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Hiya Everybody!! I'm Lady Lucis, although more commonly referred to as Lucy for short. Although in some cases, you might know me as ~Vera-Chan from before I got this account.

Let's see here, what is of any interest for people... Well, most of my stories will probably be Sailor Moon related, although they probably won't have Sailor Moon herself in any of them... I have no life because my school has taken it over, so I probably won't be updating with any regularity, so any regular updates are simply a highly unlikely coincidence based on the day of the week, what degree of school-induced depression I'm in, and how much of my life I want to waste on homework that day.

Okay, so I don't often use Lucis in my stories, I usually use her younger and infinitely more clutzy younger self, which for all intents and purposes is called Sailor Sun, or Veronica (Vera).

So yeah. That's it for now. I'll update if I think of anything else of interest...


Quotes/Really Random things I remember:

-While reading stuff on my friend's locker in seventh grade- "What's a glomp?" -me

"This" -she proceeded to pounce on me...- -my friend Yuffie

"I'm sorry I asked!! -me

"Hey Oki-sensei, who's Kakshite?" -me (she probably doesn't remember this... lol)

"Huh? That says Kakashi, you moron!! Ka-Ka-SHI!!"-Oki

"And the difference is?"-me -sound of a skull getting bashed into a hard metal locker-

"Cricket, cricket"-me

"Huh? Why do I hear a cricket?"-Baka

-Facepalm- "I didn't make a noise like a cricket, I said cricket..."-me

"It seriously sounded like a cricket"-Baka

"... Not even gonna dignify that with an answer..."-me

"IB Biology, it will ruin you, just like it ruined me..."-My friend Mike (he actually wrote a parody of "American Pie" for the school we go to... xD)

"Wait, what, go slower!! I'm not as smarticle as you!! I don't understand nuclear fission!!" -pulls out pad and paper and starts (pretending to) take notes- -my friend Aya

"Aya, I'm just telling you to go hit start on the microwave..." -sweatdrop- -me


"..." -faceplam- -me

-Cowers over behind Ryuu- "Ry-Ry, she SCARES me!!" -me

"I know, she scares me too." -pats my head- -Ryuu

"PHEAR my WRATH!! FOR I am teh Great Lord Pokémastar Yuffie, come to reign over your Yaoi and Kingdom Hearts plushies" (or something to that effect, I actually don't remember exactly... xD) -Yuffie, being all maniacal... 'Tis scary, scary indeed...

"Why am I surrounded by idiots and people who are obsessed with Kingdom Hearts yaoi?!" -me

"Because, we're the only people who enjoy making you twitch and scratch your eyes out?" -Yuffie

"HEY!! That's not very nice!!"" -me & Ryuu

"Blah blah blah blah yaoi blahblahblah" -Jess (that's all I heard, she was actually saying something)

twitch, scratch gouges eyes out -me (she shoved yaoi in my face, and somehow thought it was funny that I started spazzing in the middle of science class)

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Corrupted, a Horror Story reviews
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