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I suppose I should put a few facts and crap about me here hm? Alright here's the short version.

I've been watching animes since before I could remember. (i.e nursery anime shows)

I'm a female gamer and I don't give a crap what anybody has to say about it.

I've also have been playing video-games since I, and no it has not made me a terribly violent person.

I'm enrolled in college and in the military for two years and counting.

Gundam Wing is my favorite anime and I've been in the fandom since 2003. I own the dvd boxset and Duo Maxwell does have an indigo tint to his eyes in various episodes.

Favorite pairing is 1x2x1.

I'm on FFN for reading fanfics only because I'm not currently able to write a story let alone one that someone would want to read.

This is me in a nutshell thanks for reading if you read this drabble.