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NOTICE: I am very sorry for late updates, but school has started back and I'm super busy with evil geometry homework that is out to kill me.

So, please forgive me if I'm a little late, I'm trying my best. XD

I hope you still read and the delay doesn't discourage you to read my stories because I try very hard on them to make sure they're lovable!

Aishiteru, ne?



Hey! I'm Amaya Arashi. bows Konnichiwa!


OBVIOUSLY, this is my FanFiction site! I try to update as much as possible! I pretty much write about anime or J-Rock and stuff like that!

People say I'm good, but I don't believe them so positive AND negative reviews are appreciated.

I appreicate all messages/reviews/comments/concerns!

I'd like to get better!

But I would also appreicate if you were nice about it! XD

I also like J-rock and GazettE and dun dun dun YAOI!! love that stuff. :)

well, dat is de end: in the words of that car on that commercial that's supposedly German!

(reminds me of that movie Cars. LOVE THAT MOVIE!!)

Aishiteru! Sayonara!



Amaya Hikari Arashi

Now accepting story requests!!

Read this:

Meh? I am meh? WANNA BET BAKA!! I WILL TAKE you DOWN!! I am meh, and you are ya. I shall call you ya and me crazy bunny. Why do I get the cool name?? BECAUSE BYAKUYA SAID SO AND HE WILL SEND HIS CHERRY BLOSSOMS AFTER YOU!! what? Yea, they're scary...His flowers are scary. They're sharp. Yes, aho, it's a sharp flower. Well, TECHNICALLY, sharp flower PETALS. There's a difference...Just shut up. No. Shush. DAMARE!! Shut it!! WATCH OUT FOR THE SENBONZAKURA YOU- Oh...hi,'s it goin? No...don't...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! hey, wait, you smell like sakura.

NAME: I'm Amaya Arashi!! Hi dere. Ya can call meh Ame. Or Skittle. Or Ninja Bunny Master.

Buddies? : Moriko-chan is my buddy, and so is Yori-kun(/chan). And Byakuya wants to be my buddy, but I don't allow Kuch's in my circle. :) Except Rukia. She's okay.

Fandom?: So far...Bleach, Twilight, The GazettE, Miyavi, Death Note, Blood, Vampire Knight and bunnies.

Gender: I'm a chick, cantcha tell?? (haha. dontcha know?? Dondochakka!!)

Men?: Yum, I love them. Especially Asians. Call me racist, but American's are a turn-off.

Eye color: Hazel

Race: I'm an asian in the body of an american. shh... lol

Music: Love it!

What kind?: J-rock, anime stuff, J-Pop, K-Pop...Japanese Traditional...ya know...Asian

Guess what?? I have become a Saint!! no, just jokin'.

I'm now accepting story requests, so if you want me to write one for you, please don't hesitate to ask!

I've seen all episodes of: Bleach (most reccommended if youz gonna ask), Vampire Knight, Blood+ (also reccommended)

I've seen most episodes of: Code Geass, Death Note

And I'm working on watching: Trinity Blood

Right now, I spend my days writing and watching anime cause I'm bored so I'll update which shows I've seen frequently.

Also, if you want The GazettE fanfiction, I can do that. Most J-rock I can do. Any including Alice Nine, GazettE, Miyavi, SuG, ect. I've probably watched them on YouTube to know what they act like and all. So, when ever you're looking for an awesome story for someone else to write



My favy quotes:

"I can't write with this. Ame, can I borrow a fish?" -Sora-kun asking for a pen

"You pee to the extreme." -me accidentally getting Japanese mixed up :D

"This candle smells like the internet." -Me

"What the hell, Ame? I'm gay! Not a girl!" -Yori after I asked him which dress he liked better.

"Sometimes I think the sky is blue. And then other times it's green. And then there are those times when it's black. That's when you know it's night." - Yori states the obvious.

"OUCH!! DAMN IT!! AME!! THAT HURT!!" -Moriko-chan every five seconds. :)

Yori: "If you get Grimmjow and I get Ulquiorra, than does Moriko-chan get Szayel?"

Me: "Uh...sure...but then who get's Ukitake?"

Yori: "You can have her."

Me: "Gordy, Ukitake's a guy."

Yori: "Nuh-uh."

Me: "Yes-huh, baka."

Yori: "whatever, I don't like old guys."

Me: "He's not that old!!"

Yori: "Ame. Honestly. He's got really long grey hair. That's old."

Me: "He's still sexy!!"

Yori: : "Whatever. I swear it's a chick. Let's just call him 'it', k?"

Me: "Hopeless ameko. ;p"

-Text message conversation on who get's who in the Bleach claims. :) Ukitake is hott...


1.0-First Japanese song you ever heard?

Filth in the Beauty by The GazettE

2.0-What got you interested in Jrock?

Most defiantly the awesome music

3.0-Favourite person in Jrock (only one).

Ooi….Idk. Aoi?

4.0-Do buy the music?

Most of the time

5.0-Do you write/read fanfiction?


6.0-Top 10 bands.

(in no order)

10- Dir En Grey

09- Lolita23q

08- Vamps

07- HimeIchigo

06- SuG

05- Kagrra

04- Versailles

03- Miyavi

02- Alice Nine

01- the GazettE

7.0-Thorough explanation how you discovered them.

I was introduced to the awesome band the GazettE by the bestest friend in

the world! Alice Nine was random, just looking on the PSC website and was like, these guys sound good. Miyavi is…well, hard to miss. Versailles was when I heard that their bassist died and I listened to them and was like, THEY’RE AWESOME!! Kagrra, is also a PSC website thing. SuG, was also a PSC website random thing. HimeIchigo was a random search on Jrock . Vamps was just browsing through the Jrock music. Lolita23q was going through Jrock bands, testing out the sounds and I was like, “Ooo, Love Addict!!” and Dir En Grey, was a total accident. L

8.0-Have you’ve been to any concerts (if so, name them).
NO!! They hate America, like me. L

9.0-Do you mind the Dir en grey haters (if yes, explain)?

No, not really. Even though Kyo scares the hell out of me.

10-Why do you think Dir en grey is sooo popular?

Their sound is good even though the meaning of the lyrics can sometimes be confusing and meager. J

11-Why do all Jrock surveys mention Dir en grey/Malice Mizer?

No possible idea. Maybe people like them. Haha.

12-Do you believe in fans?

Sometimes. It depends on whether you like them for the looks or the music. True fans love the artist for the music.

13-Is Kaya a pedophile?


14-Top 10 songs you can’t stop listening to:
(in no order)
10- Yell - Kra
09- Utakata - Kagrra
08- -泡沫heidi.
07- sherry - HimeIchigo
06- Genosense - Lolita23q
05- Alterna - SuG
04- Filth in the Beauty - The GazettE
03- FANTASY - Alice Nine
02- Suzerain - Versailles
01- Kore De Yokatta N’Desu - The GazettE-

15-Are you obsessed with the Japanese music?

Oh, very much so. J

16-What do you think inspired Japan to have “rock” music?

Western impressions.

17-Have you imitated a style (clothes, hair, make-up) from Jrock?


18-What are you currently listening to?

Hanakatoba - The GazettE

19-Why do you think people put down Miyavi so often?
WHAT?! WHO PUTS MIYAVI DOWN?! Tell me and I’ll go brutally murder them!! Miyavi is the freakin bomb! No one puts down my Oresama!!

20-I like MYV, do you?

Hellz yes. He’s hilarious, and his music is pimpin.

21-What songs have you cried to (in Jrock only).

Reila - The GazettE, Tokyo - Yui, Guren - The GazettE, Amor Ring - Alice Nine, Scheat - SuG, Miseinen - The GazettE

22-Who is your hero (only one).

Miyavi~….and Ruki. I love them both to death. And Hide from X-Japan (RIP). And Kai from GazettE. And Jasmine You from Versailles (RIP)

23-Do you think Mana is the least bit beautiful?

Hehe…sure. J He looks so pretty!

24-Do you think Mana needs to retire?

No…he doesn’t look that old…

25-What do you think about bands swarming the US?


26-What other languages do you get in?

Korean, Japanese and French

27-How many songs do you have of Jrock (give number)?

Oh, dear…I really don’t want to go through and count them all.

28-Do you remember the big BOOMS of bands?

You mean, the awesome bands? Like X-Japan? Luna Sea? Kuroyume? Miyavi~?

29-What was the first J-rock music video you ever saw?

Filth in the Beauty PV - The GazettE

30- If you could say anything to ONE Jrocker, who and what would it be?

To Miyavi, I would say: “You are the awesomest Japanese samurai guitarist ever and don’t let anyone tell you other wise!”

31- Name the first song you ever ever ever fell in love with in Jrock.

The first one I heard. J Filth in the Beauty.

32-Do you own any tours of Jrock?


I want 50 though.

Hello Dear Numbers…

Nameless Liberty Six Guns….

I want all of them.

33-Do you visit forums for Jrock?


34-What is your current worry on Jrock?

People who make fun of Jrockers because they look like girls when really they wish they could look as good as them. Loving Jrockers for their looks and not their music.

35-Anything you regret?

I should’ve listened to Moriko-chan instead of ignoring her when she said to listen to Filth. L

36-Any band disappoint you (if yes, explain)?

Eh, Dir En Grey has gotten disappointing currently. I still love Obscure, but they’re music is just getting more and more…confusing…

37-What about those fangirls?

Oh, dear. Crazy, insane fan girls. I might be a fan of Jrock, and I sometimes have my fan girl rants, but never will I ever be a crazy fan girl. I’m not going to get into a fight during a concert over which Gaze-boy winked at who, because as long as I can hear them, I’ll be perfectly fine with that. Besides, Ruki has made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t like it when his fans get into fights. J

38-What are you listening to now?

39-Any recent releases you love?
Now? Stray Cat by Alice Nine.

40-Do you laugh when people mix up band members?

I know I shouldn’t, because I used to do it. But when people think Kai’s name is Aoi…it makes me want to laugh.

41-Has any other person, into Jrock, make you angry?

Yes. Plenty. There are times when I’ve wanted to slap people for saying things like: “Oh, my God, they’re so hot! They rock!” when they’ve never listened to the music before.

42-I think Jrock artist should carry around little dogs, do you?


43-Why aren’t they open with their love lives?

2 words. Fan girls.

They would probably make them separate like with Gackt and his wife.

I swear, if they do that to Miyavi and Melody, I will kill them all. L

44-Do you sing down the street?

Yep XD

“The daraku daraku Is it aimai ai? I wAnna Go to "seishun PoP Art"
ChuChu RABU wo haishaku aa unmei no HANII wa izuko?” Love Scream Party’s my favy to freak people out over!

45-How about dancing?

I can’t dance, but I still do it!

46-How’s America?

glares stupid ameko tries to paint skin blue I’m a smurf not an american!!

47-If you could meet any Jrocker, who would it be?

All of them…. Miyavi, Gackt, Shou, Saga, Ruki, Aoi, Hiroto, Nao and Kai (sugoi kawaii!!), Tora, Uruha, Keiyuu (omg, I would pinch his cheeks!), Ruka, Takeru, Chiyu, Masato, Yuji, Mitzuru, Hyde, Kamijo, Hizaki, Teru, Yuki, Isshi, Izumi, Kazuki, Yuuto…would you like me to continue?


So I could tell each and every one of them that they rock out loud, personally. And ask Ruki what “I will walk together” means…

49-Are your room walls littered with their faces?


50-What about magazines. Which ones do you like?
ShoXX… it. J Music Japan is okay, too…

10 Reasons Why Bleach is Better Than Naruto


Fish cake verses strawberry. Think about it, which one’s sweeter?


Cool kimono and haori or a weird yellow-orange thing and gay head band. I think I’ll go with the kimono, arigato.


If it was the emo Sasuke kid vs. the emo Hisagi kid, I’d pick Mr. 69 anytime. One of the reasons is because he’s hotter. Another reason is because Kazenishi kicks ass.


Personally, Aizen and Gin are WAY hotter than those Akatsuki people. Honestly. And what’s up with that name anyways? It just screams girly.


Guys, if you had to pick between Rangiku Matsumoto and Sakura, for God sake, we all know you’d pick the one with the bigger chest.


Girls, Ichigo vs. Naruto in a hottness contest.

Hisagi vs. Sasuke.

I mean. Truly, it’s Ichigo and Shuuhei ALL THE WAY.


Look at where Bleach is set. Cool places like the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo! So much better than the woods


Those stupid head bands piss me off. What the hell? Aren’t you supposed to be able to protect your forehead without using a stupid piece of scrap metal.


Naruto doesn’t have Urahara Kisuke. And anime is indeed incomplete without that man.


Reason one: Ukitake-taichou, Kira, Gin, Aizen, Ulquiorra, Szayel, Grimmjow, Ichigo, Ishida, Noba, Renji, Hisagi, Toshiro, Kenryuu, Byakuya, Urahara, Starrk, Hanataro and Rin.

All the awesomely hott/cute guys that no one should be able to live without.

That’s all she wrote. XD

By the way: I really don’t think Naruto sucks, this was just something I put up to piss off my friend Moriko. :)

Hehe, evil, neh?

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