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Author has written 4 stories for Charlie's Angels: The Movie, Battlefield, Batman Beyond, and Hellsing.

Hello, I am Insane Rubber Bullet! Pleased to know you! Care to know me?

(Me:"If you happen to find the pen-name "Insane Rubber Bullet" strange, I'll let you know I was thinking of trying Insane Cancer-not disease, zodiac Cancer, Pink Princess of Persia and even Evil Kitten of Death, but I changed my mind in the last second." Best Friend o' Mine:"Why? Because they're taken, too guffy or too long?" Me:"NO, because I can't spell them properly! I have no idea where "c" and "s" goes, how many "s" or "c" are in "princess" and and when it comes to the "th" sound, I'm no better! Believe it or not, I spelled "death" "debt" once!Why do U think I asked U to spell them for me, hugh?" Best Friend o' Mine:"...@_@" )

Favourite books: Harry Potter (dhuh, who doesn't like Harry Potter??), The Spook, Momo, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Vampire Chronicles, The Magician, Alice in Wonder Land,etc.

Favourite Movies: movies made after the up-mentioned books, The Grundge , The Ring , Powder, Charlies' Angels 1&2 (if no.3 happened to be released, please LET ME KNOW!!), anything in which Charlie Chaplin stars, Star Wars, Shrek (all three o' them), Ice Age

Favourite animal: 1st place: Unicorns, 2nd:Chinese dragons, 3rd place:Phoenix

Favouriet fruit: bassecly anything except kiwi, yellow mellon (the smell alone makes me sick!)and cucumbers! (wait, those aren't friut, they're vegetables. But I stil hate them!)

Favourite flowers: all!

Likes: the colour blue (and all known shades), listening to music, reading books (and good fanfics ;P), watching movies, playing computer strategy and video games, writting (interestinglly, up to now, I haven't mentioned anything about social and outdoor activities; this most be one of the reasons of my oddity 8-), admireing nature's beauty, chicken, milk, chocolate, pretious stones (of any kind), lastlly but in no casse leastlly talking and walking with my friend...

Dislikes: Dishonest, two-faced people, intolerant or ignorant people, little brothers/little sisters, anchovy pizza, George W. Bush, manele and , loud trafic noise, faulty printers and malfunctioning technology in general, Paris Hilton, rude shopkeepers (rude people in general), Vladimir Putin, Medvedev, being disturbed while sleeping, writing, reading, eating (actully, I should have said: being dusturbed at all), the smell and sight of nail pollish, dirt and disorder...

O.K. let's try again with the favourite animal thing, 'cause I've only recently learnt unicorns, phoenixs and dragons don't really exist :-((. Favourite animal: 1st place: Cats and Dogs (I love them equally!), 2nd:Horses, 3rd place:Dolphins, Elephants and other inteligent creature.

Down there are some statements I have collected from other profiles and pasted them to mine. Read if you wish and paste these to your profile too if you fit in onle of those categories.

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