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A reflection can't exist without the real one
and the real one couldn't live without its reflection

Echo can't born without voice
and voice can't be heard without echo

Take good care of the people you love
For they won't be always be by your side

Hello and welcome to my profile!

As an author in, you might know me as Ness Caelum, but it's up to you if you want to call me by other names as long as it's not something rude. In my daily life itself, each person I knew calls me by different names they gave me.

As you can see, I'm active in Vocaloid, especially Kagamine Rin & Len but that doesn't mean I hate Miku. Instead, I avoid stories where Miku and one of the Kagamines are enemy or something like that and that's why in the stories I wrote Miku is always their best friend or their beloved sister. And by the way, I always paired Rin with Len and or vice versa whether they are being siblings or not.

For my writing style, you should know this... I love to left some part of the story-even the important ones-left empty for you to fill it with your own imagination. I first did this to help my friends growing their imagination but eventually I enjoyed it very much and it has become my writing style up until now. And because of this reason, it's useless to hope for sequel for my stories. But I'd love to know what kind of imagination my reader had to fill the blanks, but none of them would I reconsider as canon.

As for updates, I only upload stories that I had complete so there's no need to worry I'd neglect the story but for how long the update will take is heavily depends on the readers themselves. I may update right after or even months after, it depends on how far the reader can get me to update. My update is not solely depends on how many reviews I got, if there is only 1 but if it's interesting, I'll update in the blink of an eye. The next chapters are all here and I only need to click that update button, so think what you can do to make me update.

Most of my stories are all dedicated to my beautiful best friend, the full moon in my deepest night.

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Long-long time ago, people said that a pair of twins, when born with different sex, were the reincarnation of a passionate couple deeply, madly in love, and not to be separated, until the end of their lives. Len/Rin. twincest.
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Disability reviews
Rin always got bullied by Len until she got into traffic accident while running away from him which made her blind and deaf permanently.
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