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Author has written 3 stories for Pokémon, and Shugo Chara!.

Some info about me:

Real Name: Jennifer (But you can call me Alice or Jennifer I really don't care ;D)

Interests/Hobbies: Anime, manga, video games, swimming, reading, writing, drawing

So here are my opinions about shippings:

Shugo Chara! ~

Amuto (Amu X Ikuto) ~ I'm gonna say it once and once only. I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE IKUTO FANGIRLS!! Got it? Good. I am personally not an Amuto fan because well I just don't like Ikuto in general. And yes, I will use the age thing against you Ikuto fangirls. Amu is 12 and Ikuto's 17, Now I know that in love age doesn't matter. BUT IT DOES AT THAT AGE!! I mean I wouldn't wanna date a senior in High School when I was in 7th grade. No matter how sexy he is.

Tadamu (Tadase X Amu) ~ Ahhhh Tadamu. On of the resons I still watch Shugo Chara! Tadamu is just so sweet and innocent and it makes a lot more sense that Amuto. They just seem to fit like two pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. It makes more sense to date someone your age than to date someone 5 years onder than you (Since they're still in school). Also, Tadase is always there for Amu while if she got into a relationsip with Ikuto, he would just do whatever he wants even if it means leaving her for his own reaons

Pokémon ~

Pokéshipping (Ash X Misty) ~ Now if this ship became canon, I would stop watching Pokémon forever. I just don't really like them together because all they would do is fight and end up in a bad relationship. And also, all Misty does is insult Ash, so I guess he wouldn't want to be with an insulting btch. I personally don't like (Hate is a strong word) Misty because well, she's snnobby, she's nags a lot, she insults Ash a lot, and etc.

Pearlshipping (Ash X Dawn) ~ Now this is a shipping I don't like either. I mean Dawn is just too childish and like a little for Ash. Ok so what if he encourages her a lot? She loses lots of contests and is all depressed just to get Ash's attention. I don't really hate Dawn, unless she acts really snobby around her rivals for Ash, but is super nice to him when he's around.

Advanceshiping (Ash X May) ~ My absolute favorite shipping in Pokémon. They just seem to go well together. I mean Ash is always supporting May no matter what. He basically taught her about the amazing world of Pokémon and he taught her how to battle. And May doesn't nag or act fake around Ash. Ash also shows some affection towards her as a student and he cares deeply about her.

Contestshipping (Drew X May) ~ I'll tell you this now. I hate it. I hate it.I hate it.I hate it.I hate it.I hate it.I hate it.I hate it.I hate it. Why do I hate it? Well imagine this: You're preparing for a contest when a guy walks up to you and starts talking crap about you. So you beat him, and then he gives you a rose. If I was May, I would have a WTF? moment. I mean having Drew going from a trash talker to an admirer every time May sees him is just stupid and plain annoying.

Homosexual Pairings ~ I'm not really a yaoi fan, but yuri isn't that bad. However, i don't read pairings like that often so don't wrie one and automatically think I'm gonna read it.

Well thats it for now so,

Ja Ne, From Alice-chan~

Updates from Alice-chan~

9/23/09 ~ So I'll mosty be working on The Boy With Sapphire Eyes at the moment. Chapter 3 will be up soon! I'm not really in the mood for The Rivalry On The Island, so updates for that won't come until maybe early October.

1/27/11 ~ Yeah, finally updated the updates section! Well I'm going to finish TBWSE before I go on to The Rivalry on the Island, and I got some one/two-shots I'm thinking of writing from time to time.

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