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-Updated - 7.27.04 – - Deleted Kerrigan's Supper saga stories. Two reasons. One, the main, they were very, very old, and very bad. I can no longer write like that anyway, so... there wasn't much point. Nobody was reading it anyway. Second, there are rules against 'script' type writing, and that was the way it was written. If anyone out there really really wants to read it, I may stick it up on my site when I finally get one. Two whole years ago, I've changed a lot in style and in mind. - Tweaked my bio. Whee. - Our Story is goiing to have another chapter go up next week. It will be on time. This week, it just isn't possible. ~-- And that's it for 'updates' as it is... now onto my bio. --~ Name - Vikki (Or, Blade Seti. Used to be Seti Queen of Blades, after a heavy Starcraft craze, two years ago. I have since moved on from that name, but not the craze.) Age - 18 Place I Call Home - BC Canada Interests - Writing (who'da thought?), video games, movies, biking, archery E-Mail – (Puh-leaze, don’t e-mail me chain letters, spam, pictures, attachments, nonsense, or anything not to do with writing in general. I’m always up for a chat about writing or fics, but not other stuff. So please, don’t spam.) Thank you for taking the time to read my fics. I love writing, it's my passion and driving force in life. I am constantly trying to improve, so any input you can give me with my stories would be greatly appreciated. A lot of my old work is pretty bad, so it either got deleted, or is still up and waiting for a re-write. If you don't like one of my fics, please don't flame me. Either tell me in a constructive way, or just don't say anything. Flaming doesn't help me. Nope. It doesn't. Most of my projects I try to work hard on... best I can, when I'm balancing real life. Currently I'm trying to polish up my latest labor of love, my fantasy 'book', in hopes that one day, it may actually, get published. Haha. Hah... ha... Well. A girl can dream, can't she? Anyways, enough about that, onto info about my fics. -- Current Project -- ~Our Story~ A story of FFX-2, set before and after the game. Based on the perfect ending. Basically continues the adventures of YRP into another mission, and has fluff-a-plenty. Big big big spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen the Good Ending of FFX-2, so just a warning. -- At the present time, I can't juggle more then two projects at a time. Project one, being, the rewrite/editing of my book, and second, my fanfic. So don't expect me to go cranking out three fics at one time. I'd love to, really, but it's just not humanly possible for me. -- Fics I'm Planning to Write (aka, one day over the rainbow...) -- One or two (or three or-) more FFX fics. Either FFX, or FFX-2, or both. I'm crazy about those game. FFX was the first game to make me cry at the ending. FFX-2's ending had the same response, those I was so freaking giddy it's not funny. Might do a FF7 fic, in light of the new FF7 Advent Children movie coming up. Not sure though, but I've always wanted to. We'll see. Might do a FF6 fic, eventually. Have a few one shot ideas in mind. Legend of Dragoon fic, quite possible. Starcraft fic, in the planning stages. Probably a sequel to Trapped Mind, that silly songfic I wrote so long ago. Though this time the story will be longer, won't have singing, and won't be very... PG-ish. Albion. Yes, I know. Nobody's ever heard of it. I wrote a fic for it, but that died, so I'm re-writing it. One day. Diablo 2 fic. Maybe, maybe not. The idea is there. Devil May Cry fic. Wrote a few pages. Love the game, wanted to try a one shot idea. Pitch Black fic. Loved the original movie. Disliked Chronicles because of the fact it was supposed to be a sequel to Pitch Black, which in my humble opinion, it wasn't. So I want to try a sequel myself to Pitch Black. Might be what I write next. And, um... that's all I have in my head at the moment. More will come in time, I'm sure. Will I ever get them WRITTEN? Well... that remains to be seen. And now for the less happy list... Fics I shall never, ever, EVER, write. So don't ask. Don't even think I might. Mary Sues. No offense to ye writers who write them, but... eh... I won't start that arguement. I just don't like them. I won't write them. Ever. I used to. I admit it. Didnt' everyone? But not anymore. Lord of the Rings. I have this complex you see. I can't imagine anyone else writing the story other then Tolkien himself. So whenever I hear about a LotR fic, I go into shock. Don't mind me, I'm sure there are plenty of wonderful LotR fics out there. I'm just... odd. Yaoi/Slash/Lemons/Etc/Etc/Etc. ... I'm not even going to get started. To me, lemons aren't stories. Stories with lemon-ish contents are... well, very rarely done right. Usually they end up being degrading to the story. That's how I see it, anyhow. I have nothing against homosexuals, but I won't write a story about them. Not my style. I realize, I am not one who comments a lot on other people's stories. Number one excuse, I've been busy lately. But I promised to quit being lazy, and I am going to read people's lovely fics more now, and comment. Just like me, others are trying to improve. I want to help them the best I can, because some of them took the time to help me. In concern to comments, thank you a thousand times over to all of you who've commented on my work. It means a lot to me, and it helps improve my writing. There's always room to improve, I think. Anyway, I have babbled enough. Thanks for taking the time to read this and my fics. Hope you enjoy. "You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you." Ray Bradbury

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