas, Naley, Jeyton.

11.Do you own any of the OTH dvds? I own season 5 and I barrow the rest from one of my friends.

12.Would you break up with someone because they didn't watch OTH? Absolutly not. i would make them watch an episode with my and if they didnt like i wouldnt make them watch it anymore. i would just watch it on my own time.

13. Chad or James? James! hands down

14. Sophia or Hilarie? Sophia

15. Bethany or Danneel? Bethany

16.Whats your favorite Naley line? Always and Forever

17.Whats your favorite Brucas line? People who are meant to be together always find their way in the end. But that might not count so it's between "Im the Guy for you, i know we're just part time thats cool, you know do whatever, have your fun. But one of these night's your gonna realize it. Im the Guy for you Brooke Davis... you'll see.' and 'I love you too, Pretty girl'

18.Whats your favorite Jeyton line? If i could hold you in my arms forever, it still wouldnt be long enough.

19. Would you ever hang out with Mouth? Why wouldnt i hang out with Mouth

20. Will Skills and Bevin last? I wish they did

21. Who would you most likely be friends with on OTH? Brooke and Haley

22. Is your life anything like OTH? No thank goodness, i think i would flip shits if i had that much drama in my life.

23. What’s the one episode that made you cry? i dont think i've cried, i know i've teared up but i cant think of the episode

24. Is it good that Haley came back? YES!

25. Should Peyton and Lucas be together? NEVER EVER NEVER!

26. What do you think about Laguna Beach's Stephen being on the show? He was a waist of space, they just needed someone to fill lucas' spot when him and brooke broke up

27. Do you dance to Spice Girls? who doesnt dance to spice girls

Favorite Brucas quotes

"Your the one who wanted to be non-exclusive, I'm just doing what you wanted!"

"What I wanted? I wanted you to fight for me. I wanted you to say there is no one else that you could ever be with and that you would rather be alone than be without me. i wanted the lucas scott from the beach that night telling the world he's the one for me!"

"How was I supposed to know that?"

"You just are!"

"Im the guy for you. I know were just part time, that cool. You know do whatever, have your fun. But one of these night's you realize it. I'm the guy for you Brooke Davis. You'll see."

"There are 82 letters in here, and their all addressed to you. I wrote them all this summer. One a day but, i never sent them cuz i was afraid"


"I was afraid of getting my heart broken again, like before. Cuz you hurt me soo bad. And I was afraid to be vulnerable, and i was afraid of you and the way you make me feel. And i know that doesn't matter now after what i did. But i just thought that you should know, this is how i spent my summer Luke. Wanting you! I was just too scared to admit it."

"I'm sorry. What you did with Chris, it's okay."

"it's not. It can't be it's too much to forgive."

"Well that's too bad. Because I forgive you."

"You can't!"

"I just did. And you'r just gonna have to deal with it! I'm the guy for you Brooke Davis. And I know i hurt you the last time we were together..."

"I love You!"

"I love you too, Pretty girl.

"But WHAT is the difference?"

"The difference? The difference is that I love you Brooke! I want to be with you not Peyton!"

"But why? I need to know why!"

"Because you kink you eyebrow when your trying to be cute. Or that you quote Kaymoo even though I've never actually seen you read. And because, you miss your parents but you'll never ever admit that! And because I've given exactly twoof these embarrassing speeches in my intire life and they've both been with you. O mean that's gotta mean something right? And because were both gonna get pneumonia, but if you need to hear why i love you...I could go on all night."

"You did pretty good!"

Funny OTH Quotes

"Macaroni and Cheese is the food of the Gods."

"Yeah if the Gods were 5 year olds."

"Tric should establish a no mom's rule!" Brooke

"Um I'm a mom!" Haley

"Yeah well you dont count you got married and pregnant before you graduated high school. You'll be safely locked in a home before your thirty five!" Brooke

"Tell me I dont look like her when i dance!" Brooke

"Okay, if you tell me Lindsey is a Bitch!" Peyton

"my mom's a bitch, Lindsey's a bitch. Is there a woman here tonight that you haven't called a butch?' Brooke

'Well i can think of one..." Peyton

"Lindsey is just threatened by you." Brooke

"Why? I'm not even after Lucas." Peyton

"That's what you say..." Brooke

"What you dont believe me? Okay, fine, whatever. But for the record you look EXACTLY like her when you dance! BITCH!!" Peyton(walks off)

"I do not..." Brooke(mummbles)

"We have to look for new n-a-n-n-i-e-s today." Haley

"I hate it when you spell." Jamie

"Dont say hate." Haley

"Fine. It's d-u-m." Jamie

"Yeah well add a b to then end of that or you will be too. Jamie do you want to go to practice with me?" Nathan

"Yeah! can i momma?' Jamie

"Okay..." Haley

"Thanks momma. I l-o-v-e you!" Jamie

"Oh i l-o-v-e you too. Your so smart." Haley

"Man, he's got your brains Hales. I just now figured out you spelled nannies." Nathan

My Stories:

You Can't Control Love:

Brooke and Haley are best friends who met at the age of eight when Haley moved to California from Tree Hill, North Carolina. Haley and Brooke have a pretty wild life, partying, sex, and now falling for the two hottest basketball players in Cali. Haley has been in love with Nathan Scott ever since she saw him for the first time in Tree Hill. Since then she has kept tabs on him, watching his college basketball games, and now reading the tabloids. So when she and Brooke become the two new cheerleaders for the LA Lakers, she is shocked to find her old best friend from Tree Hill, Lucas Scott, and his brother, the love of her life, have been traded to the team. Brooke finds an attraction to Lucas but soon finds out secrets about him that could make her rethink ever feeling something for him. Watch as Brooke and Haley deal with heartache, backstabbing two faced bitches, dating the two most popular basketball players in the country, and maybe falling in love with them. Just like they always say, You Can't Control Love, people who are meant to be together always find their way in the end.

Ships include: Brucas, Naley, Jeyton, Rooper, Skevin

Braley, Laley, Brathan, Leyton friendships

Untold Truths:

Blair Haley Elizabeth Scott has always known her father and mother were supposed to be together. Just by how her mother changes when she talks about him. So when Blair suddenly finds out he is a bestselling author and reads his book that declares his love for her mother, she cant resist searching for him and devising a plan to get her parents back together, once in for all. With the help of her fathers book and her brother and best friend, she unravles secerts about her mother and fathers relationship even they didnt know. She finds out why her mother left him all along, and she begins to wonder if there is really hope for her parents after all. This is a story about family, a father daughter bond that is remarkable, friendship, and a love, that has never altered, that has never died out.

Ships include: Brucas, Naley, Jeyton, Rooper, Skevin, Blair/OC, Kat/Broody,

Braley, Laley, Brachel, Blair/Kat friendships

Stories to Come:

The Missing:

Brooke Davis has everything. The perfect husband, the perfect job, perfect family, until one day it is all taken from her. Lucas Scott is convinced his wife is dead, he's been without her for two years, untill she suddenly appears out of no where, with two men on her arm. Brooke cant seem to remember her marrage to Lucas or giving birth two their daughter, she remembers when she left Tree Hill and after that it's blank. One of them men, Dean Winchester, is claming to be Brooke's fiance, with Lucas' engadgment ring. No one can understand it, Brooke was married to Lucas but cant stand him, and now she is back in town to plan her dream wedding, that she already had, to a man who no one knows. Who are the Winchesters, and what happened to Brooke?

Ships include: Brucas, Naley, Jeyton, Rooper, Skevin, Brean, Sam/Blond Ruby

Home In The Clouds:

Summary: This was the second time during this flight he had come out of the cock pit. His once nicely ironed uniform was now wrinkled from the constant state of motion he was in while flying the plane. The royal blue uniform made his ocean blue eyes stand out more than normal. She saw him wink at her as he started to move toward her. She wondered if he was like this with all the stewardess' or just the new ones. “Thank you Captain Scott.” She said to the blue eyed brooder as he handed her the pillow.“It was no problem Ms. Davis. And please call me Lucas. We will be spending a lot of time together.”

Ships include: Brucas, Naley, Jeyton, Rooper, Skevin

Totally F*ked:

Summary: Rachel had finally made it, she was on Broadway, her dream come true. Her other dream? To be with Finn Hudson, looks like all of her dreams had come true, but that just means there going to be something there to ruin them. Or someone...maybe someone named Jesse St. James?

Ships Include: Finchel, St. Berry, Quick, Kurt/OC, Tina/Artie, other glee members as well.

To see Add/Cover for my new Glee fic click on the link:

Outfits here:

Life in a Glass House

Summary: Sam Evans had always been that guy; the player, the smooth talker who can make any girl drops her panties with one look. So when his father came to him and told him he either had to get married to some random girl or disowned the answer seemed clear.

Ships Include: Quam, St. Berry, Klaine, Brittana, Artie/Brittany, Santana/Puck



Summary:Why is Jesse the bad guy? Yes he made one wrong decision, but he had his future to think about... that made it okay right? They'd always still love each other in the end. He was a good guy. I'm going to prove it. I'm going to redeem him.

Ships Include: St. Berry, Quick, mention of Finchel

Outfits: Chapter 1(Hell-O)

Rachel's Date Outfit:

You Can't Control Love outfits: (Still under construction)

Stuff from Untold Truths

Picture of Blair:

Picture of Broody:

Picture of Kat:

Picture of James (Jamie):

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What Should Have Been by BrucasDelenaForever09 reviews
So this is a Brucas story. I love them and basically Lucas is engaged to Lindsey but he still has feelings for Brooke and hasn't told her. Brooke is talking to Julian but still has feelings for Lucas after getting back from New York but is scared to tell.
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The Only Thing I Don't Blame Him For by ReadtheLyric09 reviews
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It's real simple son, u just have to pick one. Just follow the Queen of Hearts.. Pick one, Pick one, Just pick one" were the words echoing thru his head. Come on son, 3 queens; 3 choices. Just follow ur Heart"-Will he finally listen? Brucas is the way 2 B
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I've recently been getting random drabble scenarios pop up in my head, and I thought this is a great way to get my muse working again. So this is where I'm going to upload all my fabrevans drabbles. '"How are you supposed to fix me if you're broken yourself?" As he sat there, his first love crying in his arms, he made a promise to fix himself.' Darker take on Stripper!Sam. Enjoy.
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Brooke lied to Lucas at the beginning of season 4, she was pregnant, but she made sure he never found out, by leaving TH. Now 17 years later her daughter is out to find her father, to know everything about him. With the help of his book she might find him
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