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We are Bella and Esme, nicknamed after the characters we are most like. A really fun thing to do is to nickname all the people in your school after Twilight characters, but in secret. This makes for a lot of inside jokes and fun. For instance, we sit at lunch with Alice, Victoria, Carlisle and Leah. We sit in English with James to our left and Sam to our right.

As you may have guessed, we are TWILIGHT FANATICS!!

We write joint stories because its a fun thing to do. This also means our updates may not be very often, as we get together to write.

Bella has a Quizilla, but Esme has a FanFiction account, and has written one story. Check her out at Blondie the Novelist.

That's all for now! Please read and review!!

Hey everyone, Bella here. Well, as you can tell Esme so kindly wrote a description because I haven't gotten a chance to. Sorry about there being no stories yet, we have no time to write (busy schedules) and when we did get together to write, we got kind of caught up in our fanfic, but it isn't able to be posted yet (still lots of editing to do, huh Esme??) So when we do get that story up, we will try to update it as best as we can. And by the way as far as creating a Twilight cast list with people from your school, it is a lot of fun. Beware though, it may cause you to break out into sudden laughter because someone did something like their character...

Update soon?? Hopefully! Esme's going to disney, so we can't write for at least a week...

The Food Fight of Forks High by Blondie the Novelist reviews
Mr. Greene is trying to find the mastermind behind the Food Fight of Forks High. But each Cullen points to another! Who gets blamed in the end?
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