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Only a human without a life can I be...

Things I like:




-Randomness... FTW

My Favorite Fanfictions:

-Assassins Creed

-Hunger Games

-Dragon Age

-Adventure Time


Fanfiction types?

Any, as long as you are not so uncreative that you follow the exact story line word for word, or heaven forbid, that you put your own girly self in it as the main character, and waltz around with everyone liking you. This is why most fanfictions do not interest me at all. OC x Maincharacterofsomethingoranother = a snore bore. Yes, while it is amazing to you it's not a very interesting read half the time.

If you've ever run into a wall, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you've ever laughed in an awkward moment, copy and paste this in your profile.

If you've ever forgotten your first name, copy and paste this into your profile.


Remember, fish are friends. Not food.

Get knee surgery for that arrow.

The dark side confrence is next tuesday, bring the doughnuts.

Bury the body in the backyard.

Casually kidnap Megamind.

Frame the Rum Tum Tugger for said kidnapping

Then kidnap him too

Thank all of my fans :D

It makes me feel so awesome to open up my email to be spammed by Fanfiction.com emails telling me people have commented, have favorited, or put on story alert one of my fanfics and also getting people to auther alert me. Thanks guys :3

Note to Viewers: Because I am such a perfectionist, I do not usually keep my uncompleted work up for long. I spontaniously remove it, the work never to be seen or heard from again. Yes, I know I shouldn't do that... But I do.

Quick! List 10 characters, GO! The world's safety is at stake!

1. Mistoffelees (CATS)

2. Russell (CATS OC)

3. The Rum Tum Tugger (CATS)

4. John Higgins (From Bloody Jack)

5. Sonya (CATS friend's OC)

6. Plato (CATS)

7. Robin (Young Justice)

8. Kid Flash (Young Justice)

9. L (Death Note)

10. Light (Death Note)

Numero Uno:

9 and 10 decide to get together to rob a bank and 2 and 5 are in the bank when it happens! What do they do?

L and Light decide to get together to rob a bank and Russell and Sonya are in the bank when it happens! Well, Russell + Bank obviously means he too is trying to rob the bank and Sonya is obviously trying to stop him, being a police officer and all. L and Light jumped on the bandwagon a little late. Light probably would still go through with the plan along with Russell while L distracted Sonya with detective talk.


Numero Dos:

1 and 3 have a slumber party and gossip about 7. What about 7 are they talking about?

Mistoffelees and Tugger have a slumber party and talk about Robin. Well, duh, they are talking about the disappearance of his scaley green panties from his hero outfit!


Numero Tres:

8 feels neglected and 6 decides to cheer them up with a song. 4 then inevitably becomes jealous and 5 helps 4 plot for revenge.

Wally feels neglected and Plato decides to cheer him up with a song. While he's serenading the super, Higgins becomes jealous and employs Sonya to help him plot revenge.

Higgins: ...and then I can shoot him with one of these pistols -pulls out two guns-

Sonya: Good god, how long have you had those things!?!


Numero Cuatro:

1 and 2 are walking in the park and trollin' when a wild 9 appears! A battle then ensues. 1 sends out 6 and 2 sends out 3. But alas another wild number appeared! It's fiersome 10! Oh noes!

Misto and Russell are trollin' in the park when a wild L attacks! Misto sends out Plato and Russell uses Tugger! But out of the blue a wild Light joins the fray!

Misto: Can't I just zap them with lightning?

Russell: Yeah, that could work :\

Light & L: D:>


Numero Cinco:

7 is madly in love with 4 but doesn't know how to tell 4. 3 then comes to 7's rescue by suggusting that 7 make 4 jealous by flirting with 5. So 7 does the deed. 8, a long known ultimate fan of 7, becomes enraged and employs 9 as an assassin to elimate 5. The police, 10 and 2, then get involved and proceed to break up the vicious ninja battle between 9 and 5. Meanwhile 1 cowers in a corner while using 6 as a shield.

Robin is madly in love with Higgins, but doesn't know how to tell him. Tugger then comes to Robin's rescue by suggusting that Robin make Higgins jealous by flirting with Sonya (Sounds about right). So after a very awkward flirtatious moment, Kid Flash, the ultimate stalker of Robin (Trolololol), becomes enraged and employs L as an assassin to take out Sonya. The popo, Light and Russell (Oh god, the only two criminals on the list xD), then get involved to break up the battle between L and Sonya (The two actual cops on the list). Meanwhile Misto cowers in a corner using Plato as a shield.

... Then Russell kidnaps Sonya to rape- I mean take him out for icecream while Light does the same with L :D

Current Works in Progress:

Faith, Trust and Mr. Mistoffelees- On hold because of writers block. I really don't know what to do with this story.

Mistoffelees and the Master's Stone- Still being updated and the next chapter is in progress! ((Yes, I am still working on this but since I've begun writing the next chapter, my computer has crashed... thrice))

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