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Welcome to my profile. There isn't much. I am currently writing multiple NCIS fics, a couple regular fic and another few ideas developing. I love NCIS, as you can see. A bunch of random things inspire me on my writing, including this fiction series I am writing, it's in dA and some on StoryWrite, but I don't seem to get a lot of feedback. I also have another fiction story in my notebook. I love to write and I love any feedback that can help me become a better writer. I can get many ideas in my mind, but the difficult part is to develop the idea into words on a page. Well, that's pretty much it.

I just got a account of Same penname but there I can post my fiction stories that aren't fanfics. I also have some stories on dA ( under the screen name drawbellawrite along with a few pieces of poetry. Look me up!

Oh and to clear this up: My name has nothing to do with Twilight. I have had that nickname since I was a baby. Want the full story? Message me.

Story Updates

The NCIS fanfics will all be related but not in chronological order as they come out, but Young Revenge will always be the first. No story will take place before it. In Young Revenge you get to meet my OC Sarah! She is like myself but isn't, if it makes any sense.
Current Priority: Crime of Passion, I'm Not Dead Yet, History, (Currently Unnamed), Young Revenge (redo)

Crime of Passion has recently been added to the list of on-going stories. I do hope everyone enjoys it. Feedback is loved since it is still in-progess

History started out as a small part of Random Word One-Shots. It has now since become a full story fanfic and will start coming up shortly.

There is a story I am working on that is an NCIS and Rizzoli & Isles crossover. It currently does not have a name but I am hoping to give it one soon.

I am planning on rewriting my first story Young Revenge. I do not like the plot line so much and I want to introduce my OC in a different way than I did. So expect to see a new version soon.

Other Updates

I write quite often. I have many snippets that don't related or can't be made into a one-shot. Said story snippets are in my notebook, paper on my clipboard and even in my Gaia journal if anyone wants to look. Some of those entries have been motified to fit my stories if you recognize parts. I use different names for characters in my ideas. It's just how my mind works.

Currently I started writing stories based off of random words or phrases my friends give me. They are actually quite fun!

Current Priority not on FFN: Recovering Three Years (found on dA), Random Word One-Shots (found on dA)

Story ideas are always welcome. Reviews and critique is too. I love reviews and critiques; they help me improve. Those are encouraging but for me they are a dime a dozen.

Current Projects
(I know, they contain OCs but that's how I write. I have tried to think of a Tiva fic but they never form.)

Crime of Passion When a Lieutenant is murdered, the evidence points to Sarah's boyfriend. When their past comes out, the team discovers something not even Gibbs guessed was going on.

I'm Not Dead Yet While going to apprehend suspects, Sarah is shot and later dies from blood loss. Six months later Brittany is helping NCIS after her case at the CIA interferes with theirs. But why does it seem like the team knows her?

History Sarah's dream takes her on a journey of America's history and brings a few familiar faces along for the ride.

(Currently Unnamed) A school trip to Boston was supposed to be a way for Sarah to relax, until she is kidnapped. Detective Jane Rizzoli is put on the case and NCIS gets involved. Can they figure out what happened before it's too late?

Young RevengeWhen a young Petty Officer is found murdered in an alley, the evidence points to his girlfriend. But nothing is what is seems and the team learns something that throughs their case in a new direction. (Yes, I have this story already, but I have decided to redo it., with a new plotline. Might be retitled.)

This is BellaWriterChic signing off.

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Dead and Back Again by Makena'lei reviews
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History reviews
Sarah's dream takes her on a journey of America's history and brings a few familiar faces along for the ride.
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While going to apprehend suspects, Sarah is killed. Six months later, a new agent, Brittany, is helping NCIS after her case at the CIA interferes with theirs. But the longer the team works with her, the more they notice something familiar about her.
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School, Drugs and Boyfriends reviews
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A naval officer is found dead in front of a young girl's home and the NCIS team finds out she is the target of revenge. Can the team find them before it's to late? Introduction to my OC. Please R&R!
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