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Wow, I have NOT updated this in a while. Where to start?...

Well, I'm now a junior in college - WOW, last I checked I was freshman - and I'm now going for a English Education degree, though I plan to become a world-renowned author, shooting high now. What else, what elllllse? Ah, I'm 21! Hard to believe I was in HIGH SCHOOL when I started this account!

Oh yeah, by the way, I'll be changing my pen name. 'JohnnyJinx13' is my favorite name to use, but I need to update, to feel like I'm back for GOOD. I know you guys missed me! So, just wait, I got an awesome pen name in store for ya: Grand Titanium Capricorn... Ehhhhh, I'll think about it. Anyway, I will try to write more and update consistently, if nothing more than to alert you all to what's happening.

I have some things to say to all my readers: I will be cleaning out, updating or redoing my stories.

Stories to be Updated/Continued:

BRUTAL OVERDRIVE - Verse 4 is currently 75% done, will work on it when I got time, it's priority for the moment.

Persona 3: Soul Spiral - Haven't started the next chapter, kind of... Lost interest in playing the game, since the battle system is different from P3P - can't give Direct Commands. However, after giving more thought, I found that I had a lot of stuff to add to it, so there will be more and I will try and get it going as quick as I can.

Stories to be Redone:

A Tale of Two Nobodies - You know, I kinda lost track of this story and I honestly had some good ideas but just... I won't lie, at the time of the last chapter, I was hyped from Gurren Lagann and Kamen Rider, so the belt and Drill form was... I apologize, that was the hype in me writing. I'm gonna try and keep it close to how I originally wanted it, but it shall be fixed up.

(UNLISTED) The Phoenix and the Moon - You might remember this from a LONG time ago, this was the first fan fic I posted up on here and it was originally a romance WoW fic... However, it turned slightly Shonen Jump with secret powers and super powered enemies.. Yeah, I got hyped again. If I can, I will also redo this one, since I REALLY liked the premise.

Stories that have been Canned:

Mass Defect - Yeah, I like the whole randomness of this story as well, but... I don't know if I can keep pulling out stupid funny stuff like that for however many chapters. Also, I don't have Mass Effect anymore so I can't remember any of it.

Special Characters 1 - I'm actually sad to see this one go... You know what, fuck it, this thing is being re-labeled to Possible Rehash. [EDIT: Nope, can't find the love for it that I once had.]

The Book of Ahura - Once again, I liked the premise, but after looking at it more... It would STILL be too much like a narration of a game, which isn't great cause you can't add flavor to it.

The Crimson Lobo - Eh, it was cool initially, but now... Naw, I'll toss that.

Stories to Be Started:

That's right, I actually have OTHER stories I really wanna start, including...

ONE PIECE UNTITLED STORY - Yeah, I don't have a title, but during my down time, my friend - who at the moment shall be called Panda - got me back into One Piece... I currently have a statue of Luffy, Collections 1 - 8 and am planning to cosplay as New World Luffy at a convention soon. This will not be a retelling of the story, nor will it involve any current main story characters from One Piece. It'll be set during the Time Skip with whole OCs and awesome plans. I plan for this to be HUGE, longer than BRUTAL OVERDRIVE, but because BO is my firstborn, I will prioritize accordingly.

Okay, so after some thought, I decided on the chapter rotation so that way you lovely fans will know what's up: BRUTAL OVERDRIVE -> One Piece Untitled Project -> Skyrim Untitled Project (Tentative) -> Persona 3 Soul Spiral -> A Tale of Two Nobodies -> The Phoenix and the Moon -> [BACK TO TOP]

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