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Author has written 7 stories for Fruits Basket, Ouran High School Host Club, and Skip Beat!.

For those of you visiting to know when Akachan will be updated, I can put a tentative date at the end of June. I would love to be able to write this weekend, but I will not have access to a computer and, frankly, the idea of writing with the paranoia that my cousins could be reading over my shoulder is maddening. So, Sunday I should be back to writing, and we'll see where that leads us then, ne?

For those of you who don't care one lick about Akachan, then hopefully you'll find this next section more entertaining. I am a caffeine addict, but not in the form one would think. I despise soda and barely tolerate coffee, and only consume candy in small quantities. I don't drink sports drinks or energy drinks. So how do I get my caffeine fix? Simple: Earl Grey. The wonders a good cup of it can do in the morning. Though, in all fairness, I do enjoy other kinds of black tea and other types of tea altogether.

I love to read (who doesn't on this site? Everywhere you look someone else has a list of favorite books. It's hardly something unique anymore, is it?) and I do have a tiny bit of a confession here that I hope you'll all listen to: I am enamored with Shakespeare presently. The man is a genius, and I'm not the first to say that, nor will I be the last. Seriously. Pick up a play and read. It's not beyond comprehension like everyone thinks it is. I'm also an admirer of Edgar Allan Poe (“Nevermore,”) and I am slowly but certainly working into John Milton (and this is where all credibility I have so far built up will be destroyed, since the reason I even picked up Paradise Lost is because of the Hollywood Undead song of the same name.) But I also enjoy my fair share of trash, smut, and guilty-pleasure type reading material. Go figure

My music tastes tend to be rather extreme — everything from the aforementioned Hollywood Undead (“Hollywood, we're never going down,”) to Nightwish (“Oh, how I wish for soothing rain/All I wish is to dream again,”) to Kelly Clarkson (“Miss Independent/Miss Self-Sufficient/Miss Don't-Let-A-Man-Interfere,”) to Wicked (“Let all Oz be agreed/I'm wicked through and through/Since I cannot succeed/Fiyero, saving you/I promise no good dead will I attempt to do again”) to Fall Out Boy (“I'm two quarters and a heart down/And I don't wanna forget how your voice sounds”) to Vienna Teng (“Inside the labyrinth walls/There lies a tiny child who sleeps alone/And as the daylight falls/The wind becomes so wild across the stone,”) to P!nk (“Right behind the cigarette and the devilish smile/You're my crack of sunlight,”) to Mediaeval Baebes (“Thus I am banished from my bliss/By craft and false pretense/.../And all for love of one,”) to tATu (“You say it's all complex/Passion can pass for less/We never bothered telling each other/What we were bound to guess,”) to Porcelain and the Tramps (“Oh, I don't hold my breath/And I don't hold my tongue/And you know that I know/That I don't back down to no one,”) to the Mistress herself, Emilie Autumn (“But there's willow trees/And little waves and walls and flowers/And there's moonlight every single night/As I'm locked in these towers/So I'll meet my death/But with my last breath/I'll sing to him I love/And he'll see my face in another place/And with that the glass above/Cracked into a million bits,”.)

I believe that love is love no matter what the form, and so I will support homosexual couples when they appear. However, I am also equally dead-set against using homosexuality as a way to entice people or attract attention. It's insulting.

I am one of the few and the proud when it comes to Skip Beat, as I am a Sho-supporter rather than a Ren-supporter. PM me if you want details or my reasons why, but just know that my fics will not in any way, shape or form resemble a RenxKyoko pairing. I have nothing against the canon couple, and if it ends up that way, well then la-di-da. But the sheer amount of RenxKyoko fanfiction is astounding, and the other side needs a fair shot too. That and ShoxKyoko chemistry is so much fun to work with and ReinoxKyoko is equally fun, if only because the idea of their children is mind-boggling. (Can we say “demonic?”) So, if you never see a RenxKyoko fic from me that would be why.

Vampire Knight is the other shoujo manga that I am currently in love with, and I am a KanamexYuuki supporter in that. (In the immortal words of Paris Hilton: “It's hot.”) But any fanfiction about them is long in coming, my friends. Very long. Though I do admit to being quite a fan of dominatrix!Yuuki M-rated fanfiction. Makes for very interesting reading. ;)

Umineko no Naku Koro ni is my current psych-anime addiction. Animation's not too bad, plot's very nicely done, the ending was somewhat disappointing, but as long as there is a second season I will be content. My current theory is that Battler actually killed them all, and this whole insanity is his way of coming to terms with it. (Hey, it would satisfy both conditions: it wasn't done by magic nor were the murders committed by one of his loved ones. It was all him.) And if I don't know the “sin” that he committed six years ago soon, I'll probably go crazy myself. Just a warning.

Are you sure you still want to see my stories? Go ahead; just remember--we're all mad in here.

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