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The (real) name is Georgia, not telling you my last name, sorry if you felt like stalking me... though why would you? Dunno some people are weird like that... or really bored and just thought it would be something to pass the time... Moving on... I'm 14, I live in Perth, WA where it's hot all year round and there's shit all to do, but it is home, well home until I turn 18 anyway :D

I've got a thing for writing fic plot lines which have been done to death, I just like to have my own go at classics I guess :D So if you end up reading any of my fics chances are it'd be like reading something you've read before but different. But I don't steal complete plot lines, I've got more standards than that... I hope

Favourite TV Show Fic fandoms: Life, Psych, Torchwood, Doctor Who, NCIS, Supernatural

I use to write Harry Potter fan fics and had just started a Veronica Mars fic, on a seperate account, when I looked back and realised, I wasn't particually proud of what I'd written and wanted a fresh start. However, not wanting to delete my stories since it seemed some people had liked them (god knows why), I said farewell, changed the email adress and a made a new account. And no, I won't tell you the pen name I used to write under, you may stumble across one of my old stories and never know it was... that'd be really cool :D







Shawn/Lassiter (Shassie)



Ianto/Jack (Janto)


Ianto/Tenth Doctor

Ianto/John Hart

NEVER EVER EVER Gwen/Jack (Gwack) Seriously, Gwack, it sounds stupid, like a duck shitting. It'd never work with a silly name like that muttermutter stupid gwack muttermutter insert long an ridiculous rant on the stupidness of Gwack and how Janto is so much beter ... cough Sorry

Doctor Who

Tenth Doctor Clone/Rose

Tenth Doctor/Ianto





Sam/Dean (Wincest)

The Doctor Who Survey

Who is your favourite Doctor? David Tennant but I have a soft spot for Christopher Eccleston, since he was my first Doctor

What is your favourite episode? The Empty Child. Those Gas marks freaked me out but that episode was my first.

Who is your favourite companion? Donna Noble, after Rose and Martha I was fed up with peopel being in love with the Doctor and Donna just seemed to get it.

Who/what is your favourite villain/monster? The Ood, though, they were never villians by choice.

Who do you ship? Jack/Ianto I don't care if it's not a DW pairing! They've both been on it and that's good enough for me

Chris or David? David.

Rose or Martha? Hmmm as a companion, Rose, but after Martha leaves the TARDIS, I liked her better.

Rose or Donna? Donna

Donna or Martha? Donna

Daleks or Cybermen? Daleks, but I'm quite bored of them now, I mean how many times can they come back and the Doctor is still surprised??

River or Reinette? River but I still don't like her very much

What's your fave piece of Who merchandise? TARDIS USB adapter swoon

Who's your favourite member of Torchwood? Ianto Jones.

What's your favourite episode? Fragments, lots of line for Ianto

Jack/Ianto or Jack/Gwen? Jack/Ianto. Gwen/Jack is sickening

Who is your favourite Doctor from the Classic series? I never saw any of the new ones. Some whovian I am

Who is your favourite companion from the Classic series? see above answer

Which Classic series character would you love to guest-star in the current series? points up

Who would you like to be the next Doctor? Just as a laugh I'd love to see Tim Ferguson as the next Doctor, but it'd never happen. Still the picture of him sticking his head out the TARDIS is good enough for me

Who do you want to be the next companion? Ianto Jones


Ianto Jones


Taken from us too soon by incrediably annoying script writings

May you be brought back to life in a bizaar plot twist

We love you Ianto (especially Jack)

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