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Author has written 19 stories for Hime-chan no Ribbon, Sailor Moon, Harry Potter, Mega Man, My Little Pony, Baldur's Gate, and Sailor Moon X-overs.

I'm Raekuul / Pokota / Tim Bell. I have odd preferences, and at the time of this profile-writing, I have several stories that I'm bouncing back and forth on. They're all listed under my profile, but I may as well give some highlights here.

Crest Magic - This one's actually two distinct stories. The first one, and the one that's more developed, imposes my magic system on Sailor Moon. The other part imposes it on Harry Potter. The characters, not the franchises.

Purgatory is an Inexact Science - Instead of doing A Vacation With Some Books, I'm doing this instead. Severus Snape is temporarily damned to stand beside Harry through his troubles.

Why Must We Raise The Sun - While I was pondering this particular crossover for a while, I only realized that Hasbro owns both Dungeons and Dragons and MLP:FIM shortly after starting this one. Needless to say, I think it fits to have the FIM world be Athas, given the ponies have to do basically everything by hoof. It's posted here because there was no conceivable way for me to bring it up to the FimFiction minimum of 1500 words and still be good.

Three Messengers was probably the first Fic that I really wanted to finish. It's a three-way crossover between Himechan's Ribbon, Sailor Moon, and Fushigiboshi no Futagohime. Right now, it's close to being halfway finished.

Miracle Chef Mori Manami is up for grabs, if anyone wants to pick it up for me that'd be nice. It's the story of how Mori Manami from Himechan's Ribbon became a magical girl in her own right, and it's told from the point of view of Icchan.

Ginevra Weasley and the Disorder of the Phoenix is, as of the time of this update, my most read fic. It's a Peggy Sue fic, where both Harry and Ginny found themselves back in the summer before Harry's fifth year. Who is this mysterious person named Killconey, and is he a friend? Will Harry and Ginny be able to save the world?

The Maelstrom of Time is another Peggy Sue fic, this time with just Ginny coming back in time. In this one, Ginny and Sirius have to find and stop a something that went back in time and threatens the stability of the solar system. Along the way, she needs to find four people and the Sword of Stars. While it's a crossover with Sailor Moon Z by Hosmer and Biles, it's primarily a Harry Potter fic.

Kingdom of Magic is expected to be a series of six fics detailing the adventures of Hime-chan, Daichi, and Hikaru as being peers of Harry Potter. The first one, Ribbon and Stone, is a retelling of Philosopher's/Sorceror's Stone under the new conditions. It's also a sort of a continuation of A Vacation With Some Books (which was removed in order to comply with the No MST rule), in which Snape, Dumbledore, and Future Hime-chan sit down to read the first three Harry Potter books.

Megaman Star Force Warriors is a replacement for Megaman Star Force 3, which I have never played (and which I refer to as Megaman Noise Force). It continues after the events of Star Force 2 (Megaman Tribe Force), and it features several elements from Sailor Moon Z in it. Again, it's primarily a Megaman Star Force fic with some SMZ sprinkled in, as opposed to being an even split with SMZ. In any event, in Warriors, there will eventually be a tournament - and you'll never believe who the reigning champion is! Okay, maybe you will, but what do you expect from a hack writer like myself?

Overpower and A Worm's Apology are both one-shots that I wrote to kill time. One's the story of how someone nearly single-handedly defeats Voldemort before anything goes bad, while the other is a look into the mind of Scabbers.

PEEVES and A Little of This and That are both anthologies. The first is me trying to write somewhat good versions of bad scenarios, while the second is a collection of minifics and drabbles.

It should be noted that several of my stories are also posted on deviantArt, and that Three Messengers also exists on The Anime Addventure (Originally as Honobono Crossing; it mutated into Three Messengers once I made the Senshi storyline more important than just "Hey, we're here, let's make filler")

DEFINITION: Peggy Sue Fic: A Fic in which one or more characters relive their lives starting from one specific point. Examples: Peggy Sue Got Married (Not a fic, but names the style), Oh God Not Again, Backwards With Purpose

ONE MORE THING: You are now reading this in the voice of Uncle from Jackie Chan Adventures. My policy on Anonymous Reviews is to remove them after a while. If it's pointing out a mistake I made, though, I'll leave it alone.

AND ANOTHER THING: Don't be afraid to checkout my Fictionpress profile! Same pen name as here, too

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Ginevra Weasley and the Disorder of the Phoenix reviews
Ginny Weasley, fiancee of Harry Potter, finds herself waking up one morning in a place she'd never thought she'd see again... Rated T due to me not really being sure how this is going to go. HP/GW among others
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Megaman Star Force Warriors
Cepheus, King of FM and Brother of Geo Stelar, decides to host a tournament - and all the Wave Changers of Earth are invited. At the same time, the AMians that were eaten by Andromeda start to appear on Earth. Coincidence?
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The Maelstrom of Time reviews
It was not a good thing that Harry and company destroyed the Ministry's stock of Time-Turners when they went to 'rescue' Sirius Black in the spring of 1996. Crossover between Harry Potter and Sailor Moon Z read all Author's Notes BEFORE complaining
Crossover - Harry Potter & Sailor Moon X-overs - Rated: T - English - Mystery/Fantasy - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,817 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 9/6/2011 - Published: 8/24/2011 - Ginny W.
PEEVES! reviews
I once read that a certain author on my favorites list has a number of Pet Peeves regarding Harry Potter Fanfiction. Naturally, I cannot just ignore such a wonderful well of wild inspiration, now can I? Please note that these follow Rule of Funny first.
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This is a collection of silly ideas that came into my head randomly. I don't know when the next update will be, or what it will contain. Please be aware that unless I specifically refer to an older portion, all of these are unrelated to each other.
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