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my name is jess.

i am generally happy, depending on what's going on around me.

family and friends make life interesting.

i believe that everyone is special in their own little way.

i am currently doing maths homework. :( and it is 11.14 pm. i'm such a rebel.

i am deprived of my sleep!

james franco is a VERY good actor. well, to me anyways.

i enjoy watching movies where characters have supernatural superhero magical powers.

eg. spiderman, fantastic four, the hulk, etc.

i like marvel movies.

twilight is a good book, compared to the movie.

but i still like it :D

i want to visit switzerland and korea when i'm older.

i love books by sarah dessen, louise rennison and meg cabot.

i love anything with heaps of colours, esp. rainbows.

winter over summer any day.

i enjoy rain. but only when i'm in it.

my favourite character from twilight other than edward, bella or jacob would have to be...


probably because he's ridiculously funny. and not too smart.

"learn from your mistakes. never look back on the past. if you do, you may never come back to reality."

random quote. but i like it.

favourite colour? grey. then purple. then baby blue.

favourite number? 8

i swear only when i'm REALLY pissed off. and that's hardly ever.

my brother can seriously annoy the living hell out of me.

i've been told i'm very nice and intelligent.

you can decide for yourself.

i don't do the naming all my best friends shizzmit because i find it a bit ridiculous.

obviously, some people don't know what exclusion is.

i don't judge people from their differences. people who do are pretty dumb.

"don't judge a book by its cover."

one of the smartest statements ever said.

"look forward to every day, because a new opportunity will always be waiting."

sorry, i like smart quotes. :)

i like the movie angus, thongs and perfect snogging.

i really, really dislike the movie wild child. no offence intended to emma roberts fans.

i believe in love. but not really love at first sight.

most abbreviations annoy me. eg, soz, plz, etc.

when people tack the letter z onto the end of words, that annoys the hell out of me too.

eg, hellozzzz, heyzzz, yeahzz, etc.

i don't like people who have the following characteristics: racist, snobby, skanky, boastful.

people should think for themselves and no one else.

i think that kids are growing up too quickly these days.

you hear about 12 year olds in your school saying 'i love you babe' to one another.

you hear 9 year olds swearing.

and you hear about 13 and 14 year olds who have lost their virginity purposely.

you hear about 10 year old boys asking girls their age to 'go out with them.'

a lot of the time, i wish that things were back to the way they used to be in the 90s.

or even before that.

when kids didn't care about love until they grew up and were in there 20s.

when kids didn't even know what swear words were until they were 17.

when you didn't have to worry about global warming and the economic crisis.

when boys and girls still believed in cooties.

i think that society has really changed.

and that's all i have to say. that was very long.

oh well :)

hope you got to know more about me and see from my perspective.

see you 'round. :D

McJess xox

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