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I apologize that I've had to take a break from writing. I do promise that I won't leave anything unfinished. Please just bear with me a bit longer. While I appreciate the not-so-gentle reminders that I'm getting about updating Chuck v. The Burning Man, please know that I'm a people pleaser by nature and that these notes just end up adding more stress. I really dig all you readers and all my on-line friends and I can't tell you how much your support of me and my fic writing has meant.

Current Projects:

The WHO ARE YOU Challenge

I took a break from real life and pulled an allnighter recently to put together a story for the WHO ARE YOU Challenge. See if you can figure out which story is mine and I hope you like it.

Chuck v. The Burning Man:

This story picks up right where Chuck v. The Twilight Zone left off with the day after Christmas 2008. It continues through the second half of season 2. The story does not divert from anything that happened in the show. Instead, it fills-in the details and gaps between episodes. But the story doesn't stop there.

It explores the journey of Chuck and Sarah in finding their true feelings for one another while they search for Chuck's father. In a sense, both Chuck and his father are 'The Burning Man'. Chuck burns for Sarah while he yearns for a renewed relationship with his father. Chuck's dad, actually a participant at The Burning Man Festival, yearns for a renewed relationship with his children. In an attempt to emulate the show, the story has action and suspense but it is very much a romantic comedy at heart. Unlike many romantic comedies on fanfic, this story incorporates all aspects of the show (not just Chuck and Sarah), so the reader will see Buy More's finest, the Bartowskis, Roark Industries employees, and even some guest stars all in action.

For extra interactive fun with Chapter 24, I actually made the crossword puzzle that goes along with the action in the story. For a pdf copy of the puzzle and answers, click on:

You'll find it under the 'Pages' section labeled: Chuck v. The Burning Man -- Crossword Puzzle! I hope you enjoy it!

Oh and if you send me a review, I promise to throw in a "bonus computer." Just kidding. Actually, I will give you a scoop on where the story is going! How's that?

Past Projects:

(1) Chuck v. The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Really Bad Day by the Authors Intersect: In this Round Robin project, I wrote ch.8-9 and co-wrote ch.4 with my BiF Poa. Here's a link to it:

(2) Chuck v. The Twilight Zone: This story explores what happened during 'Christmas with The Bartowskis' just after the episode Chuck v. The Santa Claus. It was my first attempt at writing fanfic.

(3) Chuck v. The Coming Storm Playlist Challenge: I hit play on my iPhone and wrote drabbles as ten different songs played. My taste leans strongly toward alternative music.

(4) Professor Truthseekr's Final Exam: Find out what happens when an adjunct professor's interest in Chuck overlaps into real life. Yes, it's a real exam.

About My Writing Style:

I'm not much of a fiction writer, but in real life, I'm a heck of a storyteller (and yes, I can pour on the Southern Accent when it suits my purposes :)). Like any real life storyteller, I love detail. So anything that you read of mine will be chock full of it. But it's not necessary to know all the references for you to hopefully enjoy the story.

A couple rules I follow with my fanfic writing:

(1) There will never be some character named in my story unless (a) they are important to the story; or (b) they are a homage to some other bit of entertainment. So if you see a name you don't get--google it and you might get a little easter egg of a treat! Actually, that goes for anything I put in my stories, facts are always stranger (and much more fun) than fiction!

(2) I use lots of parallels to Chuck--primarily because I think that Chucksters who read Chuck fan fiction are here for a reason (we all love the show).

(3) Sarah Walker NEVER coos or purrs. However, as my pal Utuu has recently pointed out -- Agent Walker,"being a fully-trained and highly skilled professional, is entirely capable of doing both should the need arise in the course of the mission." God help me if I ever write THAT mission. If I do, then I promise that Chuck will also make 'puppy dog eyes' at Sarah. Then and only then will we all know that my story has officially 'Jumped the Shark'.

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