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Hello to the fanfiction and public cyber community! My name is Mara and that's all you need to know, other than that I love to read and write! I first found through friends when I was looking for some good Twilight fanfiction. I am a huge fan of twilight as of 1/01/2008. If you have any other questions feel free to message me.

Quick Twilight Stats:

favorite book in series: Twilight


character likes: Edward (of course), Emmett, Jacob, Alice, and Charlie

character dislikes: Bella, Rosalie, Emily, and Billy

character most like me: Alice :)

favorite quotes: "So the lion fell in love with the lamb?" "What a stupid lamb." "What a sick, masochistic lion." Edward & Bella
"Your my brand of heroine."(Edward)
"You are my life now." (Edward)
"Penguins, lovely." (Bella)


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Operation Cold Ones

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One Love, Two Worlds, Three Words

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Crap...its been a while hasn't it? :/ my bad lol...well new chapters for both stories! the one for operation cold ones however is still being reviewed by my beta. well a lot has happened in the past couple months and in a few days ill be going to washington dc :


I just finished the next chapter for Operation Cold Ones _! I just sent to my beta for that story, so I'm flipping excited! and now I'm currently writing the next chapter of One Love, Two Worlds, Three Words! but oh dear...its like 11 I SHOULD be going to sleep cause I have school tomorow, but I love you guys so much that I'm going to work over time ;)!


Oh geeze, been a while again...sorry. Well, anyways I'm officially 16 now but still have no license or permit! bahah lovely...but otherwise theres not much new with me and I'm incredibly sorry that I've been terribly busy, as I usually am and I'm really starting to realize how hard it is to keep up here on the net and in real life. I just finished writing chapter 7 of one love, two worlds, three words and just sent it to my beta so be expecting that chapter shortly and I'm currently working on the next chapter for operation cold ones!


BTW new poll! go answer!


Oh my, I realize it's been almost a month since my last update. Here I go with the explanations again. Here's what's been going on for the past month.

1. SAAF (southern arizona acting festival) myself and along with my drama buddy won superior award for our musical number 'for good' from wicked and I also performed a monologue.
2. Soccer state playoffs, didn't win, should of tied first game, reffing sucked, it was still fun. I'm extremely happy that soccer is over because...
3. Auditions for "Little Shop of Horrors" was the following week, I got 'chorus' so I basically am a singer YAY! lol and auditions for "An Act of Murder" for in class advance drama. I got a part I am not allowed to disclose...

Other than that, cleaning, piano, guitar...ooohhh wait I forgot one. Vail pride day was saturday and I was in academic jeopardy, band performance (guitar and vocals), and drama monologue performance. Ahhh I just remembered some other stuff, thanks to my history teacher who nominated me, I might be going to NYLC Summer 2009 (National Young Leaders Conference) in D.C.! lol problem is money, since I'm already going on the New York trip with my school's music ensemble.

As you can see, LOTS going on and I shall blame my late postings on all this nonsense going on. It's really time consuming as so is writing. Speaking of writing, today was writing AIMS I hope I exceeded, cause then I get a partial scholarship... :).

The next chapter of Operation Cold Ones is up. I am sorry for the long delay, I should mention though that you could of had it 3 days earlier if the fanfiction site was working properly because it wasn't letting me log in for a while. OH well! TILL NEXT TIME :


Hello, long time no blog! It is soon to be midnight and I just thought I'd give a brief update in case you haven't read my A/N in my two stories. I've been so busy so I've been away from the fanfic world for a couple of weeks, but I'm back and hopefully I'll be able to update a little sooner than the usual. Things are kind of unpredictable right now because I've been getting random writer's blocks and I will soon be getting busy because of 3 research papers I'm currently working on, drama performance, and soccer, playoffs coming up soon! Not mentions AIMS testing! I'd totally like to comment on the New Moon Movie update about Leah not being in the script. TOTALLY NOT COOL! Want to know why? I will post it up soon along with my next chapter for One Love, Two Worlds, Three Words.


Quickly cause I have to go! Tomorow I get back to school, Fanfic world has been great! ummm i'm in need of a beta, check out the details on the WANTED chapter in either of my stories!


Come on guys review review review! I'm really anxious to write more but I need some love for that push so the story is extra special!



And after the LONGEST wait of my life! I have finally posted the first chapter to my story! SWEET! Soooo what should happen now?? I think that anyone who happens upon my profile or story should read it and tell me what they think! I'm really happy and surprised at the results I've been getting. I've put up my first two stories ever and I've already gotten 101 hits total and several requests for author and story alerts! Thanks guys! It means a lot! I'd really appreciate more reviews though, that way I could move the stories a little faster and post sooner HINT lol


I'm a crazy person I swear lol. Well was really planning on it...but I have put up a second fanfic...huh. Check it out! :)



I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday celebration! I went to San Diego last week to see my family :) and on christmas day was spent with my family and my boyfriend chandler for lunch. I'm currently on winter break so I will have PLENTY of time to write. I'm not so sure on what I plan on writing yet although I know I will probably be starting with some type of Twilight fanfic. In progress write now, is a book I started writing over the summer. I'd love to put it on here and get some feedback but I'm planning on publishing it eventually, so to avoid any plagiarism issues I won't be posting it on here. I've never written fanfiction before though I have written short stories in the past, I'll see how well I can do! I'd greatly appreciate your support with being new to the community of very talented writers from what I've seen so far and I hope that you enjoy my pieces!


Oh man I know, it's only been a few minutes...okay I've made a quick decision on what I'm going to do. I will be posting my story but modifying it so that the characters and plot will be that of "twilight"! Genius right?! haha well I hope you guys enjoy it and lucky you guys, I've already written 8 chapters in the story lol. Though it will take some time to post it since I have to change some things and apparently I have to wait a while before I can even post anything since I just got my account!! AHH! It's okay I understand the spam thing. It's cool ;)!

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