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what to say what to say...Cheese doddle? naw im just messin with ya i really have no idea what to say. i guess i should describe myself huh? welll for starts im 18, Arizona cowboy born and bred. raised race horses when i was little on my family's ranch, but when i got older we moved down into the city. I'm a football monkey and i love classic cars, and im very much into military history and as soon as im able too (because of a damn head injury) im going to re-enlist in the marines, but i also love anime. I know fits together doesn't it? Any-who im a pretty pleasant guy, i love making people laugh and i do it best when im around my best buddy kyle. Though i can be cruel when you mess with people i care about or insult me, so not a good idea eh? haha. Im a pretty insane guy, if i with friends i do dance in public, sing in public, say whats on my mind and i never sugar coat anything, thats just how i was raised. wanna know anything else just ask i guess?

Hair: Brown

Eyes: brown

Gender: Male, hellz yea

Body type: athletic really, i love sports...FOOTBALL! >

Skin: slightly tanned, haven't been out that much recently

Hobbies: obviously anime, i love classic cars, building things (dear lord you should see the stuff i have piled around my room), writing, comedy

Favorite anime: Gundam, Bleach, ghost in the shell, naruto is ok (i hate sasuke >

Cartoons: oh jeez, i love family guy, ed edd and eddie, futurerama, American dad, robot chicken, pretty much the adult swim line up

Games: all the final fantasies, dynasty warriors, Golden Sun, Dawn of War, all the medal of honor games and all the COD games, and all RPGs

The Battle for Ooo
This is one of my firsts, In the Land of Ooo the Ice King has finally pushed for complete control of the land. His armies invade, led not by ice creatures, but by humans! This story twists and turns, this way and that into the bleak ashes of war. All characters, including genderswapped ones will be used, excluding Prince Gumball. Rated M for violence and language. Chp 1.
Adventure Time with Finn and Jake - Rated: M - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,090 - Published: 12/6/2012