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Hello, Im Emily, but just call me Keiggy. Thats my cat's name, but I like to be called like that o3o

So, I like Zelda and other Nintendo games like all Paper Mario's, Banjo Kazooie AND Banjo-Tooie( not banjo-kazooie nuts and bolts) and others. I enjoy Zelda fics and some ZeLink fics.(tee hee) I also like SPM Villains stories(especialy DiMimi :) )

Im the weirdest person you'll ever meet.


Peace~ Stay purdy


Fics I'm working on right now:



~~~~THANKYOUS =3~~~~





A black cat crossing your way means the animal is going somewhere.

You're my BEST FRIEND!! Poor you!!

My music INFLUENCES when I draw.

My OC's are my CHILDREN.

I think it's because I'm AWESOME.

Cheap weapons FTW!

When evil is this COOL, why be GOOD??

I look into other ppls' favourites.

I torture helpless MARSHMELLOWS.

My life depends on the COMPUTER.

I smile because I have no idea what's going on :D

I eat DEAD animals :3

My favorite TV shows always get CANCELLED :U

I don't need a brain. I have GOOGLE!

Whoever invented math needs to get shot in the face.

I don't need a Facebook when I have a deviantART.

I support LG's subliminal Pac-Man.

HOMEWORK, because 7 hours of school just isn't enough..

Imagine what I could do if I had all my brain cells 8D

Just because I like playing VIOLENT video games, doesn't mean I'm a VIOLENT person.

Everything is better than TWILIGHT.

I love it when people call me WEIRD.


I miss Billy Mays yelling at me when I watch TV... :I

C'mon, y'know.. I wumbo. You wumbo. He/She/Me wumbo. Wumbo, wumboing! The Wumbology, the study of wumbo! It's first grade!

The Doctor called me SPECIAL :D

VILLAINS are more interesting.

I tried being normal once... It didn't go well... ._.''

I've always wanted to try a Krabby Patty..

I've died 5 times today, but I'm still not forwarding your chain mail.

It's on the internet, so it MUST be true!! :D

I -heart- cheese.

It stinks being 13-17.. You are too old to act like a kid, and you are too young to act like an adult.. and you want to act like BOTH!

I -heart- my computer :)

School takes up too much TIME.

I LOVE my cat.. my cat does not care ._.''


Homework is murder... to both humans and trees..

I HATE it when PEOPLE treat animals like TRASH.

It's ok, Pluto.. I'm not a planet either..

POISON? No silly, it's PIRATE JUICE.

My OCs are ALIVE :D

Twilight WRECKED Vampires.

I'm PRO at weird.

I don't have a boyfriend.. And I'm still ALIVE.

Keep your HERO, I'll take the psychopath..

DEVIANTART, because who wants a life anyway?

Bad guys are HOTTER.

My favorite character ALWAYS dies..

I love filling my iPod with VG music. C:

THE LAST THING I WANT TO DO IS HURT YOU... but it's still on the list.

I stare at my friends for NO REASON OwO

When people normally say GROSS, I say OH CUTE.

I support random GIFTART.


I don't get even. I get ODDER.

Proud to be randomly WEIRD.

I LOVE to doodle in my school books, notebooks etc.. C:

I love the dimension-bending, psycho jester, Dimentio.


DINOSAURS, the lie told to cover up the existence of POKEMON.

F?ck this, I'm stansfering to Hogwarts.

I enjoy pissing you off a bit too... MUCH ;)

...How the hell does Sonic wink..? O_o''


I give my OCs Theme songs :3

Ring ring! Hello? Ring ring! Heh- Heh- Hello? Ring ring! Hellooo? Ring ring! Heh- Heh- Hello? Ring ri-- YOU HAVE A BAD CONNECTION!!


I -heart- JAPAN!

Don't hate Kirby!! :(

I AM crazy. So what?

Yay! I fail at life!! :D

I always wanted a real life Pikachu..

A true genius can use a pencil in many ways..

I love manga!

I'm not girlish. I'm not boyish. But... who said I was human?

I speak FANGIRL.

I love DARK and CUTE things... Like Dimentio.

I don't have a Myspace and I'm alive.

I'm a girl gamer and PROUD of it.

Cured with bad HaNdWrItInG.

I use the XD face too much XD

Normal people SCARE me.

Don't make me go ZELDA on you!

I imagine when I listen to music. -glitter-

Proud Wii Owner.

I like spoilers o3o

Drawing is to me like partying is to most kids my age..

I HATE being Rickroll'd... So do it and I'll stab you with my nails until you die... Trust me, I've DONE it before...


Vampires were cool until one of them SPARKLED.

I need to draw to live. If I don't, I stop breathing. My pen is connected to my LUNGS.

Just because I'm paranoid.. doesn't mean they're not out to get me..

If you think watching cartoons is immature, consider this: ADULTS MAKE THEM.

WARNING! Please don't feed the FANGIRLS.

Make pairings that make SENSE!


5 minutes in devART usually turns 2 hours..

Music is my BOYFRIEND.


Without mesages to check, I'm BORED.

I'm a girl, and I cosplay as BOYS.

Oh, sleeping gas, of course. How did I expect any different?

Oh, of course, it burst into FLAME.

If one of my OCs gets insulted, I get hurt and defensive. If one of my OCs gets hurt on an RP or or OCT, I FEEL THEIR PAIN. If one of my OCs were killed, part of me would die inside. My OCS are part of me!

I LOVE King Boo!

ZELDA NERD... Actually, the correct word would be obsessed or fan, or geek-- STILL A NERD.


-glare- THAT WAS MY COOKIE..!!

I notice my mistakes after uploading them... :\

My friends KICK ASS.

Too bad that didn't kill me..

Redeads still scare the crap outta me.

I'm Luna Lovegood in SOO many ways..

I should be doing my homework right now...

I despise you, green bars..

My dreams are better than reality, I'm going back to sleep.

Does this look unsure to you? B(

Proud to be Anti-Naruto

I love to tangle my fingers in my headphone's cord..

I have too many OCs for my own damn good.

I SUCK at drawing hands.

Sometimes I wish life had an Undo button

I'm proud to have ImAgInArY fiends!

I don't get it. It's really good. Why won't grily girls love BLACK?!

Linkin Park. Enough said. X3

I am childish and I refuse to EVER grow up!!

Of course I talk to myself -w-

STOP THE VIOLENCE!.. Or I'll kill you.

My cousin ROCKS.

I love Egg Faces!

From Puerto Rico, and proud. iSoy BORIQUA!

Go easy on me, I'm still LEARNING.

I'm a gamer and I have a life!.. Actually I have two lives, and every time I collect 100 coins, I get another one!! :D

A house is not a home without a CAT.

Meta Knight is EPIC WIN.

I love black cats.

Navi is pushy, annoying, bratty, stupid, and I LOVE HER.

Bad luck? Really? Well, the last time a black cat crossed my path I had the BEST. DAY. EVER.

All of this small comments are mostly owned by people in deviantART, so burn them, not me.

Sakon has cancer...Together we can find a cure.


(Ps- NEVER make fun of people with cancer. Its just a long story this Sakon thing)

Nathalie:Si cosa esa(Yeeaah ehh... that thing)


If you believe in Jesus Christ put this in your profile and don't just ignore this, because in the Bible it says, ‘If you deny me, I will deny you in front of my Father in the gates of Heaven.’


~Keiggy :)

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