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Author has written 4 stories for Naruto, Guilty Gear, Bleach, Kingdom Hearts, and Claymore.

Name: I dont feel like telling ya

Age: why would you want to know

Hobbies: not even I know that...

favorite anime: Naruto,bleach,wolf's rain,death note,inuyasha,probobly lots more but I forgot

favorite games: Kingdom hearts 2,.hack//G.U Vol.1,2,and 3,legend of dragoon (best game ever from its time)

likes: candy,video games,fanfic pairings not used often, and fanfic ideas not used often as said in arachnid blood when I mentioned how I was annoyed that whenever someone used a spider naruto fanfic,it was only about naruto with spider man powers or venom suit naruto

things I dontlike: spiders,I hate them.

also I would like to state I have very little skill in other languages, english is the language I was brought up on

made up characters that are important:

Helio Vashida (mostly naruto OC)

leader of the vashida clan (that is almost dead) and jinchuuriki of takayubi and he leads the land of darkness, his true intentions are unkown...even to me.

personality-he is veary joyfull yet stupid for he decided to take a job that run's three shinobi villages plus the rest of the country. he like's being covered in darkness as it is his greatest source of power... he also hates birds.

strength's-with takaubi he can alter darkness into a physical entity to use as a weapon, his kekkei genkai shaningan (which in his family's personal language means Library eye) is like an actual library stored in his head. the vashida clan was a research clan, they loved to learn new thing (more like obsessed with learning new stuff) and they used their shaningan to learn them (for the user it is like samus scan visor from metroid prime) once scaned they instantly new their background,their thoughts,what their going to do next,and all their knowledge.

vashida clan-they could use their shaningan eye (shaningan only takes up one eye) to use other bloodlines to their full limit but without the draw back's (ex.mongekyo sharringan=no blindness) however they can only use a kekkei genkai that requires only the body of the user (ex:elemant manipulation,doujutsu=yes, something like aburame's bugs=no). once they learned somthing the clan never knew about they would research on it and would write a documentary on it and placed it in the clan's library (which is big) their bloodline was considered the 2nd strongest clan in the land of darkness,seconed to only the Ogaboroga clan and their power of thing they where famous for was that Vashida clan members of pure vashida blood had a never ending life span meaning they can only be killed and/or die from an illness. Those that were of 100% Vashida DNA were refered to as "purebloods" by the rest of the clan, and the ones that were only partialy vashida were refered to as "Hybrids", Helio is a pureblood.

weakness-Helio's few weakness's are his clan's weakness, and his weakness against light.His clan weakness was their fragile bones the Vashida's were powerful but not invincible ther bone structure was veary veary VEARY fragile due to imbreeding so they broke easily until they discovered the kaguya clan's dead bone pulse whitch made the kaguya's bone less lickley break, the Vashida's used this to their advantage and made them less fragile, but not by very much.

Saizo Vashida (naruto)

Saizo is Helio's younger cousin, he is also a hybrid vashida,hence why his name dosent have "Heli" in it. He specilizes in Taijutsu that uses speed he cant use the shaningan as good as Helio but he is still no pushover and isnt one to let his guard down.He is a teacher in kagegakure's academy and some time's a dark seint (special group of ninja's in land of darkness like the seven swordsman of the mist) he dosent do mutch now though on account I never made him appear in my fanfic's yet.

Helix Vashida (mostly Naruto)

Helio's big brother,unlike Helio, Helix does not have any medication that makes him less retarded,Helix use's a black dragon guitar with a black dragon head for the head of said guitar to which he uses to controll lightning.

his main weakness that he is scared of cows, why he fears them is unknown.

Dexnoir Ogaboroga (mostly naruto)

a remnant of the Ogaboroga clan he can use his bloodline to have special crystals float around him to attack and defend,he has a habit of being curious about thing's like what other jinchuuriki might be capable of and like Helio he likes to learn new thing's.

Kekkei Genkai- His power comes from a pact with various spirits, 8 spirits of ants, 4 spirits of wild boars, and 2 spirits of man. Each crystal pact symbolizes an aspect of the spirit. The ants symbolize a colony working together to attack and defend, the boars symbolize charging down an enemy, and the spirits of man symbolize the destruction of the world.

Reddra (mostly bleach)

he is a being known as a VizVasto a being who has compleatly become part hollow part shinigami (in my fanfic's Vizards have a line of evolution like a menos but only if the evolution was natural) he is the younger brother of bluezo and the right half of his body is red minus his skin that is a bit pale ex.half his hair is red the other half brown,one eye is red the other is hazel,half his outfit is red the other black

powers:his red eye has the power to cast unbreakabe illusions on someone and mess with their head giving them faulse memories and thoughts. his Zanpaktou look's like a blood red combination of a scimitar and katana. it's released form's are unknown.

personality:Reddra is like a chearful little child despite his age he always look's out for his friends and his big brother bluezo and yet he is an expert coward (being a coward is not an easy skill you know) he likes to use his red eye to cast illusions on people as well as roam through their minds, but he is not a veary bad person.

Bluezo (mostly bleach)

bluezo is the older brother of Reddra and a veary strong VizVasto he lost himself in his 2nd evolution as a kahn (second stage soul reaper evolution) but Reddra's red eye saved him and he could keep his self awareness (note:the seconed level of a soul reapers hollowfication shall be known as kahn, and evolving into one has a 67.3 percent chance to lose your self awareness,kind of like a gillian has no individualism unless their minds are stronger than the hollow they ate or somthing. Kahn obey VizVasto and the Kahn that do have self awareness) the left side of bluezo's body is blue but not the skin, like Reddra's outfit the left side of bluezo's is blue while the right side is black the left side of bluezo's hair is blue and right side brown he has a saphire blue left eye and hazel right eye, his zanpaktou looks the same as reddras except azure blue

powers:bluezo's Blue eye can make Reddra's illusions real and alter the physical condition of an opponent,such as reverse a person's aging process or speed it up,increase a persons physical strength and/or physical condition, manipulate an objects weight or total body mass.

personality:unlike Reddra, Bluzo is serious and crule but soft to his little bro Reddra. he has no sense of humor what so ever but sometimes finds it amusing to watch a person go mad (crazy mad) from Reddra's illusions.

Zeiger/E.B.O.N.Y (Guilty Gear)

Name: Zeiger (E.B.O.N.Y)

Species: Homunculus

blood type: an unknown poison liquid, most likely mercury.

Threat level: possible SSS

details: A homunculus that is possibly made by the same company that made the homunculus A.B.A. all known data was found about it was that it was ment to be a prototype weapon code named "the Ebony" which stands for E-lusive B-acteria O-n N-osferatu Y-acare. it was designed to spread a bacteria towards specific targets that prove fatal to a Human's immune system, but when created instead of being controllable it was a killer, a big killer that could kill lots of things that could be killed.

upon awakening it saw the scientist's and went berserk and slaughtered all the scientist's in the facility and escaped, but not without damaging it's brain resulting in a split personality that controls the body 24/7 until close encounters to death or in extremely distressing situation's. the alter ego has a very low intelligence and is unable to speak minus random noises that is possibly its way to talk, after obtaining a demon scythe named Drow the alter ego was named "Zeiger" the scythe is constantly wielded by the Zeiger side and isnt actually used, unless the E.b.o.n.y regains control, the scythe is capable of speech just as the demon axe wielded by the A.B.A and seems to be controlling the Zeiger side for whatever purpose it has. Fighting style when Zeiger is in control is waiting for opponent to come close then strike or teleporting to a hidden spot and ambushing target. while the Ebony just swings wildly cutting up his target until it dies.

For the damage done to the facility it was made in, as well as the possibillity of the Ebony returning compleatly, his threat shall remain triple S.

here are some plots for fanfic's that other people are free to take if they want to use them.

Naruto/ G. I. Joe. crossover, NARUTO IS THE COBRA COMMANDER!:

as the title says, naruto is the cobra commander, of the organization COBRA, no there will not be any G. I. Joe-ing but instead it is just Cobra vs the ninja of the world except kiri, because that is where the COBRA HQ is secretly at.

anyway, naruto get's banished after he graduates from the academy not to be seen for another 6 years. only he is the ruler of the Organization that started to rain terror over...amegakure because that is were they started after they set up base in Kiri when they started in the first place. what goes on after that everybody else can decide. and naruto need's to look like the cool retro Cobra commander with the shiny face mask.

Naruto/bleach crossover, Naruaaroniero Arrurueriemaki:

Naruto dies at the bridge in the wave arc and goes to hueco mundo as a hollow, and eats hollow till he turns into a gillian. but he loses his individualism...HOWEVER!.when he gets defeated by Aaroniero Arruruerie he does that obsorby thingy I learned about Via arrancar encyclopedia, and naruto becomes part of Aaroniero.

But thanks to the kyuubi Naruto's soul gets turned into a third bobble head thingy inside the giant test tube that his the 9th espada's head. and that is all I thought up of for that other than the fact that naruto wants to find a way to seperate from his new body and get his own new one for himself only.

Naruto/bleach crossover, fox in a snake's skin:

when Naruto is alive he get's taken by Orochimaru and made his new vessal. when Orochimaru get's killed by sasuke the snake get's sent to soul society...only Naruto regain's control again...but ehh...he kinda looks like a certain snake sanin now. BUT at least he can live out his after-life as a snake that used to be a fox...but not an actual snake or fox that's just a semi-pun

on a side note, Naruto's zanpakuto is basicaly Kusangi. also Naruto is a evil Scientist as a side affect of being Orochimaru thus getting him in 12th devision. I figured that would be an interesting whay to start a story.

Naruto/FF7 crossover, one winged fox:

Naruto gets taken by shinra after the sealing, gets some jenova cells put into his body, shinra gets threatend by the sandaime to return him or shinra gets destroyed, shinra agrees, naruto gets sent back but with a few mental problems. Thats basicaly how it starts.

naruto becomes a mama's boy when it comes to jenova. and when Naruto turns 10 the Jenova cell's activate and Naruto's personallity turns a compleat turn around and he leaves Konoha and tries to find "mother" then it is basically FF7 only you throw Naruto in there with Sephiroth. Also Kushina is alive because she is Naruto's real mother but Naruto thinks Jenova is and refuses to change his mind, that sounds like a plot element that should be fun for some people to use, a mother trying to get her child back but said child strongly believes another person to be his mother, many possibilities.

Naruto/FF8 crossover, he who weilds time:

People thought the 4th hokage and kushina uzumaki were Naruto's parents. but what if they werent and Naruto's real mother was... Ultimecia, the witch who weilds time.

that's all I got, you can make up what ever you want.

Naruto/FFIX crossover, whirlpool's deadly music:

A what if story if Naruto got a new bloodline, then changed his hair white and got a different hairstyle, and new outfit, and changed his name to kuja.

so basicaly naruto becomes kuja, leaves konoha because of the abuse, gets a job as a traveling street performer to make money, starts fighting bad people, makes some powerful friends, makes his own village, starts going crazy because the old idiot Danso tries to get the kyuubi and messes with the seal, cruel insane kuja personality starts popping up, the rest of the story is your to make up.

Naruto/inuyasha crossover, a desire for vengance:

when Naruto is beaten by a mob and he crawls to an old cave and fall's unconcous. when he awakens he see's many demons surrounding him, after being scared into his mindscape out he is offered a deal by kyuubi, as it turns out Naruto has a kekkei genkai that allows him to absorb any form of matter into his body and convert it into stuff like chakra, blood ect. but kyuubi's deal involves upgrading this so that he can obsorb any living thing granting him the victim's power, and anything he dosent already have ( example: if he obsorbed uchiha madara, he would get the eternal mangekyou sharingan) and what the kyuubi wants is whatever you want i'm too lazy to think of one.

once he wakes up the demons are still there about to eat him but naruto pull's off a Naraku and absorb's them all into him granting him there power. and he set's off to a different land filled with demons and other beings of power that Naruto desires so he can have revenge on konoha. and he also hears of a demon called naraku who he finds a possible power source to obtain.

and so he set's out and does in fact find him but he is almost killed by inuyasha, not wanting him dead naruto quickly intercepts the half demons attack and absorbs Naraku's tired form and gets naraku and any other demon he absorbed.

his objective being complete Naruto returns back to the elemental nations and goes to wave, where the new wave arc begins except instead of naruto being on team 7 he's with Kagura who wont leave him alone no matter what he does, and he's constantly trying to keep naraku from taking over his body. thats as far as I got. Dark/Naruto, Naruto becomes Daimyo of wave after he kills gato.

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COMPLETE. Young Naruto is prohibited from being Ninja of the Leaf. Left to his own devices he takes an unusual path to power as a Puppeteer. Smart!Powerful!Wily!Naruto. Lots of conflict with Orochimaru, Sasori and other Akatsuki.
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In ancient times the Yoma had to fear a race that ate their souls just as they themselves ate the organs of humans, they were called the Hollow.
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Nartuo is made Eddie's new host after he switches from Zato to him, now Naruto has a new tenat, only this one dosent want to kill him, but the post war administration beuro has a new homicidal homunculus that wants everything in the world dead...apparenty
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when a heart give's in to the darkness they become a heartless when somewon has a strong will a nobodie is formed to...and that's what heppened to get the idea... Naruto with organization 13 powers! I HATE Sasuke
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