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Author has written 4 stories for Naruto, and Merlin.

I saw this post on lj ( ) and I almost choked!! HOW DID I MISS THAT?! and by "that" I mean arthur's sword saying "hi!"

Fangirl all the way!!

I´m into a lot of anime, manga, tv series, books and movies

I really enjoy writing and making up stuff, specially love stories... But I have a hard time finishing them...

sooooo, now I'm hibernating, and that's why I'll be trying to upload my many un-finished fics


Already Read:

Marmalade boy (KAWAIIIIIII, shoujo, romance, drama, angst, makes you go "nooooooo", but it ends with hearts and flowers and shiny eyes)

Dear. gentle papa (sweeeeeet!, yaoi, shounen ai, funny, ADORABLE, 2 pairings, age difference, sqeeeeee) (umm, it's not incest, even if the title makes it sound like it is:P)


Chocolate Cosmos (shoujo, romance, drama, and I read it 'cus I just LOVE teacher/student ships)

Junjou Romantica (yaoi, romance, DIRTY: NOT FOR EVERYONE, and I just LOVE the whole "age difference" thing...)

Loveless (shounen ai, fantasy, cat ears, angst, age difference... and I'm starting to see a pattern...)

Ok, so I discovered this show called Merlin, and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it so much...

There is a LOT of fun subtext for us fangirls (slashfans) to find and giggle over. AND it's between the 2 main characters (Arthur/Merlin), so there's some in every episode

K, so the subtext is getting RIDICULOUS. I mean, even if Series 2 is supposed to be about Arthur and Gwen's "love story," the Arthur/Merlin interaction is just PERFECT!! OOOOH!! and Merlin gets his eye full of shirtless Arthur... A LOT... through the whole second series... so take that however you want...

Why I ship Merthur (or... proof the guys are being way too obvious):

1. "The looks," the so called eye-sex that's been going on between Arthur and Merlin (or Bradley and Colin... who knows) ever since they met. They don't get tired of it! just watch any episode, it'll be there...

2. The whole "I'll give my life for you" thing. Ok, so we have heard of people giving their life for their king or prince... BUT, when do we hear the story of a prince who is willing to give his life for a servant, who has bee with him for a really short time? ...Well, not too often I suppose.

3. hmmm... So why does Merlin HAVE to dress Arthur every morning? And, while thinking about this, I noticed that the only times that Merlin found Arthur already dressed were when the prince happened to be under a love spell (Sophia and Vivian). So, this tells us that Arthur wants Merlin to touch him every morning, EXCEPT when he is "in love" with a girl...?

4. They are just perfect for eachother!! Arthur needs someone that really cares and helps him express his feelings... (AKA: Merlin)

5. So why does Arthur HAVE to take Merlin everywere he goes... he so loves having him arrownd... hehe

Merthur moments!! I don't know if S1 epi 4, 10, 11, 13, S2 epi 4, 6, 12 and 13 count cus they're of the charts, but I'll use them (I'll just write them as I remember them) SPOILERS!!:

1. (S1E4) "gnnh, Arthur, move, ah, faster, go faster ah" -- 'K, so every slash fan in the world noticed THAT moment. And I don't think I need to explain it...

2. I thought it was HILARIOUS when (S1E5) Merlin got drunk at the party and asked Gwen who she would pick, Arthur or Lancelot, WHILE CHECKING THEM OUT...

3. I know Arthur is suposed to love Gwen, but (S1E3) he SOOOO chose Merlin over her when she was acused of being a witch... with the whole "you are such an idiot, so you can't be a wizard" thing

4. (S1E13) "I willingly give my life for Arthur" and Merlin's face when Gaius told him Arthur was fine: awww (that is all I can say)

5. (S2E6) The almost-hug, and Merlin's dreamy smile after Arthur walked away... hehe, the tension is sooo there... awww, and when Arthur protected Merlin

6. (S2E1) Merlin (face covered in dung) telling Gaius how upset he is 'cus Arthur doesn't see that "everything he does is for him" awww, poor Merlin

7. (S1E10) Arthur's foot in Merlin's face... while having a heart to heart... and (cough) they're sleeping next to each other...

8. (S1E10) Will is SOOO jealous of Arthur... He can see there's something going on there...

9. (S1E10) When Merlin and Arthur are getting ready and Arthur "helps" Merlin with the wrist thing... (He SOOO wanted to hold Merlin's hand before the battle)

10. (S1E11) "Merlin I thought I told you to stay home" and then the the way he decided to take the "poison" and save Merlin ... awwws for Arthur

11. OMG!! (S2E13) slashy wooohooo hmmm i guess, like, EVERY Arthur/Merlin scene in the episode!! well, almost... so... well the bedroom scene: Merlin WTH! he totally checked out Arthur when he took his shirt off... (TY very much Merlin, that was a nice thing to do) and then the whole effort arthur made to get Merlin to open up, he even tried to start a pillow fight... and that pre battle scene: "merlin if i die please..." -- oh, I just loved that moment, like arthur was more worried about Merlin's feelings than his own death. ... oh, how could I forget! merlin already moaned arthur's name while he was out of it... and NOW arthur moaned merlin's name while he was out of it... awwwww... so it goes like this: merlin is about to have a moment with balinor, every viewer is hyperventilating, and Arthur goes "merlin, hmm, m-merlin..."

(I'll do more later sry)

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