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Hi! I'm America is Awesome... it wasn't taken as a username, oddly enough..

I have many classes at school.. so I probably won't write much, Just a warning.

By the way, My theory is: you no like, you no read. I'm quite aware that what I write/read is certainly NOT what a lot of people approve of. If that's the case then I'm not forcing you to read what I like (How could I? This is all online in case you've forgotten...)

Let's see here, I'm from the United States of America (if you weren't able to figure out that difficult piece of trivia...) I live in the kinda eastern area near the Great Lakes.

I speak Spanish and I speak what some call English (...obviously) but I speak American because my slang is off the hook. I try to keep slang out of my writing though, since not everyone who reads it is American or a native English speaker.

I figured I'd add this:I like Prince of Tennis boyXboy pairings. (oh no, all the homophobes just took off running with their ears covered and eyes bleeding...silly homophobes, as for everyone else!) These pairings, I like:

Tezuka X Fuji :)!! (fav!!)

Oishi X Eiji (duh, the anime itself totally hints at that one, I won't be one to destroy it)

Dan Taichi X Akutsu Jin (Come on, Ya'll! Dan totally isn't afraid of him)

Sanada X Yukimura (Did ya'll know that sanada yukimaru was a samuria? How wickedly sweet is that!?)

Kamio Akira X Ibu Shinji (I almost forgot this one! XD! And it's another absolute favorite! They're too cute, I think)

I don't really care for Boy X Girl reading, but I do think Ryoma and Sakuno are totally supposed to fall for each other, so in my little world, they do.

Now for Naruto, I like:

Sasori X Deidara (This is my absolute favorite of this anime; they're both so cutely destructive)

Itachi X Sasuke (At first this one creeped me out and I thought it was so gross, because I have siblings and I wouldn't ever do the dirty with either of them. But now I like the pair . . . I might write this eventually, but I can just imagine me writing something dirty about "and then he kissed his brother" and my brother would walk by and see it and be like, dude! WTF. Oh, so awkward.)

Again, I don't really search for it, but in my head, Naruto and Hinata are soul mates, okay? She needs to man up a bit, but danggit, they're meant to be!

For Death Note, I really only care for L x Light/ Light x L. Well, I guess I also like Matt x Mello but whatever.

As for Misa, you know, she's cut her lifespan in half twice, so assuming that she would have lived until 100, she's cut it down to 25 years old. That's not fair for a lover, so I think she should just happily spend her time with her new mother (Rem, heh), make a crap ton of money, and donate it to an orphanage or something. Because I like happy.

Allllllright then, Peace out!

ps. I do have a life outside of this. I'm sorry I disappeared for 4 years without any warning whatsoever. I won't do it again, I promise.

pps. I'm sick of getting asked this question, so I'll just answer it here: YES. FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME: I. AM. A. BOY.

Why is that so difficult to wrap your heads around?

Yes, I'm a guy. Yes, I am gay. Yes, my parents know that I am gay. Are you all happy now? (but no, they have no idea I write these fanfictions, heh, and I intend for them to never find out.)

Now get out of my profile and read something! : )

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