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Hi! This is Master Metallix, but my friends can call me "M2" for short. I'm not usually much of a writer, but I hope to do a great job here!

I've got a couple of forums! If you'd like to discuss fan fiction, tell a couple jokes, have a random conversation, or even play a game of chess, there's a link above my avatar pic labeled "My Forums" that'll take you where you want to go.

I will not display my e-mail address on my profile. If for any reason you wish to send me anything that cannot be sent in a Private Message, such as pictures, first send a Private Message asking for my e-mail address, so that I can avoid e-mail spam.

I live on the eastern coast of the United States; my local time is US and Canadian Eastern Time (five hours behind Greenwich Meridian time). Schoolwork, job, and similar factors permitting, I check my e-mail at irregular intervals between the approximate hours of 5:00 PM and 11:00 PM on weekdays, and between the approximate hours of 11:00 AM and 11:00 PM on weekends. (In case you can't tell from the previous sentence, I'm a very late sleeper.)

Note: If you find any errors in my profile, especially spelling and grammar errors (which I pride myself on avoiding), please point them out so I can correct them! (I have intentionally left at least one space before and after authors' names in order to make them more legible, even if the space would be grammatically incorrect, so please do not report those as errors.) However, I respectfully request that you not send "flames" or other unnecessary remarks with your corrections; I won't mind if you imitate Simon Cowell and list every single error in my profile, but you don't have to call me an idiot while you're at it.

Oh, and if you know anything about Team Metallix (see below) that I don't know, please tell me! I would really appreciate it!

Table of Contents: Use the "Find" feature of your browser (typically accessed by pressing Ctrl + F on your keyboard) to skip to any section by typing in the full line of text of the section title. For the numbered sections, the number and smiley-face emoticon by themselves will suffice.

1:) Acknowledgements
2:) About the Author
3:) Languages
4:) My Stories
5:) Character Favoritism Information
6:) Abilities for Team Metallix
7:) O.C. (Original/Fan Character) Information
8:) Some Quotes and Jokes
9:) Random Game Stuff
10:) Random Internet Links
Finally, the Legal Disclaimer

1:) Acknowledgements

Darkblur : Thank you for making me that Neo Metal Sonic avatar picture, for some of the links included in Section 10, and for providing me with the Japanese translation for "metal" and "new" for the names of the Team Metallix members. (To other readers, Darkblur and I have confirmed it - "metal" in Japanese is "kinzoku," not "metaru." "Metaru" is - what would be the Japanese counterpart to "Engrish?" - how about if I call it "Japonesque?")
Frozen Nitrogen : Thank you for beta-reading Chapter 2 of my story, for suggesting improvements in Chapter 1, and for suggesting the song, "The Phantom of the Opera" by Nightwish, as a theme song for Tails Doll.
The Conflicted Writer : Thank you for suggesting the song, "I'm Alive" by Disturbed, as a theme song for Team Metallix.
Remember the Forgotten : Thank you for suggesting the songs, "Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead)" and variations thereof from the Guilty Gear series, as theme songs for Mecha Sonic and Super Mecha Sonic.
Bureizu za Vampire : Thank you for providing me with the Japanese translation for "doll" in Tails Doll's name.

2:) About the Author

Gender: Male
Current Location: Virginia, USA
Known Languages: English (United States), Spanish (Puerto Rico)
Likes: Video games, jokes, staying up/sleeping late, Sonic, Mortal Kombat, reading, math, logical puzzles, chess
Dislikes: Work (especially when difficult or, worse, time-consuming), following orders, bullies of all kinds, Sonic Team's career-suicide attempts, Internet connection problems/computer malware, writer's block
Currently Owned Game Systems: PlayStation 3, Nintendo Gamecube, PlayStation Portable, Game Boy Advance SP

3:) Languages

Al Bhed: Y P L T A V K R E Z G M S H U B X N C D I J F Q O W
English: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
1337: 4 13 ( i) 3 i= 6 i-i ! J i( 7 iVi i\i 0 P Q 12 5 + U \/ VV X Y 2

Note 1: Regardless of the alphabet used, "1337" by definition translates to "Leet," which for those who don't know is slang for "elite." Hey, you have to learn it somewhere, and here's as good a place as anywhere else, right?
Note 2: I can fluently speak and read in English and Spanish. I can write in English with equal ability with regard to spelling and grammar; however, when writing in Spanish I still have occasional trouble with accent marks and the spellings of some words.

4:) My Stories

Published - Completed

- A one-shot about Tails Doll for a collab called "The Dark Side of the Hog," organized by Madhog thy Master (This will appear under his account, but I will provide a link to my submitted one-shot here.)
"The Dark Side of the Hog" by Madhog thy Master (Chapter 11, "Tails Doll"):

Published - In Progress

- A Tails Doll X Cream friendship story (It's not just another murder or soul-stealing Tails Doll curse fic!)

Not Published - In Progress

None at this time...

Not Published - Not Yet Begun

- A story of Team Metallix power trip (as usual)

- An "epic" with Team Chaotix as Charlemagne and his court, akin to Sonic and the Black Knight and based on The Song of Roland

- A mock epic about Cream and a tea party gone wrong

5:) Character Favoritism Information

- Favorite Characters:

Team Metallix - Metal Sonic, Tails Doll, and Robo Knuckles for starters, and when I want to also includes Silver Sonic, Rocket Metal, Mecha Sonic/Super Mecha Sonic, Shadow Android, and Neo Metal Sonic (who I will use in my stories as a separate robot and not as an alternate form for the usual Metal Sonic). These are the soldiers who, despite multiple defeats (especially Metal Sonic) at the hands of Sonic and co., continue to rise from their graves and return to the front of the battle. Their programmed will allows neither fear nor pity as they march toward their goal of destroying that fake copy of Metal Sonic. These guys need to get back in the games - they alone could provide a real game to bring the franchise out of the gutter.

I don't usually play favorites, but these are just the ones I plan to write about.

- Least Favorite Character:

I don't really hate any of them, but as far as the games are concerned I'll choose Amy in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) because she got screwed over when Sonic Team nerfed her attack power. She's actually more powerful in Sonic Adventure, but now she can only attack from on the ground at dangerously close range! Besides, she stole Invisibility from Espio!

- Favorite/Least Favorite Couples/Pairings: Pairings don't really matter to me, as long as the overall story is written well.

6:) Abilities for Team Metallix

While I try to keep these "official," I may create or slightly change the names, personalities, or abilities where I believe it can make sense.

Team Metallix (General)

Theme Songs: (These apply to each member, or to the team as a whole. Furthermore, I place no limits on the number of theme songs a character or the team may have.)
Conversation - "Through the Fire and Flames" by Dragonforce
Battle - "I'm Alive" by Disturbed (Suggested by: The Conflicted Writer )

- Basic Members: Metal Sonic, Tails Doll, and Robo Knuckles (I prefer the name "Robo Knuckles" over "Metal Knuckles" or "Mecha Knuckles")
- Additional Members: Silver Sonic, Mecha Sonic, Rocket Metal, Shadow Android (Yellow Standard - Unique), Neo Metal Sonic
- Minions: Shadow Android (All varieties except Yellow Standard - that one is unique), Metal Sonic clone (Circuits and Jester models), "Rehabilitated" Egg Pawn (see Shadow the Hedgehog game, FMV movie scene before Stage 4/Sky Troops, for appearance)
- Speech: All non-minion robots in Team Metallix (including the arguably non-robotic Tails Doll) can speak in the common language and in programming code (represented as "1337"); minion-type robots will speak in programming code only. Messages transmitted electronically or by means other than "normal" speech will be encrypted using ciphers (in this case, "Al Bhed" as used in the games Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, though the name "Al Bhed" will not itself be used in the stories) to hamper the efforts of eavesdroppers to utilize compromised information, and (since I plan on using both 1337 and Al Bhed) messages consisting of programming code may also be enciphered.
- Power Sources: To be changed soon - will involve Chaos Drives.
- Boosters: Those members of Team Metallix who have movement capabilities involving jet boosters use a special air compressor and connected engine to reduce the amount of Chaos Drive power consumed by the booster. This engine fires a powerful enough jet to reach speeds comparable to Formula racing cars, and the compressor consumes Chaos energy at a relatively negligible rate, allowing for near-constant use with little requirement of power conservation as compared to running the boosters on Chaos Drive power alone.

- Note: I only picked out Al Bhed because it's relatively easy to translate Al Bhed to English and vice-versa if you have the key (which can be looked up on Google or GameFAQs, and because, having played Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, I am an Al Bhed Master! E ys yh Al Bhed Sycdan!

Metal Sonic
Metaru Sonikku

Theme Songs
Conversation - "Numb" by Linkin Park
Battle - "Figure .09" by Linkin Park

Special Abilities
- Chest Turbine: Metal Sonic moves by using his chest turbine to propel himself forward while hovering above the ground. While this allows him to reach speeds greater than his fake copy, it also removes all contact with the ground, limiting Metal Sonic's ability to slow or turn quickly. Metal Sonic's chest turbine, combined with his aerodynamic frame, allow him to fly through the air as easily as along (technically, just above) the ground.
- Black Shield: Metal Sonic surrounds himself with a black wide-area force field which throws out crimson electric sparks in all directions to a moderate range. This barrier deflects attacks and damages enemies upon contact, and the sparks can shock and stun anyone caught in the vicinity of the field.
- Yellow Shield: Metal Sonic surrounds himself with a golden barrier which deflects attacks and damages enemies on contact. This barrier is smaller and slightly weaker than that generated by the Black Shield, but the energy conserved by reducing the size of the barrier is fired from the back of his chest turbine, propelling him forward at speeds far higher than usual.
- Arm Laser: Metal Sonic can withdraw his left hand into its forearm to convert his left arm into a laser cannon. He can vary its power anywhere from a stunning shock with the effect of a taser gun to a searing beam capable of burning through steel. This cannon is powered by Metal Sonic's internal battery and recharges energy between shots.
- Copycat: By observing his opponents' use of any special or uncommon ability, Metal Sonic can mimic that ability and use it himself.
- Vehicular Knowledge: Metal Sonic knows how to operate human cars and several of his former master's customized transports.

Personality and Strategy
- Coming Soon

- Coming Soon

Tails Doll
Teirusu Ningyo
(Provided by Bureizu za Vampire )

Theme Songs
Conversation - "The Phantom of the Opera" by Nightwish (Suggested by: Frozen Nitrogen )
Battle - "Animal I Have Become" by Three Days Grace

Special Abilities
- Flight/Wind Resistance: For an unknown reason, Tails Doll hovers above the ground and and is capable of floating in any direction. There does not appear to be a limit on how long Tails Doll can remain airborne; indeed, the cleanliness and integrity of his fabrics suggests that he rarely, if ever, comes in contact with the ground or other surfaces.
- Wire Crystal: Tails Doll has a red, indestructible crystal, apparently a small garnet or ruby cut roughly in the shape of an octahedron, attached to his head by a slender wire; the connections between crystal, wire, and fabric are seamless, as though the three are fused together on the molecular level. This crystal appears to glow with varying degrees of brightness based on what Tails Doll is doing or "thinking," and is capable of projecting sound (ranging from radio transmissions to ultrasonic waves of sound similar to those emitted by dog-training whistles). One use for this is hypnosis; when he causes the crystal to glow with a specific brightness of red and waves it rhythmically in front of an opponent while simultaneously emitting subliminal radio messages, he can attempt to hypnotize targets into following his commands. These commands must be clear and unequivocal, and whether they are followed or not depends on the target's force of will (or lack thereof) and ability to understand and execute the command.
- Plush Body/Flame and Tear Resistance: Tails Doll's body is mostly composed of fabric and stuffing, and this makes him nearly impervious to blunt-force trauma of any kind. Tails Doll's body fabrics are also highly flame-resistant, being able to withstand flames less than 300 degrees Celsius without igniting. Note, however, that this construction makes him very lightweight and vulnerable to wind currents, tangible pushing or pulling forces (such as ropes tied to moving vehicles), and similar forces. Furthermore, his fabrics are not completely waterproof; while Tails Doll's internal circuitry itself is covered with impermeable sealant and he would not short-circuit when wet, his fabrics would get soaked through, weighing him down and slowing him in consequence until he manages to wring himself dry.
- Fangs/Claws/Spikes: Tails Doll's stitched-up mouth can "open" revealing a set of fangs, his hands can similarly sprout claws, and barbs erupt from his tails along the seams between orange and white. These curved spikes look and feel like white plastic, but are actually about as hard and strong as the material used to make the "black box" on modern airplanes. The fangs and tail-barbs are about two inches in length, and the claws are four inches long and function as standard digits (including an opposable thumb) capable of completing the most delicate tasks as easily as rending Mobian flesh in a single swipe. Note that the mouth's being open or closed does not prevent Tails Doll from speaking as he normally does.

Personality and Strategy
- Tails Doll behaves in what most organic Mobians would consider a very immature manner, and often spends his free time seeking such juvenile pursuits as playing with children or inventing nicknames for everyone around him, with his favorite nickname being the one he chose for himself, "Panic Puppet." He is (at least apparently) extremely difficult to upset and can think of the best comeback to shout back at his detractors, even at risk of having his fabric mouth washed out with soap (though threatening to shut him inside a laundry washing machine will sometimes keep his behavior in check; those "spinning machines" make him "real dizzy," and he'll get soaked!). Tails Doll has never had to actually fight anyone before, his only previous contact with Sonic and his friends having been a race several years past; he remains seemingly unaware of his combat potential and will probably whine and attempt to avoid battle by telling his "mean" attackers to "go away." It is possible that, were he to discover his "dormant" powers, he might prefer to hypnotize lone or isolated enemies to either turn them against their comrades or simply send them away; while Tails Doll could charge headlong into battle, relying on his near-immunity to bludgeoning damage to endure his foes' attacks, and fight with fangs and claws to tear his assailants to ribbons, he would probably only do so as a last resort.

- Note: Tails Doll is often portrayed in fan fiction as having the ability to kill and/or steal the souls of his victims. However, it is difficult for me to come up with a scientifically acceptable justification for soul theft, and therefore soul-stealing by Tails Doll will not appear in my stories. That's right, in my first fic (and other future "serious" stories) I'm running a somewhat different Tails Doll from what most people have seen before, and will probably poke fun at the "usual" portrayal of the "Panic Puppet." I hope you like him!

- Coming Soon

Robo Knuckles
Metaru Nakkuruzu

Theme Songs
- "Bodies" by Drowning Pool

Special Abilities
- Back Rockets: Instead of a chest turbine, Robo Knuckles uses rocket micro-boosters on the backs of his shoulders and waist to fly. While similar to Metal Sonic's manner of flight, Robo Knuckles is slower, but can turn more easily.
- Drill Drive: In a similar manner to the other Knuckles, Robo Knuckles can corkscrew while flying in any direction or (at greater speed when) diving towards the ground. He cannot change direction well while performing the Drill Drive, but if he hits his target, the claws on his spinning hands can inflict devastating damage.
- Wall Climb/Burrow: Robo Knuckles can use his claws to climb walls (though he only does so when flying is not a suitable option). He can also burrow through solid rock and steel with minimal effort and little if any damage to his claws or the rest of his mechanical body.

Personality and Strategy
- Coming Soon

- Coming Soon

Silver Sonic
Shiruba Sonikku

Theme Songs
- "Iron Fist" by Motorhead

Special Abilities
- Jet Boosters: Silver Sonic can attain speeds slightly higher than the top speed of Metal Sonic by using the boosters on his shoes and back, and is capable of flight. He also has similar micro-boosters on his forearms, and he can use the boosters on both his arms and feet to propel his limbs in any direction, both to increase the strength and speed of his punches and kicks and to right himself in mid-air so that he lands on his feet.
- Back Blades: The blades on Silver Sonic's back are actually double-blades, one beside the other with about an inch of space between, and are strong and sharp enough to cut through steel. While only three of these double-blades are usually visible at a time, Silver Sonic can curl into a ball (see below) and reveal a total of eight/sixteen curved triangular blades.
- Buzzsaw Spin: Silver Sonic can curl up and shield himself inside a perfectly round ball. When he does so, all eight of his back double-blades are visible, and panels on his biceps, forearms, thighs, and calves unfold and interlock with each other, creating an overall effect of a metallic wrecking ball with a ring of blades arranged like a circular saw along his spine . By firing the boosters on his shoes and arms while curled up, he can spin in a manner similar to Metal Sonic's fake copy and launch himself forward to shred his opponents with his buzzsaw-like blades. Silver Sonic's optical sensor can see between his back blades in order to prevent this form from blocking his vision.
- Blade Spray: While spinning in his buzzsaw form, Silver Sonic can launch a number of blades, usually eight at a time, in a circular spray around him. These have a slightly smaller variation of the design of the blades on his back, but are contained inside his body, are fired from between his "permanent" blades, and can be quickly reloaded from Silver Sonic's internal supply. He carries forty of these "launch-able" blades inside his body, and therefore has enough to use his Blade Spray about five times. Launched blades that are recovered in acceptable condition can be replaced (this process can take about ten minutes while he opens his chest to properly replace the blades and closes the compartment) and used again - each blade is durable enough that usually the only maintenance required of a blade that has been launched less than three times is a routine sharpening of the cutting edges, which is automatically performed as part of the firing process.

Personality and Strategy
- Coming Soon

- Coming Soon

Mecha Sonic
Kinzoku Sonikku
(Provided by Darkblur )

Theme Songs
- "Holy Orders (English Vocals)" by Daisuke Ishiwatari (Suggested by: Remember the Forgotten )
- "Faint" by Linkin Park

- Jet Boosters: Mecha Sonic has micro-boosters in his shoes, forearms, and back which are similar in manufacture and function to those of Silver Sonic. Mecha Sonic's boosters are slower, but provide more fluid turning capability, than those of Silver Sonic; Mecha Sonic's capabilities are approximately equal to Metal Sonic's. Mecha Sonic is capable of flight, and this ability improves when he activates his super transformation (see below).
- Improved Buzzsaw Spin: This ability of Mecha Sonic is also nearly identical to the same ability of Silver Sonic, though Mecha Sonic has greater control over his movements when using this technique than his "older brother." While spinning, Mecha Sonic can "jump" upwards, bounce off the ground multiple times, land from a jump and immediately perform a grounded rolling dash without bouncing, and even fire his micro-boosters during a jump to perform an aerial spinning charge toward a target.
- Vehicular Knowledge: Mecha Sonic can operate certain vehicles of his former master's manufacture, such as the often-modified Egg-O-Matic and Eggmobile transports.
- Super Transformation: By drawing large amounts of power from the Master Emerald on Angel Island (other sources of enormous power may be able to substitute for the Master Emerald, though no such alternate energy source has been properly tested), Mecha Sonic can transform into Super Mecha Sonic. In this form, his body changes color from cobalt blue to a bright golden shine, his capabilities display considerable overall improvement, and he gains new abilities.

Personality and Strategy
- Mecha Sonic is perhaps the most "robotic" member of the team, and most comfortable (or least uncomfortable) with being modeled after Sonic. He typically speaks in as few words as possible, and in meetings is concise and to the point. He may offer ideas when asked, but prefers to ponder and/or execute the ideas of his compatriots. He is a soldier, and is more comfortable as a follower than a leader, though he is by no means talentless as a commander. He is somewhat conservative and careful, preferring to pilot a modified Egg-O-Matic transport and use it to weaken targets before exiting the vehicle to finish the job.

- Coming Soon

Mecha Sonic (Super Form) (Transformation of "Mecha Sonic")
Uber Kinzoku Sonikku (Provided by Darkblur )

Theme Songs
- "Holy Orders (Japanese Vocals)" by Lapis Lazuli (Suggested by: Remember the Forgotten )
- "Faint (Remix)" by Linkin Park

- Default Attack Abilites: All abilites available to Mecha Sonic's original form are available to his super form.
- Increased Power: Mecha Sonic's newfound power greatly increases his speed, strength, and resistance to damage.
- Improved Boosters: Mecha Sonic's boosters are improved by the power he has absorbed, enabling him to fly at higher speeds and make more fluid turns than in his original form.
- Energy Orb: By drawing from the power that enabled his transformation, Mecha Sonic can now fire large spheres of energy that inflict heavy concussive damage to targets they come in contact with. While powerful, this ability heavily exhausts Mecha Sonic's absorbed power, causing him to revert to his normal form if he uses the ability too often.
- Power Ring Shot: Mecha Sonic can shape his newfound power into rings of energy that surround him and launch in all directions, burning through their targets with unnerving accuracy. This is not as powerful as his Energy Orb attack, but it does not use up as much energy, allowing Mecha Sonic to maintain his super form longer.

Personality and Strategy
- Mecha Sonic retains nearly all aspects of his personality after transformation into and from his super form. The only change is that he is somewhat less conservative with energy use, relying more on his newly acquired abilities than on other means of attack. He does not use his super transformation in the first place unless he can remain close to whatever energy source enables it, so that he may immediately recharge his power when necessary and return to battle.

- Coming Soon

Rocket Metal
Roketto Metaru Sonikku

Theme Songs
- "Rocket Ride" by Edguy

- Artificial Chaos Emerald: An artificially manufactured orange Chaos Emerald serves as an additional battery for Rocket Metal. He uses its power to fuel flight in his rocket form and his special attack abilities. This false Chaos Emerald's power is not limitless, however, and it only allows for forty-eight continuous hours' worth of rocket-flight time and/or Hyper Barrier sustainment before it must recharge - a process which, though performed automatically and without requirement of an obvious external energy source, takes twenty-four continuous hours to complete if uninterrupted and longer if power is drawn during that time. If the false Chaos Emerald is overtaxed, it may become unstable and prone to explosion (an exploding Chaos Emerald, genuine or artificial, is never a good thing), but Rocket Metal has programmed a safeguard which will warn him if the Emerald's remaining power level reaches ten percent and cease its use at five percent (forcing him into his normal form and disabling most of his abilities until the Emerald is fully recharged).
- Jet Engines/Rocket Form: Rocket Metal can realign his body parts to take the form of a missile. In his normal form his chest- and feet-mounted jet engines run on standard compressed air and allows speeds to slightly exceed Silver Sonic, but when he assumes his rocket form, he utilizes the energy of his Artificial Chaos Emerald to multiply his speed, allowing Rocket Metal to break the escape velocity of Mobius. Both of his forms are capable of flight (albeit at drastically different speed limits), but Rocket Metal cannot use his other special abilities, perform functions requiring his concealed limbs, or even travel more slowly than two hundred miles per hour while in rocket form, or fly at rocket-form speed in his normal form (the G-forces produced by such speeds create intense pressure and heat beyond the endurance of his normal form). Therefore, use of his rocket form is usually reserved for important occasions (such as high-speed transportation of actual Chaos Emeralds to far-flung bases of operation). Note that Rocket Metal cannot hover in place in either form; like any other moving object, he is subject to inertia and sometimes gravity
- Armored Quills: Rocket Metal's quills have sufficient resistance to heat and pressure to enable him to escape the atmosphere of Mobius in his rocket form. This protection also applies in nearly any other situation; with the exceptions of his face, stomach, and limbs in his standard form (which cannot sustain much damage and therefore prevent him from flying at rocket-speed in normal form), Rocket Metal is extremely resilient and difficult to effectively damage by most conventional forms of attack.
- Hyper Barrier: By drawing from the energy of his Artificial Chaos Emerald while in his normal form, Rocket Metal can generate a seemingly impenetrable wall of force which deflects virtually all manner of enemy attacks. The Hyper Barrier does not directly inflict damage upon enemies, though, and Rocket Metal cannot penetrate the barrier (other than by ceasing his use of it) any more than his enemies can; however, if he activates it while in motion, it can be used as an effective ramming attack. As the Hyper Barrier absorbs attacks, it draws power from the artificial Emerald to maintain its strength; if the shield draws power too often, the Emerald may malfunction (again, not a desirable event to anyone) and stop restoring the Hyper Barrier correctly. Should this happen, the shield will change color from turquoise blue to white to tangerine orange to indicate that it is weakening; continued attacks against a weakened Hyper Barrier will not damage the Artificial Chaos Emerald, but they will "shatter" the shield and leave Rocket Metal stunned for the few seconds it takes to stabilize the Emerald and resume normal function. In order to avoid overcharging his systems and suffering self-inflicted mechanical damage, Rocket Metal must cease all other active efforts while maintaining the Hyper Barrier; he can therefore only safely use this ability on the ground or in zero-gravity space.
- Emerald Dive: Rocket Metal augments the output of his compressed-air engine with a relatively small amount of energy from his Artificial Chaos Emerald to fly forward at higher-than-usual speed, while twisting his body in a corkscrew motion; in essence, he uses a functionally identical version of Robo Knuckles' Drill Drive, substituting his formidable quills for the mechanical echidna's spiked fists. This ability executes deceptively quickly and can inflict heavy damage to opponents with little regard for danger of impact, as Rocket Metal's quills can withstand such great pressures and impacts; however, its range is somewhat limited because overtaxation of Rocket Metal's standard engine and/or the false Emerald can endanger Rocket Metal and risk irreparable mechanical damage.
- Airplane Drop: While flying in his normal form, Rocket Metal has a particularly effective technique of grabbing an opponent with his pincer-hands and rising into the air before diving downward and slamming his opponent into the ground.
- Chest Laser: In his normal form, Rocket Metal can use his Artificial Chaos Emerald to power a laser cannon built into his chest. While similar in construction to Metal Sonic's arm laser, Rocket Metal's laser is capable of greater power and range at the expense of a longer charge time. Rocket Metal usually uses it on somewhat weakened targets, who are easily caught off guard and knocked unconscious with one shot.

Personality and Strategy
- Coming Soon

- Coming Soon

Shadow Android (Black with yellow highlights)
Shado Saibogu

Theme Songs
Conversation - "Black Fire" by Dragonforce
Battle - "Me Against the World" by Simple Plan

- Coming Soon

Personality and Strategy
- Coming Soon

- Coming Soon

Neo Metal Sonic
Atarashii Metaru Sonikku (Provided by Darkblur )

Theme Songs
Conversation - "Deify" by Disturbed
Battle - "Immortal" by Adema

- Lightning Laser: A weapon similar to but many times more powerful than Metal Sonic's Arm Laser. Neo Metal Sonic fires a beam of plasma energy combined with a bolt of electricity from his right hand at his target. This combination causes an explosion at the point of impact that has on a previous occasion proven potent enough to destroy an entire section of one of his former master's flying battleships.
- More Coming Soon

Personality and Strategy
- Coming Soon

- Coming Soon

7:) O.C. (Original/Fan Character) Information

I do not usually like the use of OCs in stories. I recognize that some authors are very creative and skilled in the use of their OCs, but with so many others that fill up FF-dot-net with Maru-Sue's and Gary-Stu's, I highly doubt that I myself will use OCs.

With the exceptions of Metal Sonic, Neo Metal Sonic, and perhaps Shadow Android, no members of Team Metallix are given personalities or other characterization than their basic use as enemies in Sonic games. I therefore claim the privilege of authorial license to invent personalities and other traits for these relatively nondescript canon characters as I will use them in my works of fan fiction, but I will attempt to ground them in canon facts about the character (Tails Doll is a doll and therefore could be reasonably expected to act like a child, etc.).

8:) Some Quotes and Jokes

These are not necessarily Sonic-related, but I still hope you like them!

"No matter what a man's past may have been, his future is spotless."
- John R. Rice

"I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."
- Voltaire

"We all make choices... but in the end, our choices make us."
- Andrew Ryan, BioShock (XBox 360, PC, PS3)

"When you were born, you cried, and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that, when you die, the world will cry and you will rejoice."
- Old Indian saying

"Nothing of importance happened today."
- Journal entry written by King George III, dated July 4, 1776

- Why is it that you have to be 21 to enter a strip club and look at the strippers, but you only have to be 18 to be a stripper?

"Be wiser than other men, if you can, but do not tell them so."
- Lord Chesterfield to his son

"Descended from the apes! My lord, let us hope that it is not true, but if it is, let us pray that it will not become generally known."
- Wife of the Archbishob of Worcester, upon hearing of the theory of evolution

"I'm glad to be going - this is the loneliest place in the world."
- William Howard Taft, when he left the office of President of the United States

"I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it."
- Anonymous

"Does the Devil exist to lure Man to commit crimes and sins, in order to punish them with Fire and Brimstone?"
"I don't think Man needs the help."
- Calvin & Hobbes comic strip

- A man is walking through the hallway of a hospital when he hears a doctor yelling out, "Measles! Typhoid! Flu! Tetanus!"
He asks a nurse, "What's wrong with that doctor?"
The nurse answers, "Oh, he likes to call the shots around here."

- "There's a dead monkey in the streets! It's a serious problem, Mr. Governor! A dead monkey in plain public view and you're not doing anything about it!"
"But Mr. Reverend, isn't it your job to bury the members of your congregation?"
"Yes, Mr. Governor, but first I must inform the family of the deceased."

- A drunk is driving through the street, and he keeps crashing into light poles.
A cop stops him and yells at him, "You've already crashed into eight light poles!"
The drunk answers, "Good. Only five more before I get home."

- A drunk ran a red light and crashed into a cop car.
The cop yelled at him, "Didn't you see the red light?"
The drunk says, "Officer, I saw the red light, but I didn't see you."

- A drunk gets pulled over by a cop. Just before the cop can shove the drunk into the backseat with handcuffs on, the cop's radio buzzes him. The dispatcher asks him, "Since you stopped the car, did you turn off the engine?" When the cop answers no, the dispatcher launches a tirade to remind him that the economy is in turmoil, budgets are low, gas prices are rising, and the department has to save all the money it can.
The drunk suddenly offers an idea: "Hey, if it'll help the department, I'll drive myself to jail."

- "Hello, officer. Has the man who broke into my house last night been arrested yet?"
"Yes, sir. He is currently in cell number 382-5968. I assume you want to talk to him?"
"That's right, officer. I just have to know."
The man was escorted to the cell, and when he saw its occupant, he knew he had to ask the question if he wanted to know how it had been done. He spoke slowly and directly, his eyes never leaving the inmate. "I'm going to ask you a simple question, and I want you to tell me the truth. How could you do it? I have to know! How? How did you get inside my house so late at night without waking up my wife?"

- A priest died of old age, and in heaven he was shown his eternal reward. To his disappointment, it was only a small shack. But over to his right he sees a taxi driver being shown a lovely estate with gardens and pools.
The priest complains, "I don't get it! I preach the word of God for fifty years and all I get is a shack, while this cabbie gets a mansion?"
Saint Peter explains to him, "It's quite simple, really. When you prayed, people slept. When he drove, people prayed."

- The boss walks in and finds an employee sleeping on the job. Instead of waking him up, the boss places a note on the employee's chest. It reads, "As long as you're still asleep, you have a job, but as soon as you wake up, you're fired."

- Charmy: "What do you call a crocodile wearing headphones?"
Vector: "I don't know!"
Espio: "Anything you want. He can't hear you."

- In the beginning, God populated the Earth with vegetables of all kinds, so that Man would live a long and healthy life.
And Satan created the 99-cent double cheeseburger. And Satan asked, "You want fries with that?"
And Man said, "Supersize 'em!"
And Man gained pounds.
God created healthy yogurt.
And Satan froze the yogurt, and brought forth chocolates, almonds, and brightly colored candies to put on top.
And Man gained more pounds.
Then God created running shoes, and Man resolved to lose those extra pounds.
Then Satan created remote control, cable TV, and potato chips. And Man clutched his remote and ate his chips. Satan saw this and said, "It is good."
And Man went into cardiac arrest. God smacked Himself on the forehead and created quadruple bypass surgery.
Then Satan created HMOs...

- A man is having severe financial problems with his business, and in desperation he turns to his priest for advice. The man of God tells him, "Take your Bible and go to the beach. Open the Bible and lay it flat on the ground. Allow the wind to blow through the pages until it stops, then read. The first words you see will tell you what you should do."
He follows the priest's instructions and travels to the beach with his Bible. He opens the book and lays it flat on the ground, watching the wind blow through the pages. When the wind dies down, his eyes fall on the words that are meant for him.
One year later, that same man pulls up to the church, driving a new Cadillac and wearing an expensive suit. He walks over to the priest and hands him a very thick envelope, saying, "Please accept this donation for your church. If it wasn't for your advice, I would not have the success I have today."
The priest is dumbfounded, and asks, "What words did you see that brought you such good fortune?"
"Chapter Eleven."

- God: "I'm gonna sue you for illegally stealing souls!"
Satan: "Yeah, right! Where are you gonna find a lawyer?"

- Two cows are grazing in the middle of their farmer's pastures. One cow says to the other, "I was artificially inseminated this morning."
The other cow says, "No way. I don't believe you."
The first cow insists, "It's true - no bull."

- Four men show up for job interviews at the same company. Each is interviewed separately and asked the same question. The manager asks each applicant the question, "What is two and two?"
The first man, a journalist, answers: "Twenty-two." The second man, an engineer, calculates the solution to be between 3.999 and 4.001. The third man was a lawyer, and he cited a court case in which two and two was legally proven to equal four.
The last man was an accountant. When he heard the question, he leaned over and whispered into the manager's ear: "How much do you want it to be?"

9:) Random Game Stuff

Sonic the Hedgehog Control Possibilities

All of these control schemes will assume that the PlayStation 3 Sixaxis wireless controller is being used.

Basic Template

X: Jump (Hold until colliding with an enemy to jump off it without damaging it or yourself), (While Locked-On) Evade, (While Strafing) Strafing Jump
Square: Attack
Circle: Special (Generally requires and depletes Action Gauge, which refills under conditions)
Triangle: Interact with Environment/2-Player Special (In 2-Player Co-op, uses your partner's ability; in 2-Player Vs., attacks opponent)
D-Pad: Special Toggle
Left Analog: Move
Right Analog: Camera Control (Left/Right: Rotate horizontally around player; Up/Down: Angle from isometric to bird's-eye) (During Strafe, aim First-Person camera)
L1: Lock-On to Target (Move while facing enemy; homing attacks automatically aim for targeted enemy)
L2: Strafe (Move while facing constant direction)
R1: To be decided
R2: Command Partner (1-Player Only: Hold, then select option with Left Analog; CPU partner automatically tries Attack, Defend, Stealth, and Return) (Attack commands ally to actively chase and fight enemies, attacking different targets than the player; Defend commands ally to attack enemies near the player; Stealth commands ally to evade and circumvent enemies; if ally ha fallen into a bottomless pit, Return respawns ally near player for a cost in Rings.)
R3: Snap camera behind player; during Lock-On, target different enemy (use Left Analog to determine directional priority)
Evade + Square: Counter Attack (Aims for targeted enemy)
Strafing Jump + Left Analog + Square: Strafing Attack (Same as Counter Attack, but faces original direction after completing attack)


X: Spin Jump (Damages enemies on contact), Homing Attack
Square: Somersault, Spin Dash (Action Gauge empties as speed builds up), Bound Jump (Bounces 1.5/2/maximum 2.5 times Spin Jump height)
Circle: Light Dash (Only when near Rings), Tornado Spin (Launches nearby enemies upward without damage; when used in mid-jump, dash toward and launch target upward; requires and depletes Action Gauge to use)
Triangle: (Co-op) Ground - Tag-Along Spin Dash, Air - Tag-Along Homing Attack, (Vs.) Sonic Wind (Damages opponent and launches directly upward, removing momentum)
D-Pad: Not used
R1: To be decided
Evade/Counter Attack: Side Roll, Homing Attack

Super Smash Bros. Control Possibilities

All of these control schemes will assume the Nintendo Gamecube controller is being used. I've only played Super Smash Bros. Melee, so for the most part I'll limit my suggested control schemes to options available in that game and a Final Smash attack.

Nero (Devil May Cry 4)

Standard Attacks and Smash Attacks
- A,A,A,A: Red Queen Combo A. Nero executes four quick slashes with the Red Queen, the last of which knocks opponents away.
- Side+A:
- Up+A:
- Down+A:
- Run+A:
- Side Smash:
- Up Smash:
- Down Smash:

Special Attacks, Throws
- B: Blue Rose. Nero draws his double-barreled revolver and fires in a straight line in front of him; he can also charge energy in his demonic right arm for Charge Shots. Rapid-clicking B will fire individual bullets which travel very quickly and with little delay between shots (and slow his fall if used in mid-air), but inflict 2 percent damage and do not knock opponents backwards (in effect, Fox's Blaster). Holding B will allow for Charge Shots; releasing B will fire the shot at its current Charge Level (pushing slightly backward if used in mid-air, regardless of Charge Level), and Nero can move, jump, and use non-special attacks while power is charged. Charge Level 1 is reached in two seconds, knocks the target back like a Strong Attack, and inflicts 7 percent damage; Charge Level 2 is reached in six seconds, knocks the target away like a Smash Attack, inflicts 15 percent damage, and causes a mini-explosion at the point of impact which inflicts 4 percent splash damage on nearby enemies (splash damage from Level 2 does not knock back additional enemies); and Charge Level 3 is reached in ten seconds, knocks the target far away like a Home-Run Smash Attack (somewhat like Roy's fully-charged Fire Blade), inflicts 35 percent damage, and causes a larger mini-explosion at the point of impact which inflicts 10 percent splash damage on nearby enemies and knocks them back like a Strong Attack. While moving and taking damage will not interrupt the charge, Nero cannot use other Special Attacks while preparing a Charge Shot (because the B Button is held down), and the Charge Shot will fire when the B Button is released (unless he is being knocked down or otherwise unable to attack anyway, in which case the charge is lost).
- Side+B: Streak/Calibur.
- Up+B: High Roller/Roulette Spin.
- Down+B: Shuffle/Split.
- R: Snatch/Hell Bound.
- R (A): Scarecrow Buster.
- R (Forward): Hold/Angelo Credo's Shield Buster.
- R (Up): Cutlass Buster.
- R (Down): Mega Scarecrow Buster.
- R (Back): Frost Buster.

Taunt and Other Abilities
- Taunt: Exceed.
- Shield: Ice blue color
- Sideways Dodge: Side Roll.
- "Sidestep" Dodge: Table Hopper.
- Tether Recovery: Throw (Hell Bound).
- Double Jump: Air Hike.
- Wall Jump: Kick Jump.
- Wall Cling: No.

Final Smash
- B (after acquiring Smash Ball): Devil Trigger.

10:) Random Internet Links

Sonic the Hedgehog

- "Sonic Shorts" series and others ("thewax70," NewGrounds): http:///flash/

Emulator/ROM Downloads
- "Gens" Emulator Download (Official Site): http:///downloads.shtml
- "Gens" Sega CD / Sega 32X BIOS Files: http:///index.php?page=emulators&system=Sega20Genesis (For this link to work properly, type the URL into your Address Bar, then insert a percent sign between "Sega" and "20" - some characters, including percent signs, are removed from profiles/links/etc. by FF-dot-net filters.) The files to look for appear as follows: Sega 32X BIOS Files - "Sega 32X BIOS (2 kb)" ; Sega CD BIOS Files - "Sega CD BIOS - US-EU-JP (267 kb)"
- Sonic Hack ROMs (Sonic Retro): http:///Category:Hacks

Other Downloads
- Shadow of a Hedgehog (Great Sonic Downloads! Soundtracks, wallpapers, etc.): http:/// (Provided by Darkblur )


- Jesus vs. Terminator (MAD TV):

Chuck Norris

- Third Fist (Family Guy):
- Vs. Bruce Lee (Rome - Way of the Dragon):

Mr. T.

- Night Elf Mohawk (World of Warcraft commercial):


- The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny:
- The Ultimate Brawl of Ultimate Destiny (Super Smash Bros. Brawl version): (Provided by Darkblur )
- The Hitler Rap:
- Falcon Punch Collision -
- Brock Opens His Eyes -

- What NOT to Do at Work - http:///anger-management-land.php (Provided by SkulY2K)

More Coming Soon...

Finally, the Legal Disclaimer

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. Criminal copyright infringement is investigated by the FBI and may constitute a felony punishable under relevant legislation. I claim no ownership whatsoever of the names of persons, places, or items of any type in this document or others that I may publish, though in my published stories I do claim ownership of the plot or plots thereof, as those are the product of my own imagination. Any and all persons and/or events described in my published works are entirely fictitious, and any similarity to actual persons, whether living, dead, or not yet born, or to events of the past, present, or future, are completely and totally accidental and coincidential. Some of my works already published or to be published may depict activities of a nature which some may consider to be objectionable (including but not limited to violence); I do not in any way endorse, condone, or encourage such activities, and any attempts to, and all results of attempts to, recreate the activities depicted in said works are the sole responsibility of the person or persons making such attempts.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

The Hunted by Icy Knuckles reviews
Knuckles and Rouge are attacked by two bounty hunters who won't stop at nothing to eliminate them. With only each other, can they survive long enough to defeat their attackers or will they be terminated? Read on to watch as the hunters become the hunted.
Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 10 - Words: 34,423 - Reviews: 85 - Favs: 67 - Follows: 38 - Updated: 11/30/2017 - Published: 7/1/2009 - Knuckles, Rouge
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I can't just leave them to rust in here…….I gotta do something, to make this right."
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