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Author has written 11 stories for Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings.

I had to write a new biography because I saw this one and... well... to quote Shoebox!Remus, I threw up inside and am about to throw up outside.

So... well... I guess here it is.

You know my name. It's right there at the top of the page (pen name... yes... see? Good.). Should you require some sort of nickname to know me by you can always use GG.

My age changes annually. If you didn't know that then... well... I really have nothing witty to say to that. If you must know, my birthday is in March... the 27th. Sometimes it's Easter which really really sucks.

Everything else about me as a person isn't really all that important to stick here, I suppose. If you're wondering what sort of person I'm like... well... I think the best comparison would probably be Remus Lupin (think Harry Potter and think CANON Harry Potter) but whatever. Should you, for some reason or another because I know people have in the past, want to speak with me or to me or ANYTHING, you can email me. It's checked several times a day.

Moving on... my writing. I'm sorry to say I don't update often. In fact the only thing I update regularly is my livejournal (but my life is full of things to rant and bitch about... oh, and post stupid quizzes and surveys). But I DO finish things... er... eventually. But they get done! Patience is all I ask for as 1) my mind likes to take me to several different places and ideas at once and 2) I don't always have endless amounts of time to write (hell, I don't even have enough time to SLEEP properly).

Fandoms I write for... well, it should be obvious from the list of stories below: Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings. Should I have to pick a favourite, I would say The Lord of the Rings... however Harry Potter has more gaps in plot and detail than Tolkien's work which allows for better fan fiction exploration.

You'll notice none of my stories really involve Harry or Frodo (the Monty Python parody is an obvious exception that I really should update). To be honest, I don't really care much either way for those characters. I like Sam and Aragorn more than Frodo (frankly, in my opinion, the journey of the ringbearer was a low point of the story) and Ron is so much less of a pissy teenage girl than Harry (sorry... in OotP Harry was obviously experiencing PMS. Teenage boys do NOT behave like that when they undergo hormonal changes).

Other than that I really don't have much to say... I'm told I'm a canon purist... I think to the greater extent that it's true. So you won't find any slash in any of my stories and any affection seen is purely platonic. Why? Well, as a writer who tries to make what she writes fit with canon (and don't tell me such and such love is canon. If it's not blatently stated in the books such as... Aragorn/Arwen or Faramir/Eowyn then it ISN'T canon... it's fan interpretation)as much as possible (or explain why she's changed things in her notes), I don't do romance of any sort (mostly because I just don't think I have the capabilities to write that sort of thing) and... well, yeah, I guess. I had a valid conclusion but I think I just lost it.

So go on. Read. And if you do leave a review, I have one small request. I don't appreciate blatent flames (not that I've ever received one) but at the same time an empty review of just appraisel isn't all that much better. I want to improve my writing because it's never perfect. So if you review, tell me what you liked about what you read and why and also, if there's anything, what you didn't like and why. Constructive critisim is what I'm asking for so that I can better myself.

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A Birthday Present by Aurora West reviews
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