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Let the music take control
Burn the fire of rock and roll
Let the music move your soul
Burn the fire of rock and roll
-- 'Fire of Rock' by Racer X

Name: Sorry, that's classified.
Online alias(s): My main alias is Chaos Githzerai, spawning from my D&D days. I also go by LionHeart from back when I had an obsession with Final Fantasy VIII. There's also my light and dark sides: Dragoon of Light and Dragoon of Chaos, and last, but not least, Shuurai. If you want to make it easy, I respond to 'Chaos'.
Gender: Female
Country: The United States of America
Date of birth: May 23, 1983
Sign: Air Gemini/Water Boar
Theme song: 'Fire of Rock' by Racer X
Favorite Pokémon Hands Down: Charizard, Lucario, Noivern, and Ninetales.

The icon has been changed yet again, the art done by a very dear friend of mine, Taamuli, and used with her permission. The icon itself was done by my best friend, since I can't make icons to save my life. Thank you so much, you two!

Dear FFNet, please fix your stupid editor so that it stops fussing with the underline option. Thank you.

Fic Progress

Timeless: Abandoned and deleted due to personal reasons.
Beyond the Wall: Chapter five finished, will be uploaded soon. Working on chapter six.


Music genre: Metal (especially Symphonic and Power Metal), Trance/Electronica/Techno, 90s Eurodance, and 80s Hair Metal.
Bands: Nightwish (I like Tarja, Anette, and Floor), Kamelot, Tarot, Racer X, Within Temptation, La Bouche, and Europe.
Video game genres: Role-playing games, monster collecting games, and fighting games.
Video games: Pokémon, Killer Instinct, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, Mass Effect, Suikoden I/II/V, Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits, The Legend of Zelda series, Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars, the Street Fighter series, the EarthBound/Mother series, and Mortal Kombat (up to Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3/MK Trilogy in the original timeline, the rest I dislike).
TV show(s): Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra, Pokémon, Scrubs, Street Fighter II V, Soul Eater, Black Butler, and Falling Skies.
Movies: The Neverending Story, The Last Unicorn, Mortal Kombat, Ladyhawke, Sucker Punch, Interstella 5555, The Fifth Element, Jurassic Park, Godzilla and Mothra: Battle for The Earth (aka Godzilla Vs Mothra 1992), Pacific Rim, most kaiju movies, James Cameron's AVATAR (This movie is a guilty pleasure for me.)
Books: The Neverending Story, Tailchaser's Song, Mass Effect: Revelation/Ascension, the Last Unicorn, Two Hearts, and Darkwing.
Book series: Wicked Lovely, Warriors (the original arc), The Pit Dragon Chronicles, The Books of the Named, Maximum Ride, the Chronicles of Prydain, Animorphs, and the first two books of the Silverwing trilogy (I hated Firewing).

Least Favorites

Music genre: Jazz, Rap, and R&B.
Bands: Flyleaf, Creed, AC/DC, and Black-Eyed Peas.
Video game genres: Shooters and horror games.
Video games: Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, any horror game basically except Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Monster Madness, those are just fun.
TV show: House M. D. (Don't gasp at me like that!)
Movies: Any horror movie, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil (all of the ones with Alice, ugh.), Akira, AVP, AVPR, and Planet of the Apes.
Books: To Kill a Mockingbird, The Samarillion, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (though I loved the first six books).
Book series: Merry Gentry, Anita Blake, and Lord of the Rings (too boring), Warriors: The Power of Three arc, the Twilight series.


This has its own section now because it grew too damn big and became absolute chaos to read in its current form, blech. I don't mind if you want to ask me why I like/don't like the pairings I have listed, I'll gladly answer, but please don't try to forcefully shove your pairings in my face, especially if I don't like them because I'll just ignore you if you do, it's very rude and uncalled for. I'll also ignore you if you dare to flame me for liking/disliking certain pairings as well. People are entitled to their own opinions and I avoid what I dislike and refrain from starting shipping battles.

I will read almost any pairing, even most of those I dislike, if it is written well and makes sense, even slash and femslash (though I don't care much for these). If I can survive a Darc x Lilia story and not keel over, then I can read pretty much anything. Just don't hope for a review though, because I very rarely review anything I read that's not my cup of tea.

The only exception goes for Waveguidershipping (Lucario x Mew) fics, which I loathe. I absolutely refuse to even touch them because they bother me and make my skin crawl just thinking about that pairing. It's not just because I hate Mew, it's because of what happened in the Lucario movie that makes me not like this ship, but for spoiler reasons, I won't go into that.

Favorite Pairings

InuYasha: Sesshoumaru x Kikyou.
Street Fighter: Vega x Chun-Li, Ryu x Sakura.
Avatar: The Last Airbender:Aang x Toph (This is my absolute favorite out of all the Avatar ships I support.), Aang x Katara, Zuko x Katara, Sokka x Suki, Sokka x Yue.
The Legend of Korra: Korra x Asami

Pokémon (This needed to be organized better.)
Dialga (M) x Lucario (F) (TimeAurashipping. The first pairing that got me into shipping.)
Grovyle x The Hero (F) (Nostalgiashipping, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2.)
Reshiram (M) x Articuno (F) (FrozenLightShipping and my Legend x Legend OTP.)
Hydreigon (M) x Mienshao (F) (OpenYourEyesShipping. Yes, you're reading this one right.)
Kyurem (M) x Articuno (F) (SnowbirdShipping. Though I mainly pair Articuno with Reshiram, I have a soft spot for Kyurem and I've grown fond of the idea of him and Articuno being together because, in a way, it reminds me of Beauty and the Beast. Also, they represent the two sides of winter and are on two sides of the same coin.)
Noivern (M) x Lucario (F) (NightAuraShipping.)
Yveltal (M) x Ninetales (F) (No ship name for this one, but I've become rather obsessed with this pairing as of late. Why? I... can't really explain.)

Least Favorite Pairings

InuYasha: Sesshoumaru x Kagome.
Street Fighter: Ryu x Chun-Li.
Avatar: The Last Airbender: Sokka x Toph, Zuko x Mai (This ship is very bland to me.).
The Legend of Korra: Mako x Asami
Pokémon: Lucario x Mew (Waveguidershipping, just don't get me started on this one...), Grovyle x Celebi (Rendshipping, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2. Celebi gets on my nerves in that game.).

My Coined Ships

Because I'm such a nerd, and all of these are from the Pokémon fandom, plus, they've all been submitted to Bulbagarden and are listed in the order of submission.

TimeAuraShipping: Dialga x Lucario
FrozenLightShipping: Reshiram x Articuno
PseudoBugShipping: Flygon x Gliscor
ElectroFlameShipping: Zekrom x Moltres
OpenYourEyesShipping: Hydreigon x Mienshao
AmadahyShipping: Virizion x Suicune
NightAuraShipping: Noivern x Lucario
ValiantFlameShipping: Braviary x Talonflame

...I have eight ships officially coined now. My god, they're like potato chips, you just can't stop after one. Sigh.


This part also deserves its own section, so it's finally getting one.


Top Five Favorites: Charizard, Lucario, Noivern, Ninetales, and Gliscor.
Top Five Favorite Unova 'mon: Hydreigon, Mienshao, Volcarona, Gothitelle, and Galvantula.
Top Five Favorite Kalos 'mon: Sylveon, Aegislash, Dragalge, Talonflame, and Tyrantrum.
Favorite Eeveelutions: Umbreon, Espeon, and Sylveon.
Top Five Favorite Legendaries:
Reshiram, Articuno, Yveltal, Lugia, and Latios.
Favorite Fossil 'mon:
Aerodactyl and Tyrantrum
Favorite Typing:
Dark, Fire, Dragon, Flying, Fighting, and Fairy.
Favorite Region:
A dead tie between Johto, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos.
Favorite Gym Leader:
Clair and Olympia.
Favorite Elite Four Member:
Drasna. She's just awesome and her highest leveled 'mon is her Noivern!
Favorite Champion:
Cynthia, and not just because she's a girl, either. She actually has a team that I completely like, though I wish her Gastrodon was the Eastern variety instead of the Western.
Favorite Generation:
A tie between Gen II, Gen IV and Gen VI.
Favorite starter by generation:
I: Charmander, II: Totdodile and Cyndaquil, III: Torchic and Treecko, IV: Chimchar and Turtwig, Gen V: Snivy and Oshawott, Gen VI: Fennekin and Chespin.
Movie: Revelation Lugia (The Power of One), The Rise of Darkrai, Ruller of Illusions: Zoroark, Victini and Reshiram/Zekrom.
Favorite 'spin-off' game series:
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon (excluding Sky and the new WiiWare games. I might try Gates to Infinity, not sure yet though).
Favorite anime arc:
The Sinnoh Saga. X/Y is starting off promising as well.
Favorite Rival: A dead tie between Zoey and Harley with Cameron in close second.

Least Favorites

Five least favorites: Kricketune, Delibird, Haunter, Skuntank and Scizor.
Least favorite Unova 'mon: Musharna, Leavanny, Scrafty.
Least favorite Kalos 'mon: Aromatisse
Eeveelution: None.
Legendary: None.
Least Favorite Fossil 'mon: Kabutops.
Typing: Normal.
Region: Hoenn. (It was just... boring... to me.)
Gym Leader: Whitney. (Game version, the anime version of her was actually pretty cool.)
Champion: Lance. (Don't gasp at me like that.)
Generation: Gen III. (Again, it was just boring to me.)
Starter by generation: I: Squirtle, II: None. I like Chikorita, I just dislike its evolutions, III: Mudkip, IV: None, again, I like Piplup, I just don't like its evolutions, same goes for Tepig in Gen V, VI: None. Greninja's tongue-scarf squicks me out, but I like it aside from that.
Movie: Arceus and the Jewel of Life. (Please don't get me started on this...)
'Spin-off' game series: Pinball.
Anime arc: None, funnily enough.
Rival: Drew (Don't look at me like that! He's very meh to me.)

Favorite Pokémon of Each Typing

Normal: Eevee.
Steel: Dialga.
Ice: Articuno and Frosslass.
Dragon: Reshiram and Tyrantrum.
Rock: Tyranitar and Aerodactyl.
Fire: Charizard and Ninetales.
Fighting: Lucario and Mienshao.
Water: Suicune and Vaporeon.
Flying: Honchkrow and Noivern.
Grass: Grovyle and Serperior.
Poison: Crobat and Dragalge.
Electric: Luxray and Galvantula.
Ground: Gliscor and Flygon.
Gardevoir and Gothitelle.
Scyther and Volcarona.
Mismagius and Aegislash.
Hydreigon and Yveltal.
Fairy: Sylveon and Granbull.

Notes From a Jaded Authoress

After some serious soul searching, I've decided that I'll be writing stories for the Pokémon section mostly, as those games are my first love, and I know more about them and feel more comfortable in that fandom because it gives me plenty of room to breathe. My muse is the most fickle being in existence, and she tends to give me hell when I fail to listen to her every whim, but I will try to keep my stories in the Pokémon fandom updated. I may attempt to dabble in other fandoms I'm fond of, but we'll see how those attempts work out, shall we?

Yes, I have deleted all of my Mass Effect fiction because it's become a fandom that I'd rather keep to myself now, because the public fandom has made me very uncomfortable to the point where I just can't write stories there anymore. I'm sick of getting nothing but favorites, because they mean nothing to me when not in conjunction with feedback telling me why a person who has faved my fic likes it. I'm just sick and tired of being brushed aside, which was absolutely no help to my already low self-esteem, I'm also angry that I've been lied to by people who told me that I could trust them, and I'm sick of feeling intimidated whenever I run into another fic that makes my already shitty writing look even worse than it already is. So, yeah, those are my reasons for permanently leaving the Mass Effect fandom and deleting all my fics. So, those of you who have me on author alert because of my Mass Effect stories, well, I suggest you remove me because I'm not going to be writing in that fandom anymore.

Also, yes, I have removed A Lengthening of Shadows and The Truth Behind the Eclipse: The Last Shadowborn from my list and will no longer be writing the latter. Reasons are a very sore subject for me and I will ignore you if you bother me about it.

Current writing projects: Timeless (Pokémon, work-in-progress.), Beyond the Wall (Warcraft, work-in-progress.)

Planned projects: Mending the Spirit (Pokémon, working title, planned sequel to Timeless).

Writing idols: Melissa Marr, Erin Hunter, Jane Yolen, Clare Bell, James Patterson, Lloyd Alexander, K. A. Applegate, Michael Ende, Kenneth Oppel, and all my friends here on FFNet (you know who you are!)

And now, for some important things I've been meaning to let out for a long time now, and I don't care if you all think I'm an ass for this, but I feel that it absolutely needs to be done for a better understanding:

1) I prefer reviews to favorites. In fact, not receiving reviews with favorites offends me because I want to know WHY you chose to favorite one of my stories and that it just wasn't on some random impulse. Feedback is good, people, please remember that. If you're shy or just don't know what to say, I can understand that; otherwise, I'll just be blinking in confusion as to why somebody randomly faved one of my stories out of the blue without saying anything. I also prefer to 'trade' feedback, meaning, if you comment on something of mine, I'll go and comment on something of yours in return. If you've reviewed one of my fics and I have yet to review one of yours, I apologize for this and you can feel free to remind me, especially if it's been a while.

2) "Phantom readers". This really offends me to no end and is one of the main factors which caused me to flee from the Mass Effect fandom. I absolutely despise it when somebody puts me on author alert without ever leaving a review or even a damn favorite. Seriously, WHY follow one of my fics if it doesn't interest you enough to leave feedback? My writing isn't all that good at all, I know, but doing this is just freaking rude. Again, if you're shy, I can understand, but at least give me a favorite along with the alert to show me that you may be genuinely interested in my fic, please. If that isn't your reason, then do us both a favor and don't even read any of my fics.

3) Despite the way I'm sounding in this, I actually don't bite unless given a very good reason to. If I act guarded towards you in my review replies, it's because I hardly know you, not because I don't like you. I'm shy and I'm afraid of other people, which is why I act like this and don't immediately trust people I don't know. I'm just not good at talking to people no matter how hard I try to be as friendly as I can. Introduce yourself to me in a PM or something and I'll reply, I promise. I'm also extremely nervous about offending people, so if I apologize to you out of the blue, that's why.

4) "If you're scared of people, then why the hell are you even here?" I'm here because I've made some good friends here who I love dearly, and I'm also here because I love to write, even though I'm not the best at it, and I like to share my writing with the rest of the world even though it's usually shoved aside.

5) If you say that my writing is nice or that you like it, but it turns out that you were using compliments to slyly tear my stories apart for your own amusement, then, I won't like you. At all. Sounds very petty of me, I know, but let's face it, sugarcoating something like that isn't very nice. This has happened to me in the past, and it wasn't very fun for me at all. It drove me to the point of nearly deleting the fic that was being torn apart because I so badly wanted to flee from the person whom was doing this, and the only reason that my fic is still up is that some of my very dear friends were there to help me keep hold of what little confidence I had left back then and to help me deal with the antagonist with water rather than with fire. If this happens to me again, though, I am not going to be so damn lenient this time around. There's a sound difference between constructive criticism and just being mean while hiding behind a smile. In short: the next person who dares to try and tear one of my fics apart while hiding behind sugarcoated compliments gets an Aura Sphere to the face.

In closing, all I want is to get along with people despite my rather jaded outlook of the world and of life. I hate getting into confrontations and my feelings are very easily hurt. I try to be a good person, I really do, but a majority of the time, it just explodes in my face and I don't know why. I'll stop here before this gets even more ridiculously longer than it already is.

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