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~Twilight saga ~

Hey anyone who's listening,

Okay, this is getting done.

My Winter vacation from school will last until the first of the year. So, I've decided that I'm going to finish all of my fanfictions before 2011.

Doubt me if you must, but I'm doing it.

I love you all!!!!!!/AliceSwift

Writing Schedule:


Profile update


College Life


Consider Me Drafted



Ordinary Day


One Horse Town

Perfectly Arranged

Senior Summer


Second Chance



So, this should make writing alot easier! I hope that you all agree and stop by to read my chapters as I add them.


Thank you so much!

My Promise to FanFiction:

I, AliceSwift promise to follow my writing schedule. This means I will update College Life on Mondays, Consider Me Drafted on Tuesdays, Ordinary Day on Thursdays, One Horse Town and Perfectly Arranged on Fridays, Second Chance, Senior Summer, and Suddenly on Saturdays. I also promise to update my profile bio every Sunday. This means that every story will be updated for times per month, and more if possible. When I add more stories I will update those on Wednesday, since that day doesn't have any stories to update. I will have a one-shot of the month and post it on the last day of the month. Those will be posted under the One-Shot Of The Month title. I will also have a write-a-thon once a month if I think I need it. However, if it's not necessary I will have one because they're fun. A write-a-thon is exactly what it sounds like-I will write for as many hours as it takes to update all of my stories. NON-STOP WRITING PEOPLE!!!! This usually includes staying up all night, tweeting, and drinking coffee. I will never stop writing a story because of readers, or lack there of. The only reason I would have for stopping a story would be because it wasn't well enough planned out or because it was a terrible idea to begin with. Along with that, a story does not have to have reviews in order for me to write it. Before I post a chapter it must meet certain requirements. Theses include AT LEAST! 700 words. I also have to re-read and spell check each chapter be fore posting it to make sure it's in the best possible condition. I will NEVER! get a Beta. I think they're awesome, but just not for me. I would rather fix my own mistakes then push them on someone else and let them handle it. I will check my e-mails once a week, even though I'm really bad at checking my inbox. If I'm out of town I will announce it in each of my stories and on my profile. If I don't have computer access suddenly, then I will resume as normal as if I hadn't been gone, though I will apologize on my profile and in each story. No matter what, my dear FanFiction, I swear to you that my stories will be AMAZING!!!!

Ok LEt'S WraP IT Up,

ReAD 0r I'lL BIte YoU

NeW UpdaTES EveRYdAy

KeeP It ChilL

L0tS. oF. l0vE.



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