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Author has written 4 stories for Naruto, and Lion King.

iN CHiZuRu'S HeAd

Lo, name's Chizuru17. You can call me that or give me one of those cute nicknames like Chiz, Chizy, Chi-chan whatever.

I've been writing for a full two years now and for me, writing is like a release from reality or even sometimes a way to help me make sense of things going on in my life. I also have a huge passion for art and it's probably the only thing I have a natural talent for, besides well, other random and illegal things XD. You can look at my DA page and laugh at my colorful pictures or just stare allll day at the avatar I drew. But for the love of everything holy, do not go blind because of it. I am a broke American cowboy and I can't afford lawsuits.

Random Facts about Chizuru:

1. Is a hooklah smoking caterpillar

2. Is old enough to be somebody's mama, but considering that the youngest girl to give birth was five years old...

3. Likes sniffing glue, hitting small children with pocketbooks and licking windows...yummy :3

Current Stories


My main story and my baby, I actually take pride on this thing y'know :P. The First Part of TLK III is currently being rewritten, starting with Chappie 5: Murmurs and Rumors, things will either be completely brand new or at least expanded on. Expect character development for everyone, from Tanabi and Ayira, to Kutu's mother so everyone might not be as you remember them, which also means their current fates will be in the air too. (Kutu's who :P? and yeah, I realize that the parents of our favorite cubs barely said but a few words to them...which is pretty sad, but I'm going to fix that XD) Two new characters Ijara and Kian will also join us in part one. Part Two won't really have a complete rewrite but expect a lot more to learn about the Shadow Pride and their origins...oh, and I can't forget romance, expect things to get rather hot when we get to part two :P.

Currently Done:

Chapter One: The Circle Opens

Chapter Two: Grandpa Simba

Chapter Three: Brother Vs. Sister (a merge with the old Chapter Four: A New Friend)

Chapter Four: The Deadly River

On The Way:

Chapter Five: Murmurs and Rumors

Chapter Six: Breaking The Silence

Chapter Seven: Unlucky In Love

Chapter Eight: Hide And Seek

Chapter Nine: Differences And Acceptance

Chapter Ten/Eleven: The Speech/Hamna Shida! (may be merged with Chapter Eleven Hamna Shida depending on length)

Chapter Eleven/Twelve: Angry Eyes

Chapter Twelve/Thirteen: Tragedy In The Pridelands

Chapter Thirteen/Fourteen: Bitter Aftermath

Chapter Fourteen/Fifteen: Tomorrow

Idiots On An Island/Chapter 5: Trippin' On Glue

Due Date: Lol. Whenever I feel like it. You people shouldn't be reading it anyways unless you want to lose brain cells. If so, go right ahead.


Sasuke- ...I'm not a lily.

Naruto- But you're not even black enough to be a black rose, so shut up Sasuke.

Sasuke- At least I'm not pink!

Naruto- At least I can't see through my skin!

Rock Lee- Guys, we can't judge people on their skin color.

Zeff- C'mon Rock Lee, we're all japanese we can do it...except for Sasuke. He's just a white boy.

Sasuke-At least I look like an actual white person! Unlike you!

Naruto{triumphantly}-At least my mama knows how to swallow!

{Everyone falls completely silent}

Sasuke{awkwardly}-...Why the hell do you know that?!

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