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Hey. I really hate these damn things. Anywho, I'm a 35 year old mother of 3, married to the same man for 17 years, two cars, a house that is way past too goddamn small, no pets and I'm in debt up to my eyeballs. Now that we have gotten past the family part, we will explore the other side of me.

Intimate Ties was my first fic to write. I enjoyed every minute of writing it. I become very emotionally involved with my characters, making it difficult for me to end the story, but as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. I am a temperamental author, meaning I take things a little too serious when it comes to my stories. I know, you're all thinking the same thing "Get Over It!" Yeah, um, tried that, doesn't work for me. To make a long story short, ignore my rants and ramblings in my author's notes, makes things simpler. For those of you that have read my stories, you know I like to leave cliffies. I would apologize, but, now that I think about it, I won't. I believe that there are moments in a story where it is appropriate, inviting the reader to come back for more. Also, I like to get your hamster wheels turning. Some readers want everything revealed in the very beginning. I won't do that. What's the point? I could write a one-shot and be done with it, making it very boring and a waste of my finger-to-keyboard time.

I love knowing what my readers are thinking. If you want to discuss a chapter or the story in general, or maybe even have some ideas, PM me. I will always respond to your questions or concerns. On another note, I'm not a professional author. I don't get paid to write, nor do I want to. It's just for shits and giggles, so please don't complain to me about a phrase I used or a word that YOU feel I shouldn't have used, and yes I am horrible with the type-os. Most of the time I am writing with a 2 year old sleeping in my lap, or multi-tasking, going back and forth between Quickbooks and Word. I run my own massage business as well as a behind-the-scenes peacekeeper in my husband's construction business, and run a household. I'm not super-mom, but I still bring lighting fast updates. So if you could forgive a few misspelled words (yes I use spell check) that would be greatly appreciated.

My writing style just comes straight out of my head. I don't really stop and ponder and think too hard about a sentence or a word, or make sure I made proper use of a prepositional phrase and so forth. What you read is what you get. I like adapting my characters to real life situations, sometimes. I like blending intrigue, romance, drama, and angst in a story. And yes, I'm known for pulling the rug out from under the happiness of the characters, at least for a little while.

Inspirations? Hmmm. I am a reader, but I don't believe I have a favorite author. I enjoy psychological thrillers, medical thrillers, romantic suspense. Am I a Twilight lover? Oh lord. Here we go. I consider my relationship with the Twilight Saga of the love/hate category. Does the word cockblock mean anything to any of you? Yeah. I thought so. So if you complain that I cockblock any of my chapters, I will kindly refer you back to the Twilight series to refresh the definition of cockblock. The concept was great in the romance and the angst and the whole idea, but the every book could have been written better. I know that is crappy coming from a FF author, but I bet I can conjure up at least ten more people that agree with me. Oh, and let's not for get Edward. SIGH Dreamy McVampy himself. Fictional character, yes, but makes me tingle in the lady bits nonetheless.

Speaking of the nether region tingling. Robert Pattinson. Yes, I am Robsessed with the SuperBrit. Will he be the reason for my divorce? Most likely. Just kidding. Sort of. I AM A PROUD MEMBER OF ROB'S IMDb message board! While I'm at it, I'm giving a holla to my girls!





autumn "that's what he said" pearl

SaltWaterKisses (my southern sista!)




Shelly (I ADORE YOU!)

There are more, but these ladies have been my biggest supporters and have continued to encourage me and tolerate all my shit.

That's all for now. If I can think of some other randomness, I'll return here and edit. But for now, I bid you peace, love, and happy reading!

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